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Mark Cuban Net Worth
Luxury Lifestyle 03-01-2023

How Mark Cuban Accidentally Broke a World Record for the Largest Online Shopping Purchase in 1999

If you pay attention to the who’s who in the business world in America, there is a very good chance that you have heard of Mark Cuban. Many will associate him with the Dallas Mavericks NBA team (because he owns it), while others will know his face from the investment television show – The Shark […]

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Andrew Tate and Bugatti
Luxury Lifestyle 30-12-2022

Andrew Tate Had to Prove His Net Worth When Buying His First Bugatti and It Turned Out to Be a Top Marketing Play

Andrew Tate’s net worth has been somewhat of a talking point online. The man who came to prominence via social media has been banned from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for his misogynistic comments. Yet despite his absence from the platforms, Andrew Tate’s net worth has soared to around $500 million in only a handful […]

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Ferrari's Blacklist
Luxury Lifestyle 23-12-2022

Celebrities on the Current Ferrari Blacklist Include Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather, and Several Other Famous Personalities

There are few sports cars with the sort of pedigree that is emblemized by the Prancing Horse of Ferrari. In fact, the iconic car company from Maranello, Italy, boasts car builds that only appreciate in value over the years. Many of their vintage sports cars litter the list of the world’s most expensive selling cars. […]

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Oak Island Treasure Found
Luxury Lifestyle 14-12-2022

Seven Men Must Die Before The Oak Island Treasure Can Be Found And The Curse Is Lifted. Six Have Died Already

Pirate’s treasure, Shakespearian manuscripts, the Holy Grail, and the Ark of the Covenant. These are just some of the priceless artifacts rumored to lie at the bottom of what is now termed “The Money Pit” on Oak Island. While these coveted treasures remain yet unfound, some peripheral riches have been discovered, along with possible traps, […]

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Luxury Lifestyle 30-11-2022

Lionel Messi Sports a $145k Patek Philippe Watch From His Expensive Personal Collection to FIFA World Cup 2022

It’s no secret that Lionel Messi, Argentina’s national football team captain, is the highest-paid athlete on the planet right now. In fact, his current net worth is estimated at $600 Million. Messi is also among the few athletes in history to have surpassed $1 Billion in earnings during their career. Of course, with that kind […]

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The World's Most Expensive Car
Luxury Lifestyle 17-11-2022

The World’s Most Expensive Car List Reveals Surprise Price Valuations With a Classic Sportscar Worth $143 Million

If you were asked to comprise a list that would ultimately culminate in the world’s most expensive car, where would you start and what would you look for? As most know, cars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Fast and furious supercars cars are some of the costliest vehicles around, with prices running […]

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King Solomon's Net Worth
Luxury Lifestyle 29-08-2022

King Solomon was the Wisest and Wealthiest King of All Time With a Net Worth 10 Times Greater Than Elon Musk’s

If one considers the wealthiest men in the world, most will filter their views through the current economic climate of the world today. It would not be surprising to find the likes of Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates headlining our formulated lists. After all, they are some of the richest billionaires […]

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Boom Supersonic Overture
Luxury Lifestyle 18-08-2022

Boom! Supersonic Flight is Back! The Overture Speedster Jet Plane Revealed

The race is literally on to see who will be able to air the first supersonic commercial plane since the Concorde was disbanded in 2003 by British Airways and Air France. With the immense growth and evolution in flight technology, surely nobody thought that super-sonic flight was gone forever, did they? This time, United Airlines […]

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Gold Diggers Header
Luxury Lifestyle 07-06-2022

Avoiding Gold Diggers in 5 Easy Steps and Dispelling The Stereotype

Gold diggers have received a bad rap over the years, but should they really be judged more harshly than those who flaunt their riches? We don’t think so! We cover multiple high life, high roller, and leisure articles on our site, and the way in which the rich and famous showcase their lives is something […]

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7 of The Most Expensive Cars Owned By NFL Players
Luxury Lifestyle 25-05-2022

From Speed on the Field to Stature on The Road – 7 Most Expensive Cars Owned By NFL Players

The NFL professional football league is one of the best-paying sports leagues in the world. As such, it comes as no surprise that many of the athletes from this American sport splash out on high-end luxury items like houses and other assets from time to time. And to most warm-blooded men, there is nothing as […]

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