From The TV to Hip-Hop! Drake’s Journey Has Catapulted Him to Fame and Earned Him a Tremendous Net Worth

Drake Net Worth | How Much is the King of Hip-Hop Singles Worth?

When it comes to the world of music and hip-hop, very few people need an introduction to the artist known as Drake. Born a Canadian national, Aubrey Drake Graham took a chance on his talents and managed to raise himself out of the doldrums of life to become one of the most successful male singers of the past decade. His story of overcoming the negativity that life sometimes throws your way is an inspiring one.

What Is Drake’s Net Worth?

It’s recorded that from music alone, Drake has earned in excess of $430 million in revenues before taxes and lavish living. In 2018/19, it was reported that the artist was easily worth $150 million. However, his earnings certainly have not slacked off, and it is believed that Drake’s net worth now lies around the $250 million mark and is growing. Most of this wealth comes from music sales and endorsements.

How Drake Has Made His Net Worth?

Many believe that Drake’s Canadian TV stardom on the soapy, “Degrassi: The Next Generation” is where the man’s riches began. However, this could not have been further from the truth. In fact, he only earned around $50,000 per year for the seven seasons he featured on the show. At the time, Drake’s mom was very ill and could not work. As such, the mogul had to support the family alone, a time that he remembers was full of hardship, financially. So, how did Drake turn his life around then and earn his whopping net worth?

1. Music Artist


Drake the singer – Credit: PeakPX

The young actor realized that he had a real passion for music and started recording mixtapes. These became quite popular in certain circles, and he managed to sell thousands off his private website and Myspace page. The earnings from these sales were never staggering until one of the tapes was presented to Lil’ Wayne.

Wayne was impressed with his talents and invited Drake to join a current tour that he was on. The two collaborated on various songs together, including “Brand New, “Forever”, and “Ransom”. However, despite his up-and-coming fame and the continued release of his mixed tapes, Drake had not committed to a record label. In 2009, the free-agent sparked a massive bidding war between recording studios that scampered to get his signature on paper. He finally signed with Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment label.

The rest is history really. Drake has since sold more singles than any other artist in history. He drops from the rankings a bit when album sales are calculated but remains Canada’s third top-selling artist behind Celine Dion and Shania Twain, respectively. He is consequently a multi-Grammy Award-winning nominee and Drakes’s concerts have been a hot item among his fans. It’s clear that he pulls out all the stops when it comes to entertainment.

2. Real Estate is King

Drake's Toronto Home

Credit: AD Magazine

Buying a mansion should never be seen as frivolous spending unless you are overpaying on the home. With Drake’s growing budget, he realized that the property business was a winner and that most times, homes increase in value. While he has owned homes in California and beyond, his Toronto mansion (pictured above) is one of his most stylish, costing him $6.7 million for the land alone and just under $80 million to build. In total, his full real estate portfolio adds a bit over $100 million to Drake’s net worth, alone.

3. Brand Ambassador and Endorsements

Drake and a Toronto Raptors Jersey

Brand Ambassador to the Toronto Raptors NBA Team – Credit SS Magazine

Famous faces often make their biggest income from sponsorship deals and endorsements. Drake is no different in this respect. His involvement with the Toronto Raptors has helped to grow the NBA brand significantly and added nicely to his net worth. In the past, he also signed promotional deals with big brands like Sprite, Burger King, Whataburger, Apple, and Nike. He earned a whopping $19 million from Apple for selling Apple Music exclusivity to all his new single releases.

4. Building the Drake Net Worth Through Business

Drake and Virginia Black Whiskey

Credit: Virginia Black

There is no point in leaving your money to stand stagnant. The IRS is just going to eat into it anyway. Rather use it to work for you. As such, Drake has invested his money in some successful businesses, including the Toronto Raptors and an exclusive whiskey drink, called Virginia Black. The whiskey sold 4,000 units in its opening week and they accepted an initial 30, 000 bottle order later that same year.

Drake’s Wants and Needs as a Lavish Spender

When you have all the money in the world, there is no reason you can’t have fun with it. Like every man on a mission, the artist has a great collection of fast and furious cars, but what else has he splashed out on? Here are just some of the things he has splurged on over the years.

1. A BIG Private Jet

Drake PVT Jet

Credit: Daily Mail

Drake paid huge money for his luxury private jet which usually retails for around $220 million new. It’s expected to have cost him around $180 million. It’s no Lear Jet, but rather an excessively large Boeing 767-300F. These are usually used by commercial airlines to carry loads of passengers.

Drake Jet Interior

Interior of Drakes’s Jet – Credit: Dupont Registry

It has officially been dubbed “Air Drake”. The large interior of the cabin has been customized for leisure and luxury. Drake announced his new plane in May 2019.

2. Gambling and Gaming

Drakes Roulette Win


Drake has not hidden the fact that he is an avid gambler. In fact, he’s even taken to Twitter a few times to show off his big wins. One of Drake’s Roulette Wins earned him an instant $354K while playing at an online casino from Toronto. Another revealed a win of several million dollars when he placed a straight-up bet on number 8 with a $200K wager.

While he has obviously won big money playing the game, with roulette stakes like that, you have to ask yourself how much he has lost in the past.

3. Jewelry

Drake's Jewelry

Astronomia Casino Watch – Credit: Jacobs & Co/ Necklace – Credit: Cole Burston

Drake has never been shy to purchase ‘bling’ either. He owns a casino watch worth over $600K, a diamond chain and a pendant worth £1.8 million, and a lot more. The watch has a real roulette wheel and ball-spinning function built into the timepiece. It’s a limited-edition piece. As far as we know, only Conor McGregor owns another one like it.

Conclusion – Drakes Net Worth Through The 2020s and Beyond

Drake is certainly not a fading figurehead. It would come as no surprise if his net worth climbed exponentially over the course of the next decade or so. While lavish spending like his would bankrupt most of us, Drake’s net worth is massive enough to sustain his high rolling lifestyle for a long time to come.


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