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Gold Lamborghini Thumbnail
Luxury Lifestyle 14-01-2022

The Top 5 List of the Coolest Gold Lamborghini Cars

When most vehicle enthusiasts are asked to list their favourite exotic sports cars, it’s very seldom that the name, ‘Lamborghini’ won’t make it onto the page. The Italian sportscar (and now yacht brand) with the Raging Bull design logo is crafted for fun. From their fine finishings inside to their sleek, streamlined designs outside, they […]

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Danger - Self Complacency
Luxury Lifestyle 12-01-2022

5 Ways to Combat Self-Complacency and Get Back on Track

The pursuit of happiness and success in life is travelled on a road filled with a certain degree of difficulty. However, the ultimate reward of achievement certainly makes the journey worthwhile. Whether you are chasing down a new job promotion, looking to grow and new business or you’re aiming to become wealthy, a millionaire mindset […]

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2 Chains Image
Luxury Lifestyle 10-01-2022

What is the Net Worth of the American Rapper, 2 Chainz?

The music world is full of successful artists who have sold millions of albums and amassed great fame. Rap music has a predominantly huge following in the United States. Amongst the most famous artists, there are few who rival the success of veteran rapper, ‘2 Chainz’. In this article, we seek to look more closely […]

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negativity and positivity thumbnail
Luxury Lifestyle 05-01-2022

How Should We Deal with Negativity and Positivity in Life?

As many of you are already aware, life comes with plenty of ups and downs. Many of those ups and downs are experienced in our pursuit of happiness and success. Ambitious people with a winning mindset are especially prone to come against varying degrees of both negativity and positivity along the journey. In fact, anyone […]

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Conor McGregor Net Worth Thumbnail
Luxury Lifestyle 03-01-2022

Conor McGregor: Net Worth – How Rich is He?

Some people in this world are simply gifted athletes. While they need to put the time into training and fitness, their raw skill and determination are influencing factors that keep them on the top of their game. In 2021, there was no athlete more successful in the ‘earnings department’ than Conor McGregor. A born fighter, […]

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Rolex Logo
Luxury Lifestyle 22-12-2021

What Makes the Most Expensive Rolex Watches So Costly?

In the watch industry, there are few brands as iconic and well known as Rolex. While it may not be the most expensive watchmaker in the world, it is certainly one of the most popular. The purchase of a Rolex is generally associated with wealth and affluence, and it’s very rare that you won’t have […]

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Millionaire mindset header 2
Luxury Lifestyle 17-12-2021

Top 10 Secrets to Develop a Millionaire Mindset

It’s no big secret that we live in a material world. Most of us want to make the most of life and live at a level where we stop struggling to make ends meet. So many people look on in envy as only a small percentage of the population makes it into the realm of […]

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Tecnomar for Lamborghini Logo
Luxury Lifestyle 13-12-2021

Lamborghini Yacht – The Raging Bull of the Sea!

I remember growing up to believe that a yacht was a big boat with a sail that provided quiet and tranquil trips on the ocean. Well, either I was misinformed, or the concept of “yacht” has evolved to mean something far more spectacular today. Spectacular is probably an understatement when we’re presented with one of […]

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Rich Man Watches
Luxury Lifestyle 06-12-2021

Top 5 Watch Brands for a Wealthy Man

Every man aspires to be a success at what he does. In this materialistic world, that success is often portrayed to the world through the things that we own. Status symbols are prevalent among the rich and the famous. It’s a way to flex wealth and display affluence. Some of our most noticeable status symbols […]

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