From Speed on the Field to Stature on The Road – 7 Most Expensive Cars Owned By NFL Players

7 of The Most Expensive Cars Owned By NFL Players

The NFL professional football league is one of the best-paying sports leagues in the world. As such, it comes as no surprise that many of the athletes from this American sport splash out on high-end luxury items like houses and other assets from time to time. And to most warm-blooded men, there is nothing as thrilling as purchasing an exotic car.

With number 7 as our lucky digit at PokCas, we decided to do some investigating to unveil 7 of the most expensive cars owned by NFL players over the past few years. Join us to explore what we found, and try and keep your drool off the keys!

7 of The Most Expensive Cars in the NFL

Car enthusiasts often dream about driving either the fastest sportscars around or cruising in high-end luxury vehicles. The most expensive cars in the NFL are a mixture of both. While Ferraris, Porches, Bentleys, and other fine vehicles are parked in the garages of players around the US, the crème de la crème seems to come from the design houses of Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, and Bugatti, in particular. Well, at least when it comes to footballers.

1. Antonio Brown – Custom Galaxy Rolls-Royce Wraith: Approx. $350K

Antonio Brown Rolls Royce Wraith

Credit: DuPont Registry

While not the most expensive car on this list, our number seven car is probably the flashiest of the bunch. This custom Roll-Royce Wraith is not only one of the fastest cars under the Rolls-Royce badge, but this particular vehicle has received an inspiring NFL exclusive yellow and black galaxy paint job.

Antonio Brown RR Wraith 2

Credit: DuPont Registry

This car is owned by Antonio Brown, who played wide receiver for the Steelers, Raiders, Patriots, and Buccaneers. This particular whip is a nod to his time at the steelers, which explains the black and yellow color theme. His initials (AB) have been embossed into the paintwork along with his Steelers jersey number (84) and an image of him making a one-handed catch.

Besides the paintwork, the car is pretty standard, costing the legend an estimated $350,000 to buy and customize.

2. Reggie Bush Lamborghini Aventador: Approx. $450K

Black Lambo Aventador

Credit: Splash News

There are very few hypercars that top the styling of the Lamborghini Aventador. This raging bull can race from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds and sprint to a top speed of 217mph courtesy of its 769 hp V12 engine.

Former NFL running back, Reggie Bush, couldn’t settle for the base model, and so bought a well-kitted hardtop variant of the car for a walloping $450K. His purchase was black on black, making the speedster look and feel like a stealthy night rider.

3. Antonio Brown – Custom Signature Rolls-Royce Phantom: Approx. $500K

Matt Black Rolls Royce Phantom

Credit: Darren Rovell

It seems like Antonio Brown has a thing for bespoke Rolls-Royce motor vehicles. He couldn’t help but add personalized finishes to his brand-new Phantom. The car is finished with a classy matt black paintwork with a tasteful yellow stripe that runs down the center of the vehicle, from the hood to the trunk.

Like the black and yellow color theme of his RR Wraith, this car is a salute to the Steelers football team. The added player signature on the side panels is a nice touch that rounds off the vehicle perfectly. This car with all its add-ons set Mr. Brown back a whopping half a million dollars, according to reports.

4. Odell Beckham Jnr – Custom Orange Rolls-Royce: Approx. $500K

Orange Rolls Royce

Credit: Dreamworks Motorsport

Our final Rolls-Royce in this listing is a beauty. The orange flair is something rarely seen on a luxury car of this caliber… but it works! The color is followed through to the interior of the car which boasts suicide doors in the back for easy access in and out of the cabin. The wild orange is in respect to the Cleveland Browns, the team for which Odell Beckham Junior played prior to his current stint with the Rams.

Bespoke Rolls Royce Hood Ornament

Credit: Odell Beckham Jr

The most remarkable feature on this car is found on the hood emblem. Instead of the traditional ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ hood ornament found on the front of most Rolls-Royce vehicles, the NFL star requested that it be replaced with an emblem of himself making a one-handed touchdown. It was that touchdown that made him an overnight star in 2015 against the Dallas Cowboys when he was playing for the Giants near the beginning of his career. It has gone down as one of the best catches in NFL history.

5. Joe Haden Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4: Approx. $500K

Joe Haden Orange Lamborghini

Credit: NFL Network

Joe Haden owns several luxurious cars but held out for a while before buying his favorite car in the world in 2016. His orange Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 is a flashy stunner. Like Odell Beckham Jr, this cornerback decided to pay homage to the Cleveland Browns with his color of choice. After all, it was them who drafted him to the NFL in 2010. He acknowledges that it is his position on the Browns team that has made it possible for him to purchase the V12 speedster after all. Haden moved on from the Browns in 2018, when he signed a contract for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Lamborghinis seem to have usurped the title of top Italian sportscar from Ferrari over the past few years and have even moved into the maritime industry to provide sporty boats for the rich and famous. While speed bumps do pose a real challenge to Lambo drivers, the cars have no problem turning heads and attracting a lot of attention.

6. Drew Brees – Bugatti Veyron: Approx. $2.25 Million

Blue on Blue Bugatti Veyron

Credit: The Cleanest Rides

Few people venture to spend more than a few hundred thousand dollars on a single sportscar. Drew Brees is one of the richest NFL names in the business. As such, he attracts a heft paycheck. Coughing up the $2.2 million for his Bugatti Veyron could not have been too difficult.

While the car is one of the older Bugatti hypercars of the last two decades, it is still one of the quickest vehicles on the road. It powers its wheels with a W16 motor that puts out 1,200 hp, propelling the car to 60 mph in a bit over 2 seconds. It can also reach a staggering top speed of 250 mph. The Veyron was the fastest roadcar in the world when it was launched in 2005.

7. Tom Brady Bugatti Veyron: Approx. $3 Million

Black on Black Bugatti Veyron

Credit: BMWBlog

Tom Brady has been the GOAT of football ever since Joe Montana retired from the game. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the top player has the most expensive car on our list. While he too has not chosen to upgrade to one of Bugatti’s later models, like the Chiron or Divo, his black-on-black Veyron is worth a bit more than Drew Brees’ car.

The superspeed hypercar cost Mr. Brady an approximate $3 million. You’d expect this to be the most expensive toy he owns, but you’d be mistaken. It only costs half the price of his new Wajer 77 yacht.


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