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Tom Brady net worth main
Luxury Lifestyle 18-03-2022

Where Has Tom Brady Earned and Spent His Net Worth?

There are few names as recognizable as Tom Brady in NFL circles. He’s arguably the best quarterback to have played the game and has a trophy cabinet to prove it. Born in 1977, we thought that Brady’s last call for retirement early in 2022 would prove to be his final whistle. However, we were wrong! […]

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Donald Trump Rolex Gift
Luxury Lifestyle 16-03-2022

SteveWillDoIt Buys Trump a $105K Rolex Presidential as a Thank You Gift

The NELK Boys’ “Full Send” Podcast team recently had a tremendous time interviewing the former president of the United States. They were eager to get Donald Trump’s take of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the USA’s management of the crisis from his perspective. The interview generated 5 million views within 24 hours of […]

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Seth MacFarlane Net Worth Header
Luxury Lifestyle 09-03-2022

How Seth MacFarlane Earned his $300 Million Fortune Developing Hit Cartoons and Movies

Movie and television personalities are generally quite wealthy individuals, especially if they manage to secure regular work. But there are a select few that can produce, write, act, animate, and do voice-overs. With such versatile talents, Seth MacFarlane earns well through multiple revenue streams all at once. It’s multi-millionaire minds like this that attract our […]

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Expensive mansion NFL
Luxury Lifestyle 07-03-2022

10 Most Expensive NFL Player Luxury Homes Right Now

The NFL is a multi-billion-dollar sports industry that is exclusive to the United States of America. Top national football players are some of the richest athletes on the planet and they surely live that way. Join us as we visit some of the most expensive modern mansions owned by these sporting heroes. This way, you’ll […]

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Luxury Lifestyle 25-02-2022

Conor McGregor’s Expensive Watch List is Headlined by Jacob and Co Timepieces Worth Between $650K and $2 Million Each

Always dressed to impress, it’s difficult to envisage the tattooed world-champion fighter beneath the suit at times. Conor McGregor is one of the world’s richest sportsmen and he surely adorns himself in a fitting manner. When he is not in his fighting trunks with blood on his face and his fists, he’s decked out in […]

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Tom Brady Yacht
Luxury Lifestyle 21-02-2022

The GOAT Football Quarterback, Tom Brady, buys a Massive $6 Million Yacht

It seems that it’s the season for some of the richest sportsmen in the world to treat themselves to luxury water vessels. Not only did Conor McGregor receive his Lamborghini Tecnomar 63 vessel in 2021, but a famous ex-NFL quarterback of 22 years, Tom Brady, is gearing to receive his superyacht later this year after […]

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Roulette Watch Header image
Luxury Lifestyle 14-02-2022

Expensive $620,000 Roulette-Themed Luxury Watch With Working Wheel is Owned By Both Drake and Conor MacGregor

There are some truly beautiful timepieces in the world. Watchmaker brands like Rolex, Hublot, Audemars Piguet, Patek Phillipe, and others are all timepieces priced way outside the budget of the standard earner on the street. However, even these timepieces are outshone from time to time by the craftmanship of other specialized bespoke jewelry ensembles designed […]

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The net worth of Phil Ivey article header
Luxury Lifestyle 09-02-2022

The Net Worth and Spending Habits of Professional Poker Player, Phil Ivey

There are tons of professional poker players in the world, but only a few of them can maintain their position at the top of the game. But those who do, generally make a fortune playing in world-class tournaments and high-stakes cash games. Of the top players in the world today, there is perhaps none as […]

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Drakes Roulette Win
Luxury Lifestyle 02-02-2022

King of Hip Hop, Drake, Wins Huge on $200K Roulette Bet

Drake is one of the most well-known names in the music business right now. His success in hip-hop circles has made him one of the hottest sellers in the music business. The Canadian mogul has already amassed around $200 million through music and brand deals and things don’t look like they are slowing down for […]

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Dan Bilzerian Net Worth Thumbnail Image
Luxury Lifestyle 31-01-2022

What is the Real Net Worth of Dan Bilzerian? Earnings from Poker and Business

Dan Bilzerian is a name that many of you might know already. He has been linked to many scandals of late, yet he remains a prominent influencer on social platforms such as Twitter and Instagram (where he has a 32 million-strong following). He is notorious for living the high life and unashamedly accepts his playboy […]

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