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YouTube and other social media platforms present creative geniuses with the opportunity to carve out a full-time career. Some make it big, while others provide basic content for the platform.

One influencer has struck the correct chords and made the right partnerships to ride the wave to success in this realm. Today, we will take a look into the life of SteveWillDoIt and his luxury lifestyle on and behind the social media camera.

Steve’s Biography


Steve Deleonardis (AKA SteveWillDoIt) – Credit: NELK Full Send

Stephen Deleonardis (AKA SteveWillDoIt) was born on the 26th of April 1998 in Oviedo, Florida in the USA. He is now a resident of Los Angeles; California and is a prominent social media and digital media personality.

He is best known on YouTube but maintains a live Twitter presence and Instagram channel. Often seen along with other prominent celebrities, Steve has managed a shift into the life of the rich and famous quite easily, despite the lack of a college education. He did however graduate from a local high school in his Floridian hometown.

SteveWillDoIt Fact
Date of Birth 26 August 1998
Birth Place Oviedo Florida
Height 5ft 9inch (173cm)
Weight 78kg (171 lbs)
Nationality American
Net Worth Between $4 million and $10 Million
Profession Social Media Influencer

SteveWillDoIt’s Net Worth – He’s Pretty Rich


There is no denying the fact that SteveWillDoIt’s net worth is over $10 million as of 2022. This influx of wealth has not come from one source either. In fact, a combination of digital media revenues, endorsements, paid collaborations, and advertising revenues make up the bulk of his earnings. Of course, this puts him in a big tax bracket, but even after paying the IRS, he lives a life without lack.

He’s managed not only to secure his own future financially but also that of those closest to him. The lifestyle he leads borders on overindulgence. He owns a collection of exotic cars worth around $2 million in total. He says that driving his cars to the gym every day is what makes him happy.

Some of the vehicles include:

  • ⭐ Custom Lamborghini Huracan 2021 worth $300K
  • ⭐ Rolls Royce Cullinan 2021 worth $500K (Also his favorite)
  • ⭐ Ferrari 455 Spider worth $250K
  • ⭐ Maybach Sprinter worth $250K
  • ⭐ McLaren MSO X 2018 (1 of 10) worth $500K

But his fast and furious cars are just the tip of the iceberg. He has spent $2.4 million on his watch collection.

They include the following 7 watches:

  • ⭐ Black Toro valued at $550K
  • ⭐ Asia White Ceramic Edition @ $550K
  • ⭐ Nadal @ $450K
  • ⭐ Lemans Classic @ $300K
  • ⭐ Ulysse Nardin Minute Repeater Erotic @ $225K
  • ⭐ 2 Rolex pieces worth just over $300K for both

The expensive watches maintain their value if not increase in price over years, which means that they already prove to be assets worth $2.4 million towards SteveWillDoIt’s net worth.

SteveWillDoIt’s Success on Social Media

SteveWillDoIt YouTube page

The SteveWillDoIt YouTube Channel – Credit: YouTube

The name ‘SteveWillDoIt’ already gives away what type of content Steve puts out on YouTube and Instagram. He entertains his followers by posting challenges, participating in daredevil stunts, and giving away huge gifts and prizes to his friends and fans. His party boy attitude is a hit among young viewers who find his content entertaining. Be warned though, that much of his content is age-restricted.

His socials do well though and he has amassed decent-sized followership.

This includes:

  • ⭐ 5+ Million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.
  • ⭐ 96K subscribers on his secondary gambling channel, SteveWillSendIt
  • ⭐ 5+ Million followers on Instagram
  • ⭐ 224K + followers on Twitter

That’s an already impressive assembly of fans, but that excludes the popularity he has amassed with his Nelk Boys clan.

SteveWillDoIt and the Nelk Boys


Nelk Full Send Podcast – Credit NELK

SteveWillDoIt forms part of the Nelk team, which is a collaboration of YouTubers that run a podcast and a YouTube channel showcasing pranks and other related hijinks. Headed by Kyle Forgeard, the team has managed to rack up 7.3+ million subscribers on YouTube and have a dedicated website for their “Full Send” podcast show.

Collaborations with this team adds nicely to the Steve’s net worth, especially given the extra exposure handed to him. One of Steve’s biggest collabs with Nelk is “HAPPY DAD” alcoholic beverages. In fact, you’ll find the branding for the company on both his Lamborghini and Ferrari.

SteveWillDoIt’s Friendship with Dana White

Steve Deleonardis and Dana White

Dana White and Steve – Credit: SteveWillDoIt

Steve and the cast of Nelk are extremely tight with the UFC president, Dana White. Not only was the team involved in the sponsorship of an up-and-coming UFC fighter, but Steve bought Dana an expensive gift. Why? Cause that’s what he does!

Steve and Dana White with custom maybach

Steve buys Dana White a custom Machbach – Credit: SteveWillDoIt

Steve bought the UFC president a custom Maybach minivan that took a year to build. But it’s not just any Maybach, it’s a customised Howler Head decorated version worth $300,000. The interior has bespoke fittings fit for a president.

Steve is a Family Man

SteveWillDoIt Moms car

Steve and the new Land Rover he bought his mom – Credit: SteveWillDoIt

Yes, SteveWillDoIt does outrageous things for views at times, but he loves making people happy. When it comes to his family, he’s a real softy. His net worth has enabled him to retire his mom and dad, but that’s not all. He bought his mom a 2020 Range Rover, a Rolex watch, and a Louis Vuitton purse because according to him she’s the ‘best mom in the world. He also gave his dad a Corvette.

Just when we think he has done enough, we learn that Steve also gave three beachside condos to his mother worth $1.2 million, collectively. She could rent them, sell them, or do whatever she wants to do with them.

Steve’s Girlfriend

Celina Smith

Steve’s Girlfriend, Celina Smith. Credit: Celina Smith

Steve has been together with Celina Smith since he was in high school. The two have made a cute couple on and off camera, but there has been no sound of wedding bells just yet. The two allegedly split for a while in 2020, after Steve posted that Celina cheated on him. However, being such a prankster, no one knew whether to take him seriously or not. Anyway, it was confirmed they were back together in mid-2021 when she featured in one of his vids as his girlfriend.

Celina is also a YouTuber and has nearly 12k subscribers. Her content is a little different from his, in that she streams herself playing video games. She is also an American model and Instagrammer.

The Literal Size of the Character

SteveWillDOIt and BRadley Martyn

Steve (right) with Trainer and friend, Bradley Martyn. Credit: Bradley Martyn

Steve is not a badly built fella, though standing aside his friend and trainer, Bradley Martyn, he looks a little dwarfed. A good gym regimen means that much of his approximate 78kg/171lb weight is lean muscle. Steve wears a size 8 shoe and stands 5 foot 9 inches in height (1.75 meters).

What Steve lacks in stature he makes up for in both ego and his multi-million-dollar net worth. It takes a big personality to make it big in the social media world these days. There is so much competition, so influencers have to stand out.

Steve is a BIG fan of Donald Trump

NELK, Dana White, and Donald Trump

SteveWillDoIt with NELK, Dana White, and President Donald Trump – Credit: Nelk

While Steve is not the biggest politician, he certainly has connections on the conservative/republican side of the divide. He actively backed Donald Trump during his campaign and was introduced to the ex-president by Dana White.

Steve took a selfie of the billionaire president and made a t-shirt with the two of them on it. He generated $500K off the back of those t-shirt sales. So, in a show of thanks, the YouTuber bought Mr Trump a limited-edition Rolex Presidential Platinum Ice Blue edition worth $100K. He then presented it to him when Donald appeared on one of the Nelk Boys’ “Fast Send” broadcasts.

YouTube Controversies

SteveWillDoIt Instagram

YouTube policy breach notice posted on Instagram – Credit: SteveWillDoIt

We cannot end the article without a little controversy, can we? The YouTuber was issued a warning from the platform alerting him to the fact that his videos would be demonetized because many of them contravened the Partner Program policies. This is probably why there are so few uploads left on his channel.

It is rumored that Steve removed many videos from his account in an apparent attempt to reapply for monetization. He posted YouTube’s policy statement on his Instagram channel on the 20th of September 2020.

He does, however, run a gambling channel, for which he is paid a premium to promote various online casino and Bitcoin casino platforms. Of course, he keeps his winnings too.

What’s Next for SteveWillDoIt?

While Steve’s own channels are still live, his involvement with Nelk is certainly increasing. The release of his own fresh apparel brand is also an attempt to build his business and strengthen the net worth.


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