Where Has Tom Brady Earned and Spent His Net Worth?

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There are few names as recognizable as Tom Brady in NFL circles. He’s arguably the best quarterback to have played the game and has a trophy cabinet to prove it. Born in 1977, we thought that Brady’s last call for retirement early in 2022 would prove to be his final whistle. However, we were wrong! Less than 40 days later, the superstar announced that he would be signing on for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for another year because he had “unfinished business” with the team.

Coming up on 23 seasons in the league he must be one of the wealthiest millionaires in the sport right now. Well, we aim to get to the bottom of Tom Brady’s Net Worth, how he earned the staggering amount, and what he’s spent some of it on.

What is Tom Brady’s Net Worth?

The estimated Tom Brady net worth is around $400 million. He has earned most of it in the NFL as the world’s most successful quarterback. His new contract with the Buccaneers could push that earning up marginally close to the $450 million mark, especially if the endorsement deals keep coming in for the next year or so.

Where did His Career All Start?

You’d think that Brady’s start to the professional football world would have been a shoo-in. However, a lot of work, determinations, and favor played part in his recruitment to the NFL. He was only drafted with the 199th pick of the sixth round of the year 2000 draft for the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady graduated from high school in 1995, where he was the quintessential sportsman, excelling in football, baseball, and basketball. He had already made the starting quarterback position for his high school team in his junior year. Tom was eventually signed to play football for the University of Michigan in 1996. Here, he spent most of his junior year warming the bench and playing second fiddle to Brian Griese, who also went on to play for the NFL.

In 1998, he got his big break and started the line-up for the next two years. Michigan won 80% of the matches that he started. You’d think that would have made him a natural pick for the NFL. Well, it did, though his recruitment came right at the end of the season. More on his pro career later.

Where has the Tom Brady Net Worth Figure Been Earned?

Tom Brady’s net worth has not just sprung up overnight. He has had to grind for over two decades to get to this position. Here are some of the ways this sports star has earned some of his money.

NFL Football

Tom Brady football

Tom Brady during a Buccaneers game. Credt: Marca

Tom Brady went on to start for the Patriots in his second season on the team and has never looked back. In fact, he played starter consistently for the next 20 years. That’s a record for a player on a single team. He won the Superbowl in his first year as a starter and managed to muster 16 division titles and 13 AFC championships (8 of which were consecutive).

His personal career records include:

  • 5 Super Bowl MVPs
  • 3 NFL MVPs
  • 2 Offensive Player of the Year Awards
  • Appeared in 15 Pro Bowls
  • Named in 3 First-Team All-Pros
  • Won 2 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Awards

Statistics like this earn players huge salary paychecks. At the height of his career, he was earning around $30 million a year for doing what he loves, putting a substantial boost in Tom Brady’s net worth figure.

After 20 years with the Patriots, Brady turned down a contract extension from the team to pursue a new adventure in Florida with the Tampa Buccaneers. A deal that would earn him $50 million over two years excluding bonuses. He announced his retirement from the NFL in early 2022, but then re-joined the Buccaneers for one last season.  This decision would earn him close on $30 million for another year’s work, nicely boosting the net worth of Tom Brady by a big margin.


Under Armour, Tag Heuer, Aston Martin

As we know, in the sporting world there is far more money to be made in the game than just by cashing in your monthly paycheck.  Endorsement deals have made a huge impact on Tom Brady’s net worth. In fact, reliable reports show that he made around $31 million in endorsements in 2021 alone and was ranked as the 9th highest-grossing athlete in the same year.

His most current endorsement deals have included deals with Aston Martin, Tag Heuer, Sam Adam Beer, and Under Armour. While the Buccaneer’s kit is sponsored by Nike, you can always catch a glimpse of his Under Armour cleats digging into the grass as he runs along.

Past endorsements have included various other brands, including Ugg Boots, Footlocker, Glaceau Smartware, and Nordstroms clothing.

Real Estate

Real Estate Sales

Tom and his wife, ex-super-model – Gisele Bündchen, have made some considerable profits selling their expensive homes over the past few years. The couple bought and renovated property to the value of $29 million in LA in 2009. The 14,000-square-foot home sold for $50 million five years later to a famous musician, Dr Dre. That’s a $21 million profit that was sure to add value to Tom Brady’s net worth.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen. Credit: Charles Sykes

In 2018, the pair paid a little over $25 million for a large New York City apartment. They managed to sell it for $40 million in 2020. That same year, they sold their Boston Massachusetts mansion for $33 million.

How Has Tom Brady spent His Net Worth?

If you are earning huge sums of money, it’s only natural to splurge out here and there. Living the luxury life is par for the course. Here are some of the ways in which Tom Brady’s net worth has been put to work.

Mansion After Mansion

Tom Brady's LA Home

Tom and Gisele’s ex-LA Home – Credit: Forbes

NFL players are known to splurge on their mansions and Tom has owned some of the more expensive ones. While he’s been renting a bayside mansion in Tampa for the last two years, he has owned some massive homes. You can see from the “Real Estate” section that he and his wife have stayed in at least three homes worth between $30 million and $50 million each.

Tom Brady Mansion

Tom and Gisele’s Boston Home – Credit: Realtor

Their Boston home alone was a 12,000-square-foot mansion with every sort of convenience you could hope for. It came with a home spa, swimming pool, gym, offices, several kitchens, and a whole lot more.

A Car Collection

Limited Edition “TB12” Aston Martin v12 Vanquish S Volante

Limited Edition “TB12” Aston Martin v12 Vanquish S Volante co-designed by Tom – Credit: Marshall Goldman

When we last took count, Tom Brady had more than 13 different motor vehicles. If he chops and changes his cars like his houses, this list may have either shrunk or grown by now. Six of those vehicles in his collection are valued at more than $100K when new. These include his Bugatti Veyron Super Sport ($2 million), his Rolls Royce Ghost ($400K), Limited Edition “TB12” Aston Martin v12 Vanquish S Volante ($350K), Ferrari Italia 458 ($240K), Aston Martin DB11 ($200K), and Audi R8 ($160K). Other vehicles include a Range Rover SUV, Tesla Model S, Cadillac Escalade, Lexus GS 450H, some Audis, a BMW X5, and more.

Tom Brady had a hand in designing his limited-edition Aston Martin Vanquish S. That is why it is branded as a TB12 (Tom Brady 12) and not a DB12. Only 12 of them were made. Of course, Tom Brady has one in his own garage.


Wajer 55S Yacht

Wajer 55S boat – Credit Wajer

Since moving to Florida, Tom Brady has certainly shown his love for the maritime world. Shortly after arriving in Tampa, Tom Brady’s net worth was dented just slightly by his purchase of a Wajer 55S boat (pictured above) worth $2 million. This smaller cruising vessel must have sparked a love for ocean travel, as Brady didn’t hesitate to scoop up one of the first Wajer 77 Yachts when they were released in May 2021.

Wajer 77 Yacht

Various angles of the Wejer 77 Yacht – Images courtesy of Wajer and collaged by PokCas

Tom’s new yacht would have set him back a hefty $6 million. However, compared with the net worth of Tom Brady, it seems like a drop in a bucket. It boasts 77 feet of length with luxury amenities below the deck including three bedrooms, bathrooms, a galley, and a breakfast nook.


Tom Brady may possibly be in his last year of NFL football, but he has got enough money to last him a lifetime. In fact, even if he were to spend most of it, his wife, Giselle, could carry them through without a hassle. She is worth close to $400 million just on her own. Add to that the Tom Brady Net Worth figure, and you have a coupled net worth of between $800 million and $850 million. That means that there could still be many mansions, cars, and yachts in the future.


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