Jake Paul’s YouTube and Boxing Careers Have Made Him a Small Fortune and His Net Worth is Growing Significantly

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YouTube is the new home of the stars. While movie actors and comedians still have prominence in the celebrity world, the popularity of social media personalities is slowly starting to catch up. Kids are spending far more time watching their favourite content creators than they are on Netflix and Amazon nowadays. The new breed of influencers grabs their attention with shorter clips and more generation-specific material.

One of the rising millionaire celebrities in the social media influencer world right now is the self-dubbed “Problem Child,” Jake Paul. The little brother of Logan Paul rode his big bro’s coattails into stardom and now rivals him for views and earnings. So, what is the Jake Paul net worth right now, where did Jake make his money, and how does he spend it? Join us, as we take a closer look at the “Everyday Man”.

What is Jake Paul’s Current Net Worth?

Jake’s life is certainly not stagnant. He is climbing the ranks of YouTube stardom and is certainly one of the top earners on the platform. Jake Paul’s current net worth was estimated to be around the $60 million mark, thanks to numerous income sources, including YouTube, boxing, music, endorsements, and other controversial financial avenues. The icon himself has argued that his net worth is about double what people have been thinking, which means that he is worth closer to around $100 million and climbing.

Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Joseph Paul was born in Westlake, Ohio in January of 1997. He is the younger brother of prominent YouTube influencer, Logan Paul, who you might know as the amateur boxer who called out Floyd Mayweather and fought him in an exhibition match in June 2021.

Noticing the success of his brother’s social media life, 16-year-old Jake began publishing videos and uploading them on the ex video platform, Vine, in 2013. Unfortunately, the social app closed down, but not before amassing Jake an audience of over 5 million followers. He was able to recreate his vlog channel on YouTube, bringing many of his fans with him. He has since grown to amass a following quadruple the size of the one he had before.

While the YouTube icon may be a ‘party boy’ that has stirred up trouble with his neighbours, grieved the mayor of Calabasas, and is at the fulcrum of an alleged crypto scam, his work ethic certainly cannot be questioned. No one gets famous so quickly without putting in the hours. Jake puts it in his own words:

“Do you think Leo DiCaprio just got out of bed one day and became an Oscar-winning actor without putting the work in?”

Jake aims to be the biggest and best there is. That sort of mentality is bound to pay off in the end. Making ambitious goals are the first step to success.

How the Jake Paul Net Worth Was Earned

Well, the money certainly did not arrive overnight. The journey to his level of stardom has taken him 10 years of grinding to attain. Here are just some of the ways the Jake Paul net worth has been raking in the riches.

1. Vine and YouTube

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Credit: YouTube

As we’ve stated before, Jake started out on an app called ‘Vine’. The platform propelled him into the public space, but it is YouTube where he has experienced his greatest successes.

Paul’s private YouTube channel boasts a 20.4 million strong subscribership, making his platform the ideal channel to churn ad revenues from Google AdSense. The income from his videos alone brings in multiple millions of dollars every year. The average uploads receive hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views, depending on the content. All in all, he’s mustered over 7.2 billion views across just under 1,000 posts.

Team 10 is a social media platform that is designed to grow influencers into stars. The members of the group work together to create videos, therefore providing a more versatile entertainment channel. The channel currently has 2.37 million subs and 124 uploaded videos. It is headed by Jake, but originally included AJ, Alissa, Lucas, Marcus Dobre, Chance and Anthony Martinez, Stan Gerards, Tessa Brookes, Tristan Tales, Erica, and Chad Tepper.

Of course, YouTube celebrity status attracts endorsement deals and sponsorships which have spiked recently with the YouTuber’s popularity. These earn Jake and the gang millions a year in revenue.

2. Music Singles

Jake Paul - It's everyday bro

Credit: Jake Paul/YouTube

Jake has quite some musical talent. He’s released numerous rap singles, which have all done amazingly well on YouTube. The worst performing video has accumulated over 8.1 million views, with his most successful single featuring Team 10, called “It’s Everyday Bro”, amassing a whopping 290+ million views in total. In fact, it had already reached tens of millions of views in its first week of release. Most of his other music videos average 20+ million views.

This sort of popularity amasses a great payday from YouTube and Google for viewership monetisation. It goes a long way to building his brand and the Jake Paul net worth portfolio.

3. Pro Boxing

Jake Paul Boxing

Credit: Wallpaperkiss

Unlike, Logan Paul, his baby brother, Jake, is actually a successful boxer. I guess it’s best not to call out the best of the best from the beginning as Logan did with Mayweather. In fact, Jake has not lost a fight yet. While most of the bouts have been exhibition fights, there is no denying that some made pay-per-view status. These raked in millions of dollars to top off his net worth nicely.

His boxing career began in 2018 when he fought and defeated UK YouTuber, Deji Olatunji, in an amateur fight. The bout was ended in the fifth round by TKO.

His professional bouts include fights against:

  • YouTuber, AnEsonGib in January 2020: Jake won by TKO in the first round.
  • Retired basketballer, Nate Robinson: Jake won by KO in the second round.
  • Retired MMA fighter, Ben Askren: Jake won by TKO in the first round.
  • Former UFC Champion, Tyron Woodley: Jake beat him twice. Once by split decision and once by a 6th round KO.
  • MMA pro fighter, Nate Diaz: Jake defeated Diaz by unanimous decision.

The Tyron Woodley defeats were a surprise to everyone but proved to the world that Jake Paul was not a mere exhibitionist, but a truly capable fighter. His fights with Askren and Woodley are said to have earned him a combined payday of around $40 million alone.

Not Done Yet

But Jake is not finished. He has openly acknowledged that he would like to get a few more fights under his belt and then challenge for the light heavyweight world title against Canelo Alvarez. Paul doesn’t mind if it takes him three or four years to get ready for such a battle. He just wants it to be the last fight before he brings an end to his boxing stint. More fights mean more millions, so it’s certainly worth the trouble of a few cuts, bruises, and the odd broken nose.

4. Acting Career


Credit: Disney

Jake’s acting career was a short-lived one and while it may have added some money to his net worth figure, it pales in comparison to his other revenue streams. He was hired to the cast of the Disney family sitcom, Bizaardvark, but was fired from the show during the filming of the second season.

The alleged reason for his termination was the nature of his offscreen lifestyle depicted in the infamous viral videos that were circulating about the “Problem Child”. Disney obviously believed that Paul’s image did not suit and support the family-friendly culture of their television network.

5. Merchandise Sales

Jake Paul's Merchandise

Credit: Jakepaul.com

Jake Paul has made no secret of his disgust for Dana White and the way he pays his fighters in the UFC. He took a real dig at the man when news arose of Dana White’s high rolling blackjack winnings of $7 million at Vegas casinos a while back. He was infuriated at how the UFC boss lives the lavish life,  yet the average fighter has to struggle to survive.

So, Jake has included signature apparel in the support of higher pay for professional fighters. Of course, you can find other merch on his online store too, including brands like “Boxing Bullies by Jake Paul,” “Problem Child” apparel, and more. This is certainly a contributor to the Jake Paul net worth portfolio.

6. Crypto and NFT Controversies

Safemoon Crypto

Credit: Safemoon

On the darker end of the spectrum, it’s unfortunate to find out that Jake Paul is being sued in a class-action lawsuit for his part in promoting “Safemoon,” which is allegedly a crypto scam. CoffeeZilla, a notable YouTuber, posted a video of Jake’s alleged involvement in this and many other crypto-related scams in the past, amassing a wealth of over $2 million in the process through pump and dump schemes.

While crypto is not fully understood by much of the mainstream public, there are both legitimate and illegitimate ways of making money in this unregulated sphere. Unfortunately for Jake, his questionable support of temporary tokens has caught up with him and could cost him a lot of money in the next while, if the charges can stick.

Jake was open about various NFTs that he was selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars last year. While the non-fungible token market is a tremendous avenue for celebrities to explore for quick cash, it’s unsure whether these tokens will be called into question in the lawsuit as well.

The Lavish Life of Jake Paul

There is no hiding the fact that Jake Paul loves to flaunt his net worth and lives a luxurious lifestyle. Just a brief walk around his former mansion will tell you that. Then there’s the luxury car collection and his expensive party life. Let’s take a closer look.

His Mansion

Jake Paul Mansion

Inside Jake Pauls Mansion – Credit Open Listings (Collage by PokCas)

Jake Paul invested in a Calabasas home worth $6.9 million. The 15,000-square-foot mansion stands on a massive 3.5 acres of land. While it was built in 1990, the home boasts all the modern amenities you could wish for. The high ceilings and spiraling staircases make it feel supremely spacious and comfortable.

The home looks like the perfect house for a large family, but the bachelor bought it with the view of sharing it with his Team 10 friends.

Some of the luxury amenities include a dedicated home theatre, a massive kitchen with four ovens, and a climate-controlled wine closet. There’s an office space, eight bedrooms, a walk-in closet space, a pool looking over the valley, and a multi-garage parking space for his exotic cars.

Jake Paul’s Cars

Jake Pauls Cars

Jake Paul’s Car Collection – Credit AutoBuzz (Image customized by PokCas)

What young man loaded with millions in the bank would not succumb to the luxury of buying some super wheels? Jake’s pride and joy are his blue Lamborghini Huracan Perfomante worth $300K and his Rolls-Royce Ghost worth $350K. But the collection does not stop there. He bought a Ford Focus RS and a Tesla Model X which were both sent to the infamous “West Coast Customs” garage for mods and customizations. But let’s not forget that he owns a Dodge RAM, Toyota Tacoma, and nifty modded Jeep specifically designed for offroad hijinks and fun.

His car collection has an estimated value of just under $1 million dollars when last we counted. Of course, it’s difficult keeping up with a tycoon that lives at 100 miles per hour, so the collection could grow any day.

BIG Parties

Jake Paul Parties

One of Jake Paul’s Insane Parties – Credit: Jake Paul

Jake’s outlandish party lifestyle has become a real inconvenience to many of his neighbors and even the mayor of Calabasas. Not only have the parties been crowded and noisy, but the influencer deliberately ignored safety protocols in 2020 and 2021. He continued to host crowded gatherings at his home with disregard for social distancing.

But this is not the only time Jake has upset his neighbors, though it wasn’t really his fault the first time around. His address was leaked on TikTok. This caused hoards of fans to line the street outside his mansion causing absolute mayhem in the area. Invasion of privacy is something many prominent social media influencers have had to deal with. Other top names like PewDiePie and Mr. Beast have struggled with stalkers and the like in the past.

What You Can Take Away

So, people have mixed feelings about Jake Paul, his arrogance, and his antics, but that kind of stuff sells views. While his attitude may not be something you may want to adopt for yourself there are certainly three positive millionaire mindset lessons you can learn from the icon if you want to earn anything close to Jake Paul’s net worth.

Firstly, his determination, drive, and ‘stickability’ should be admired. He is not scared to work and puts in the effort to get what he wants. Secondly, his consistency is a recipe for success. You need to maintain a consistent work ethic and level of quality to be successful. Thirdly, his versatility to adapt his content to suit the demands of his viewers. Being able to follow the trends of your target market is the key to remaining relevant in the business market.


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