Expensive $620,000 Roulette-Themed Luxury Watch With Working Wheel is Owned By Both Drake and Conor MacGregor

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There are some truly beautiful timepieces in the world. Watchmaker brands like Rolex, Hublot, Audemars Piguet, Patek Phillipe, and others are all timepieces priced way outside the budget of the standard earner on the street. However, even these timepieces are outshone from time to time by the craftmanship of other specialized bespoke jewelry ensembles designed only for the super-rich.

The Jacob & Co roulette watch, otherwise known as the ‘Astronomia Casino’ roulette watch, is a timepiece that only a handful of customers may ever get their hands on. In fact, we only know of two celebrities that currently own this flashy jewelry item which sells for $620,000 apiece. That’s right! It’s worth more than most luxury sports cars.

Who is Jacob & Co?

Having been around for the last quarter-century, this watch manufacturer made its name by crafting Geneva-style Swiss watches with bold and innovative designs. Each product is undoubtedly a statement piece. None of their watches are plain, but rather embrace outlandish themes and unparalleled mechanics.

A few examples of the most notable timepieces by Jacob & Co include the God Father and Scarface Watches that not only look the part but play the movie’s themes and soundtracks at the click of a button. The company also partnered with Bugatti to produce a Bugatti Chiron Tourbillion watch. Here, the watch inners replicate the 16-cylinder motor used in the car. In fact, the pistons pump up and down in real-time, too. The watchmakers have even gone on to produce a watch that showcases an astronomy/solar system theme, the Fast and Furious movie, the oil industry, and way more.

Jacob & Co Watches

Individual Images by Jacob & Co – Collaged by PokCas

If you are rich and want to make a grand statement, Jacob & Co is the watchmaker you should turn to. Without a doubt, the limited-edition roulette piece is probably one of the finest designs of the bunch.

What 9 Qualities Make the ‘Astronomia Casino’ Roulette watch so exclusive?

There is so much that goes into making a Jacob & Co watch. The watchmaker cannot simply throw the same standard components into each piece to make it work. The complex design of each model requires special attention and specialized adaptations. Here’s what you can expect from the roulette watch.


AsAtronomio Roulette Watch

Astronomia Casino – Image Credit Jacob & Co

Only 88 Astronomia Casino roulette watch pieces were made, making it a limited-edition item. But it isn’t just a timepiece. In fact, most luxury watches have graduated past that mechanic. In reality, it is a fully-functional miniature roulette wheel with timekeeping attributes. A button at 8 o’clock will set the wheel in motion. When it comes to rest a little white ceramic ball will land on a lucky number. This is a mechanic unseen in any other watch piece in the world.

The domed watch face clearly showcases four rotating satellite components that move around the dial every few minutes. These include a Roman Numeral timekeeper, a globe, a diamond ball, and a tourbillion.

Double Axis Tourbillion Movement

Tourbillion on Roulette watch

Astronomia Casino Tourbillion – Image Credit Jacob & Co

The tourbillon (the mechanical component to regulate time) is mounted on a moving hand that circles the watch’s circumference every 10 minutes. The open cage on the component reveals just how dynamically it works, ensuring accurate timekeeping throughout its 60-hour power reserve. The wheel turns on its own axis every 60 seconds.

The movement incorporates a manual winding JCAM29A fixture which is 41.40mm in diameter, 20.5mm high, and incorporates 395 individual components. These are made from titanium and jewels. All metals and screw components are well polished.

Special Roulette Table Mechanic

Spinning roulette wheel on watch

Astronomia Casino Spinning Roulette Wheel Image Credit Jacob & Co

The roulette wheel offers gamblers a chance to play their favorite game at any time. The wheel is separated from the other components by a sapphire crystal sheet so that the ball on the wheel cannot bounce all over the inside of the roulette watch.

The wheel boasts mahogany inlays and green, red, and black enamel for each pocket.

Round 288- Facet Diamond

288 Facet Diamond hand

Astronomia Casino Diamond – Image Credit Jacob & Co

Crafting the diamond found on one of the watch’s four arms is one of the most painstaking processes in the manufacture of the piece. The diamond starts off as a 4-carat stone which they cut, round, and then etch with 288 facets. What you have in the end is a flawlessly rounded 1-carat gem. It takes two weeks to form the diamond, making it one of the most unique components in this watch.

The Globe

Roulette watch globe hand

Astronomia Casino Globe – Image Credit Jacobs & Co

A second rotating arm boasts a blue lacquered magnesium-coated globe of the earth which weighs the same as the remaining three revolving satellites on the face. For the sake of interest and ingenuity, the globe also turns on its own axis every 30 seconds while the arm rotates the watch face every 10 minutes.

Unique Dials and Hands

Roulette watch dials and hands

Astronomia Casino Time Face – Image Credit Jacob & Co

The time display does not dominate the watch face as it does on most other timepieces. Instead, only one of the arms displays the clock face. It’s a simple yet classy design that shows the 12, 3, 6, and 9 in roman numerals. These are carved into a titanium wheel and are accompanied by blue steel minute and hour hands.

A differential system drives the clock arm to ensure that the 12 and the 6 remain the right way up no matter where the disk rotates to on the dial. The timekeeper also rotates the display every ten minutes.

Gold Casing and Crystal Windows

Golden Case and Crystal

Astronomia Casino Case and Crystal – Image Credit Jacobs & Co

The casing for this roulette watch is sizeable, boasting a 47-millimeter diameter and 24-millimeter thickness. The dome and side windows are made from sapphire crystal and are adequately shaped to show off the 3-dimensional craft inside the watch. You can enjoy an unhindered view of the detailed mechanics on the showcase. Jacob & Co uses 18K rose gold for a refined finish.

Strap and Clasp

They make the strap from black-dyed alligator leather to ensure a strong and durable fastener. The clasp encompasses an 18K Rose Gold folding buckle. They really spared no expense on this piece.


The manufacturer pressure seals the piece to ensure 30-meter water resistance. While the crystal casing should not be subject to massive shocks, the gold and titanium innards are developed for extreme longevity and durability.

So, Who Owns a Roulette Watch from Jacob and Co?

It only makes sense that both the richest athlete and the richest singer in the world each own one of the most exclusive watches on the planet. Both Conor McGregor and Drake have secured one of these limited ‘Astronomia Casino’ timepieces.

Drake’s Roulette Watch

Drake - rapper

Hip Hop Star, Drake – Credit Karwait Tang/WireImage

Drake is an avid high-rolling gambler who does not hide his penchant for roulette. Only recently, did he make headlines for winning big while playing roulette live on Instagram. We guess it makes sense then that he has a flashy roulette watch timepiece to match his love for the game. We wonder if he and his friends ever spin the wheel and place bets on the outcome.

Conor MacGregor’s Roulette Watch

Conor McGregor

Former MMA Champion, Conor McGregor (wearing the watch) and Dee Devlin – Image Credit – The NetLine

Conor McGregor is probably one of the biggest watch lovers in the world. Just keep your eye on his wrist and you’ll hardly ever find him wearing the same piece two days in a row. It comes as no surprise that a watch with more than 395 components and a tremendous degree of status finds its way onto his wrist. He may not be as big a roulette player as Drake, but history shows that he loves unique pieces.

PokCas Round-Up

What fun would the world be without gadgets? With innovation and craftsmanship comes a high price. While we’re not sure why this expensive watch could possibly attract the same price tag as a sports car or luxury vehicle, they do manage to sell – so how can we fault them? We’d just love to know what the insurance costs on such a highly-priced jewelry piece.


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