About Us

PokCas is the world’s first entertainment, luxury lifestyle, and a high-roller gaming website all in one. News, research, reviews, rankings & tools – everything that you will need.

PokCas brand was created in 2017 and started as a complete ranking and news platform several years later. It was created as a necessity since the founder saw a gap in the market.

The iGaming industry needed a trusted platform where they could see rankings and how they change. Those rankings should be transparent and under no circumstances could be manipulated in any way. Then there was the entertainment industry, being passionate about many things related to it and because we wanted to stand out, we decided to look at the bigger picture and produce the best possible content. We have a team of independent journalists from all around the world who help us to target various related niches and produce the best possible content.

We see a wider picture and want to ensure a complete transparency and coverage. That is our mission.

Our Writers

Our team of writing staff is well-experienced and hails from diverse backgrounds. Their unique perspectives of the world formulate engaging and readable content designed both to educate and entertain our wide reader base. Their passion for reporting makes for appealing news articles, and you can be assured access to content that is both informative and relevant.

Editorial Guidelines

At PokCas we strive to produce top-end content for our readers. As such, we abide by strict principles and standards to ensure that the quality of your read remains premium. Here are the guidelines our creators stick to:

1. User-value

We write for the reader. What would you like to know about and what would benefit you? These questions and more keep us on track towards creating content that is relevant, exciting, and engaging.

2. Impartiality

Our writers are in no way incentivized by the products or brands they write about. This ensures that they write objectively, based on their own personal opinions and findings. The result is unbiased and truthful information.

3. Accuracy

There is nothing more important to us than sharing news and information that is 100% true. Our reporting process deems factual and accurate information the basis upon which we build our articles, posts, reviews, and guides.

4. Ethical Integrity

Plagiarism is something we do not tolerate at PokCas. We do not steal information and are sure to credit quotations and subject matter that is borrowed from an original source.

5. Sources

All of our sources are vetted for reliability before we use any news or information provided by them. We may, at times, delve into news provided by press releases, social media posts, trade publications, mainstream news sites, and first-hand contributors. When using material such as images or information, we are always sure to credit the original source properly.

6. Linking

You may find embedded internal links in the content that we produce. These links will take you to other relevant pages on our website which we think may enhance your reading experience and help you learn more.

7. Corrections

We are very careful to avoid errors in our reporting and are quick to change the facts if we find that we have erred anywhere. Please feel free to contact us should you notice an error in any of our reviews, guides, blog posts, or news articles.

Copyrighted Media

Custom images created by the PokCas team (such as thumbnails, charts, collages, and infographics) can not be used without providing credit to PokCas News. Image credits must include a link to the article(s) the images were taken from.