PokCas Guidebook on Poker Hands

PokCas Guidebook on Poker Hands

Poker Hands (especially hole cards), are very important when playing all poker variations. It’s crucial to know all the different hands available at poker and to have knowledge about what hands are the best ones. But the starting two cards that are being dealt could set the course on that round so knowing what the best starting hand is could also put you in advantage from the get go. So let’s have a look at the best 5 starting hands available in poker.

The list of the best poker hands

Pocket Aces

A poker classic which also goes by many different names like: Pocket Rockets, American Airlines, Bullets and Snake Eyes. This is by far the strongest starting hand and having this hand means an advantage of 4:1 over basically any other hand. Recieving this hand happens once every 221 hands, so you are in luck!

Pocket Kings

This hand is the second best hand and also goes by the name Cowboys. Bear in mind that pocket kings is a great hand to get but statistically it will only beat a hand with one ace 66% of the time.

Pocket Queens

A pair of queens, or ladies, gives you a great advantage against most hands considering there are only eight overcards in the deck. When playing this hand you would want to play this hand before the flop.

Ace King Suited

Getting this hand might look better than it actually is. It is easy to get carried away by this hand, but keep in mind that if there is no connection on the flop you only enter the river with ace high.

Pocket Jacks

Also called Fishhooks, Brothers, Jaybirds and Suckers. Playing jacks is not easy, and there is a saying in poker that there are only wrong ways to play jacks. Having pocket jacks gives you a 5050 chance against all other unpaired hands. With this hand you are better off seeing the flop and hope for a unraised pot prior to the flop.

Using this poker hands guide will give you better knowledge on how to play these hand and making sure you value them according to their original value. These are the best hands you can possible draw in poker but even though the odds might be in your favor you still have to take into consideration the flop and the other cards. This is also the charm with poker, even though someone might have the best hand, anything can still happen and you also have to play your hand not knowing if it’s a better hand than your opponents.


Poker Hand Odds

Below you can see a chart with all possible Texas Hold’em Poker Hand combinations and odds of winning with such hands. Of course once you see community cards – those odds start changing. This is a good chart for beginners so that they would know how bad some of the hands are and that they should be careful with them. However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t use some of these ”bad” hands against opponents who are folding very often anyways.


Online Tournaments

One of the most popular way of playing poker is by entering poker tournaments. This can be either online or in real-life, and you can even organize one of your own with friends. Poker tournaments will always have a buy-in, which is the amount you will need to have to play in the game. Online poker tournaments are becoming increasingly popular, with sites like PokerStars, Partypoker and 888 Poker offering some of the biggest and most popular on the web. Poker tournament chips are worth noting outside out of the poker tournament, and they also tend to have a set time limit, with there being, usually, one winner at the end of the tournament. These are the most popular poker tournament variations (some of them can be a mix).

  • Turbo tournaments
  • Hyper-Turbo
  • Regular and Slow tournaments
  • Freezeouts
  • Satellites
  • Phases
  • Shootouts
  • Knockout (Bounty) tournaments
  • Re-entry tournaments
  • Rebuy tournaments (with or without an Add-on)
  • Heads-Up tournaments
  • Zoom tournaments
  • Time tournaments

Online Cash Games

Poker cash games are one of the most popular ways of playing poker. In a poker cash game, also known as a ring game or live action game, players play with real chips and money. There is no set time limit to the game and player can enter and leave the game throughout for a buy-in. Different poker cash games will have different rules for allowing players to come and go, so it is always best that you confirm these before attempting to join a game.

  • Play with real cash, no need to play in long tournaments
  • If you are not scared to take smart risks – it helps a lot
  • A good way to collect rakeback – VIP benefits, participate in special leaderboards
  • You can leave the table whenever you want
  • On some poker sites you are anonymous
  • On other other poker sites you can choose your preferred table with weaker players

Poker Strategy

Ever since the birth of the game, poker players have been trying to come up with effective ways (strategy) to win the game. Like all gambling games, there is no sure-fire way to 100% ensure you are going to win at a game of poker. There is always going to be an element of luck about the game – that being said, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your game and up your chances of winning. Because winning at poker is what all player wants, and this is where if differs from say slots and other casino games because in poker you actually have a chance in winning repeatedly but then you have to form a strategy and you need to be disciplined. But forming your own strategy can really give you that edge that you need to become a superb poker player. So here are a few pointers to have in mind when you begin your poker journey.

  • Do not take part in every round, try to be both smart and aggresive
  • Bluffing is another skill that you need to develop if you want to win more hands
  • When you have strong hands, try to build the pot and protect your equity
  • Get latest tips for beginners & experts (training sites, private coaches, live streams, youtube videos)
  • Sometimes folding is good, in order to win in the long run you have to make a lot of good lay downs

Play Poker for free

If you are new to poker, then there are plenty of websites that will you allow to play the game for free for practice. There are various downloadable games that are available on consoles and mobile phones that will always offer you the same service (Zynga, WSOP app and more). If you are new to the game of poker, or you just want to improve your overall playing ability, then playing for free is a good way to get better at the game. There are, of coure, various different levels of difficult to play at, so don’t feel the need to rush. This is a nice way to really step up your game, learning by doing of some sort. Because today there are thousands and thousands of really good poker players and if you go head-to-head with any of them you are likely to be on the losing end of most hands. This is why we recommend that you first play some poker for free without risking any of your own money. Poker is an excellent game to play and easy to enjoy, but it is also very advanced which is the charm with the game. But because of this you need to learn all the basics and then some to actually have a chance against the really good players.

Avoid being put on tilt

One common term you will encounter when playing poker is tilt. If a player is on tilt, it means that they are playing a poor strategy, normally as a result of frustration or being on a bad losing streak. It is important to be able to recognise if you are on tilt and to learn to deal with it. Being on tilt tends to get you to think with your heart over your head and this can be a sure-fire way to lose money over a period of time.

Different styles of playing Poker

It is important that, as a player, you know how and when to play each type of style and experienced players will be capable of mixing it up often. As for new comers to the game, it is advised that they play a tight style in order to get to grips with the game faster.

Bluffing. One of the key skills a player must have in poker is the ability to know how to bluff well. A player who tries to bluff all the time is going to lose more often than not and experienced poker players will be able to spot someone bluffing very quickly. Bluffing at random intervals is never going to deliver results, and you need to learn to be consistent with your bluffing as well. This means learning how to read other players reactions and also getting good at reading poker hand ranges.

  • Tight: This is when you play fewer but more sensible hands
  • Loose: As its name may suggest, this is the opposite of playing tight. If you are playing loose, you will play more hands and do so much more aggressively
  • Aggressive: Playing aggressive means placing higher bets and opening out more pots, often in order to put the other players under more pressure
  • Passive: Playing passive means you tend to call more and allow others to dictate the pace of the game

Poker Maths and Calculations

Simply put, poker, like a lot of card games, is a game of maths. You need to learn to get good at doing quick odds calculations in order to figure out what moves to make. Calculating what odds you have of getting the card you need, and being able to calculate the pot odds are both essential skills and they will make a logical, and not emotional, decision about how to play your hand.

Online Poker

Like most card games or casino games these days, poker’s presence online is massive. While there are still a lot of very real poker tournaments and poker cash games taking place in real-life casinos all over the world, a lot of them are now also taking place online.
One of the best things about playing poker online is that there are also many sites online where you can player poker for free, allowing you to come to grips with the dynamics of the game before you actually sit down at a real or virtual table and play with some real cash. There are also many different variants of poker available online and there are things like live dealer tables, where you can stream a game of poker from an actual casino, that are also becoming an increasingly popular way of playing poker.

Poker Charts

Poker charts are all a part of basic strategy. Like in blackjack, poker charts are designed to tell you how to play certain hands, they will also tell you your chance of winning based on the hand you have been drawn. Of course, no major casino is going to allow you to take these in with you and reading one quickly when you are online can be extremely difficult. As such, the best thing for you to do is to attempt to learn the poker charts off by heart so that you can have an advantage when you play. While this may seem difficult, there are many different methods you can use to help you memorize your chances of winning. However, we have a special poker PDF sheet which you can either memorise or keep it on your phone which you can check while playing. You can also download it for home games, some smaller casinos should also allow taking a peek at it. Click here to download it.

Poker Hand Ranges

Poker hand ranges is a term that is used to refer to the potential hands that your opponents may have been dealt. This is usually done by deducing from the way they are playing the game, the cards that they could potentially have. This can be an excellent skill to master when it comes to winning at poker and there are various charts and methods that can be used to help you learn how to narrow down your opponent’s hand ranges. Poker training sites usually have lot’s of useful guides, pictures and videos with Hand Ranges and Charts. We recommend visiting Run it Once Training site (click here) where you will get access to two free Elite Videos and can purchase access to more sweet content (good for beginners and regular players).

Poker Training

These are the best paid (some have free content) poker training schools. They are useful for beginners and especially for mediocre and regular players. So make sure to check them out and pick your favourite ones. To take part of a poker training school has a lot of perks but in the long run they all aim towards the same goal; help you be a better poker player. In contrary to regular online casino and sport betting, poker is a skill based game where you can earn money if you invest the time. So if you want to become a better poker player and get that edge over the other players try one of these trainings schools.

Online Poker Sites

Above we presented the different poker sites, and as you can see the offers vary from site to site. This will give you some information about which poker sites are the best poker sites, but you can’t only look at the offers when you decide on what poker sites you want to play on and to decide which ones are the best. There are other factors in play here, such as the quality on the players on the sites, the betting limit and variations on the tables and type of games. This all can make if quite difficult to choose the right poker site that suits your needs and expectations. So choose wisely and make sure you do your research before depositing money to a new poker site.

Choose your favourite poker site by clicking on its brand name. Some sites are only available to certain countries so make sure to choose the right one or select multiple. By clicking on the selected brand name – you will receive latest bonuses and promotions.

Already have an account? No problem. For some poker sites we can offer a transfer option and transfer it to us (works with some poker sites such as PartyPoker and Unibet). Just send us your username and we will get you additional promotions!


To sum up poker is an exciting game with lots of different features. Poker is also advanced which makes it a nice game to play if you really want to dig in and learn the game from the start, and you will meet a lot of competition when becoming a good poker player. With the rise of online poker some 20 years ago the poker industry has really become massive. This has led to an explosion in poker sites online and players today can choose from hundreds of different poker sites all offering different kinds of cons and pros. But this has a downside because it can be difficult to choose which poker site to deposit money into, and it takes some research when deciding on a new poker site. Here above we have presented the basics for poker and for poker sites. So whether or not you were a beginner when you came here you have now more knowledge and hopefully a better poker player.