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Online Casino Guide: Site Reviews & Tips


Online Casino Guide


The online casino industry has come a long way since its modest beginnings back in the mid and early 1990s. These days, players have hundreds and even thousands of different slots, table games, and even live dealer tables to choose from. The choice is almost limitless. Online casinos generally offer odds and payback percentages that are a bit higher than land-based casinos.


In this environment, it can be hard to actually find the best online casino games and casinos. In this guide we'll look into some entertaining slots and other games you might want to try if you're looking to have fun but also potentially win big in relation to your stakes. We will also provide you all necessary information which you will need in order to maximise your chances to win more money. What are best online casinos, best live casino games, best casino slots, best casino bonuses and other topics such as how to maximise your chances to win at online casino will be covered.



How to choose online casino slots


Slots are by far the most popular type of games you’ll find at almost any online casino. There are hundreds of titles developed by the likes of Microgaming, Quickspin, NetEnt and others, there is a new game added almost every day.

But, not all slots have been created equal. If you’re looking for a change of pace, some high stakes slots such as

Monopoly Big Event could be well worth a try. Based on the popular board game, this Barcrest slot can be very exciting when played in the Big Bet mode, where a good round can produce big payouts.


Of course, there are always classics, such as Play’n GO’s Book of Dead. With solid payouts in the base game and the free spins bonus round with a randomly chosen expanding symbol, this one remains one of the players’ favorites across popular online casinos such as Casumo and 21 Casino (21 casino gives 210 free no deposit free spins and lot more with a deposit and Casumo gives 20 no deposit spins to selected countries).


Check out the list of the best 25 slots of all time by clicking here.




Live Casino games


If slots aren’t your cup of tea, modern-day casinos have much more to offer. There is a variety of roulette and blackjack tables to choose from, offering all sorts of stakes and rules. These days, you can even play with and against flesh and blood dealers, which makes the whole experience that much more entertaining and exciting.


Apart from the classic games, game developers are always striving to take things one step further, coming up with new ideas. One such game we’ve seen lately is Dream Catcher. This Evolution Gaming release, based on the Wheel of Fortune concept, has found a lot of success with the players.


The game offers the possibility to win up to 40x your bet on any single spin of the wheel, but there are also 2x and 7x multipliers thrown in the mix, so the right series of spins can pay out much more than that. To make it even more entertaining, Dream Catcher hosts make sure to maintain a light and funny atmosphere all the time. Monopoly Live is a very similar game with a host, its bonus feature (the board game) can be extremely rewarding.


If you feel like it is a time for a change and looking for some new games to play, definitely try some of the titles suggested in here. The fun is guaranteed and the potential for big wins is always there, so you have a perfect online casino combination.











How to choose online casino sites


Before you start playing or add an additional online casino to your favourite list, you have to make a decision. Choosing an online casino is very easy if you have all the necessary information. It is very important to choose it based to certain factors, however, depending on a person, some of them may not be relevant depending on things like country, bankroll, how much time you want to spend there, prefered deposit/cashout methods, game preference, patience (for cashouts, website design) and more.


Online casino sites


Nowadays almost every online casino is going to offer you something back like bonuses, cashback, a possibility to win tangible merchandise and more. If you plan to play more than once, it is very important to find a website that offers something more besides a deposit bonus. It should be something that could give you an incentive to play, for example, a cashback, VIP/activity points, special wheel spins and similar. This way no matter what the outcome, you will always receive that and will be increasing your money balance, that is very valuable (it feels good too, especially if it is something decent :P).


















Also, if you plan to play for a long time, you should look for a casino that is unique, innovative and generous. For example, PlayOjo Online Casino is very unique, because it does not have bonus wagering. In other words, you only get free spins and whatever you win is yours, no strings attached! That means a player can relax and is not worried about any bonus wagering, any Bonus Terms and Conditions, winning caps or anything else. Not only this is unique, innovative and generous, but it also shows that this brand puts players first and cares how they feel.


While for example if you look for something that is going to offer you a large chuck of free spins then 21 Casino is the way to go, you will get 210 free spins (no deposit needed) plus access to a lot of casino games.


If you look for casinos that have been around for quite some time, are very easy to use and are very-known for their trustworthiness, then these ones should be in your list.


Best Online Casinos


If you are looking for an old, but very rewarding casino (especially if you are active), then Rizk Casino will be perfect. It gives you Rizk Prize Wheel spins very often so that is a lot of value given back to you, plus it is definitely fun to spin that WHEEL!
















If you do not care about all the fancy stuff and prefer using a classic, good-looking online casino which can offer not only slots, but also a lot of Live Games (like BlackJack, Roulette, Monopoly Live and many other, if you are into Live Games - these are among the best). These casinos are very known for their classic look, a huge variety of games and trustworthiness.





Online Casino Site Tips


  • Site should have a wide range of Deposit and Cashout methods

  • Restricted countries (should be available in yours)

  • Check how helpful support is, response time

  • Website and Software, how good it is

  • Slot providers you can choose from (how many and hoq good they are)

  • Additional sections which could provide value (tournaments, promotions)

  • No deposit and deposit bonus wagering requirements

  • Trustworthiness



Online Casino Tips



If you play Roulette, BlackJack or a similar game, you will already know your odds to win, however if it is slot games, you will most likely not know everything, especially if you have not played much before.


Below we will talk about these online casinos tips:


  • Looking into a Payouts table

  • Learning by reading and watching

  • Knowing the differences between normal and Jackpot slots

  • Choosing an optimal number of lines in slots

  • Right bet size

  • Choosing the right game provider

  • RPT (Return to Player Percentage)


Look into a PAYOUTS table before playing slot games


Look at the best possible payouts, for example if the best outcome award you 1000-2000 coins, that is pretty low, while 5000 coins and more for a single line is very good. However, if the slots' RTP (return to player percentage) is very high and if that game is designed to payout less but more often, then you should definitely play it (especially if you like the game itself and do not playing for a long time).


Keep learning


Try various games, keep track on how you are doing in them over the long run, watch YouTube videos, check PokCas' content to learn about the changes in the industry. Having a log, for example recording your sessions and keeping track of your winnings will be good for your bankroll plus you can consider using the footage for YouTube or just share it among friends. If you are keen to know more about the industry (events, new games and more), then you should read website's like PokCas, follow updates on social media and more.


Jackpot slots


However, you may not mind risking some of your earnings for an opportunity to win a massive amount of money. If the Jackpot slot's base game pays quite well and you have a balance which you do not mind investing (it will take a long time of playing to have a decent shot at the Jackpot), then Jackpot games are for you. It is like getting Royal Flush in poker, statiscally it should take a long time to get your next one, but you could be very lucky and get it straight away.


Choose an optimal number of lines in Slot games


For example, if you can choose between 1 and 50 lines, do not ever go too low or too high, unless you have a very good reason for that. 50 lines in the long run may be too crazy and may cost you more money (depends on the game). While 1-3 lines are not enough to have a chance to catch a good combination in a short period of time. In most cases, the most optimal number of lines is between 10 and 20. However, you can slightly decrease it or increase it depending on how well the game is paying out (how often and if additional lines are worth it).


Also, it depends on how many symbols there are (the more symbols - the more lines you need). In the beginning try testing it out by trying a different amount of lines and seeing your progress. However, most new games now let you use an optimal number of lines (like 10,20,30) or do not let changing lines at all. That is very good because you do not need to test it out for this matter and if the big or low line number does not cost you too much - you are good to go!



Adjust your bets accordingly


For example, if you made a deposit of 20$ and want to be conservative, play longer and do not want to make another deposit anytime soon, then your bets should be quite low (total bet should be about 0.1-0.3$). While if you want to go for something bigger and have a larger balance or could increase later, then go with what you feel like, but make sure that it is enough when choosing your bet sizing. You can ignore this when participating in special events/tournaments, like reel races (Casumo Casino is known for very good ones and runs many of them every single day).


Game providers




For example, NetEnt and Microgaming games are very volatile in the short run but will award you massive prizes in the long run while PlayN'Go games games have a higher chance of awarding you medium/high prizes more often but their highest prizes may be not as big (but still massive, depend on the slots) or they will not payout low prizes as often. So you should know what you prefer, low prizes all the time or low prizes less often and a better chance to win more.


Different RTP (Return to Player) percentages


Playing the same game on a different casino that is well-known will not increase or decrease your chances of winning by a lot though. You can always find RTP percentage in the game's payout information or by vising the provider's website. Always aim for 96-99% RTP, for Jackpot games it could be slightly lower. So make sure that your favourite game pays well in that online casino (either by testing it outor checking RTP). So look what's best for you and your balance.


Casino Rankings


To conclude, keep checking PokCas guides and rankings if you ever forget anything or want to see if anything has changed in the industry. Also, do not forget to read your emails to see if your casino has sent you any goodies. If you are very active and have not received anything in a while - let them know, they will definitely award you (especially if they are mentioned on PokCas).





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