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Luxury Lifestyle 02-05-2022

SteveWillDoIt’s Net Worth Revealed Along with Nine Other Interesting Facts

YouTube and other social media platforms present creative geniuses with the opportunity to carve out a full-time career. Some make it big, while others provide basic content for the platform. One influencer has struck the correct chords and made the right partnerships to ride the wave to success in this realm. Today, we will take […]

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Waste of Money Thumbnail
Luxury Lifestyle 20-04-2022

Top 6 Ways the Super-Rich Have Used Their Fortunes to Waste Money on Ludicrous Buys

While we “Average Joes” love to treat ourselves every now and then, our budgets generally dictate the measure of our spoils. We must admit though, that even our spending might seem like a mammoth waste of money to those who are poorer than us. But what happens when you have an unlimited supply of cash? […]

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Dana Whites House - Image
Luxury Lifestyle 18-04-2022

A Tour of Dana White’s Triple Plot Multi-Million Dollar Vegas House

There are few people in the fighting world as well known as Dana White right now. He is the founder and chairman of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champions), which is the biggest professional MMA organization in the world. White’s dream was not an easy one to attain. Thankfully, some wealthy investors got on board to […]

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Best Looking Gold Watches
Luxury Lifestyle 11-04-2022

Top 7 Best-Looking Expensive Gold Watches for Men

Like all things in life, watches come in various levels of quality and with varying degrees of prestige. While some wealthy people are 100% happy wearing various funky watch brands from the likes of Gucci, Swatch, and other quality brands, there is a Swiss Watch hierarchy that only the super-wealthy turn to. The de lux […]

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Luxury Lifestyle 08-04-2022

How Shaquille O’Neal Has Grown His $400 million Net Worth

Shaq is probably one of the most well-known basketball sporting icons of the last 20 years. He is to basketball what guys like Tom Brady are to football. Standing at 7-foot 1 inch in height, he is a larger-than-life character. But the size of his stature is matched by the size of his wallet. Join […]

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Tiger Woods Header Image
Luxury Lifestyle 06-04-2022

Take a Look at Tiger Woods’ Enormous $20 Million Yacht

One percent of the world is classified as rich. Amidst that percentage is an even smaller group of multi-millionaires that can afford to purchase themselves luxury yachts without depleting their bank balances. As arguably one of the best golfers in the world, Tiger Woods is one of the fortunate ones, as he owns his own […]

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Dr Evil One Million Dollars
Luxury Lifestyle 04-04-2022

How Much is 1 Million Dollars and How Can You Spend It?

When thinking about the value of one million dollars today, my mind always wanders back to the original Austin Powers one million dollars movie scene in 1997. The infamous villain, Dr Evil, is woken from a cryogenic sleep after 30 years and decides that he wants to hold the world for ransom for a sum […]

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Kevin Hart net worth thumbnail
Luxury Lifestyle 30-03-2022

What is the Net Worth of One of the Richest Comedians, Kevin Hart?

When people say that America is the “Land of Opportunity” they are not far wrong. There are many rags to riches tales to be told. Kevin Hart went from struggling comedian to one of the richest funny men in Hollywood. While it’s not a dream every aspiring actor may attain in a lifetime, Kevin is […]

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Expensive Things to Buy Header Thumbnail
Luxury Lifestyle 28-03-2022

Top 10 Cool Expensive Things to Buy if Money Was Not Really an Option

I’m sure many of you have taken a few minutes to daydream about what it would be like to have unlimited wealth. I remember comparing lists as a child with my friends of all the cool expensive things to buy if money was no issue. While for so many this is only a pipedream, there […]

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Bad Beats main image
Luxury Lifestyle 25-03-2022

Top 5 Bad Beat List: Unlucky Investments & Bad Money Decisions

A “bad beat” is a term taken from poker, where a player with a seemingly strong hand loses anyway. In other words, it was an unexpected/unlikely loss. However, the saying has been adopted into our personal and business lives as well. There are many people who have had bad beats in life. Businesspeople have made […]

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