Nate Diaz’s Net Worth & Financial Freedom Helped Make His Exit From UFC Easy

Since his return to MMA in 2019, Nate Diaz has seen a significant increase in his net worth. A prominent mixed martial arts figure, Nathan Donald Diaz is an American fighter known for his mixed martial art prowess. Taking on the likes of Conner McGregor and the internet celebrity turned fighter, Jake Paul, his career has brought him substantial financial returns and fame.

The winner of The Ultimate Fighter 5, Nate Diaz is one of the richest MMA fighters worldwide and remains a free agent in the field after his contract with UFC ended in 2022.

What is Nate Diaz’s Net Worth?

Currently, the MMA fighter Nate Diaz boasts a net worth of USD 8 Million. He has amassed this wealth through a lucrative MMA career, brand endorsement deals from Represent LTD and Reebok, and business ventures outside of the professional fighting industry

Nate Diaz  
Net Worth $8 Million
Date of Birth April 16th, 1985
Place of Birth Stockton, California, USA
Gender Male
Height 6 ft (1.83 m)
Weight 77 kg (169.756 lb)
Nationality American
Profession Mixed Martial Artist
Partner Misty Brown
Siblings Nick Diaz ( UFC fighter), Nina Diaz

How does Nate Diaz Make His Money?

Passionate about mixed martial arts from the age of 11, Nate Diaz trained with his older brother and UFC fighter Nick Diaz, making his debut in the MMA scene in 2004. His career as a mixed martial artist has made him the most money, which he has intelligently invested in other business ventures to secure his financial future. His success as an MMA fighter also brought in brand deals and sponsorships from well-known brands. He invested his money into creating a lucrative wellness brand with his brother called Game Up Nutrition. Diaz also provides training at the Nick Diaz Academy, the Gracie Jiu-Jits school in Stockton, California.


Nate Diaz and his brother Nick Diaz established GameUP Nutrition, a CBD company offering plant-based wellness products and superfoods. Credit: GameUp Nutrition on Facebook

Nate Diaz’s Career Highlights

Worth $8 Million, Nate Diaz has been a sensation in the MMA scene for close to 20 years. As a fighter, Diaz has fought 34 matches against opponents of all leagues and pocketed hefty cheques in return. As an MMA fighter, Diaz’s salary has fluctuated from 5 to 7 figures. His highest-paid fight was the result of the match between himself and Connor McGregor, the Irish MMA star. Nate Diaz earned a whopping $13 million in payouts from this fight even after losing the match to McGregor. 

Nate Diaz (Highest Payout) Fight Purse 
Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz $500,000
Tony Ferguson vs. Nate Diaz $971,000
Leon Edwards vs. Nate Diaz $871,000
Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz $1,120,000
Anthony Pettis vs. Nate Diaz $270,000
Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz (UFC 202)  $2,000,000
Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz (UFC 196) $500,000
Michael Johnson vs. Nate Diaz $110,000
 Josh Thomson vs. Nate Diaz $80,000
Gray Maynard vs. Nate Diaz $110,000

Nate Diaz’s highest-earned payouts from various fights of his MMA career

Nate Diaz started earning big money after he handed Connor McGregor his first career loss in the MMA octagon. Since then, he has diversified his sources of income and is able to lead a comfortable life regardless of his 3-year hiatus from MMA. He is the brand ambassador for Garden of Life and has sponsorships from Represent Ltd. and the sportswear company Reebok.

Exiting from Dana White‘s UFC in 2022, Nate Diaz made his boxing debut against Jake Paul in August 2023. He lost the match but took home an impressive $500,000. 

nick diaz promotes his promotion company called real fight incorporated

Since his UFC exit, Nae Diaz has founded his own promotion company called Real Fight Inc. Credit: Nate Diaz on Instagram

Nate Diaz’s Title & Accomplishments

The pro-MMA fighter has dedicated significant time to honing his craft as a fighter. Unfortunately, he has been unable to win the UFC title, even though he was with the promotion for a very long time. 

However, Nate Diaz has an amazing fight record of 22-13. He has won thirteen fights by submission, five by knockout and four by unanimous decision. 

Nate Diaz poses for camera at MMA event

Nate Diaz has handed defeat to many top MMA fighters over the course of his career, which has earned him a reputation inside and outside the Octagon. Credit: Yahoo Sports

Nate Diaz’s Investments

There is a general curiosity to know what Nate Diaz does with his money. Belonging to a humble background, Nate Diaz has made smart money decisions, utilizing his earnings to secure his future. However, he is no stranger to luxury indulgences. 

  • He founded and currently runs the CBD wellness company, Game Up Nutrition (est. 2018), with his brother Nick Diaz. 
  • Diaz owns a beautiful $430,000 mansion in Stockton, California, which he shares with his partner Misty Brown and two daughters.
  • Nate Diaz has a Chevrolet Suburban SUV, a Tesla Model S, a Ford F-150 Raptor truck, and a Range Rover in his personal car collection, which is worth a quarter of a million. 
  • Diaz has recently started his own company called Real Fight Inc., a combat sports promotion company centered around boxing, MMA, and BJJ.

Giving Back to Society: Nate Diaz’s Charitable Ventures 

misty brown gives interview about nate diaz to the new york times.

Nate Diaz’s wife, Misty Brown, made a rare public statement about her husband during an interview with The New York Times. Diaz and Misty belong to the same town and went to the same school growing up.

Experiencing poverty in his childhood, Nate Diaz’s life began to change after his older brother Nick Diaz entered the MMA scene to elevate his family financially. Following in his brother’s footsteps, Nick Diaz found solace in mixed martial arts. His career skyrocketed affording him the luxurious life he leads now. However, he has not forgotten his roots and actively gives back to society. 

Diaz was the recipient of the Legislative Resolution from the State of California, honoring his contributions towards children’s welfare and youth at risk in the community. He also recently spoke to cancer patients and survivors, urging them to keep fighting, which earned him praise from Connor McGregor.

Nate Diaz was honored by Assemblyman Jim Cooper for his hard work and for giving back to the kids and adults of the community.

Nate Diaz was presented with a legislative award by Assemblyman Jim Cooper for his hard work and for giving back to the kids and adults of the community. Credit: NDA on Instagram

Nick Diaz is involved in several charitable initiatives, including sponsoring youth sports programs and donating to food banks. He also donates money to natural disaster recovery and veteran support programs. Diaz’s charitable efforts inspire many and show the impact small acts of kindness have on the world. While he keeps most of his charitable ventures under wraps to avoid unwarranted media attention, Diaz has been widely applauded for responsibly giving back to society. 

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