How Much Money Does Mr Beast Have? His Sources of Income and Net Worth

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Mr Beast is one of the biggest social media personalities on YouTube, amassing a fandom of over 150 million followers across all of his channels. As a social media celebrity, people naturally try to pry into the personal life of this internet star.

Famous for his grand giveaways and stunts, the question of “How Much Money does Mr Beast have?” must come up a lot. I mean, it’s nothing for this man to give away hundreds of thousands of dollars on his videos. Surely, only rich people can do that? If he is giving so much away, it’s only natural to wonder how much money he keeps for himself, right?

Join us as we explore a little bit more about this celebrity influencer and philanthropist to learn how he manages to earn the money that he gives away in the first place. It will give us key insights into what MrBeast’s net worth might be.

Mr Beast’s Net Worth

There are varying views on just how much Mr Beast is worth. Determining just how much of his revenue is spent on giving back is almost impossible to keep track of. We do know that he easily puts out up to $300K on a single video.

Some have guessed at his net worth. Opinions vary from $8 million to $16 million. It’s, however, likely that he earns quite a bit more than either of the aforementioned sums. A renowned site that investigates celebrities’ wealth believes that Mr Beast’s net worth is around $25 million. A more accurate look at his personal net worth puts him around the $50 million mark. At the end of the day, we can all agree on one fact – Jimmy Donaldson is a wealthy young man!  How much money does Mr Beast have? Enough to change the lives of people for good. It would be well over $50 million if he kept all his cash to himself, but he is always giving it away. He has always professed that he lives a moderate life free of the luxuries that most people in his position would enjoy.

Who is Mr Beast?

Of course, Mr Beast is just a stage name. Jimmy Donaldson was born in Wichita Kansas in 1998 and began to upload videos to YouTube at the tender age of 13. He tried hard to crack the platform’s algorithm for years, streaming and videoing everything from video gaming clips to clips of him trying to estimate other YouTubers’ wealth.

His following began to build steadily in 2015 and by the end of 2016 he had built up a strong 30,000-user subscriber base. His most popular clips at the time showcased him commentating on other YouTubers’ intros, poking fun at the worst ones.

Jimmy tried his hand at a college education. However, he only lasted a few months. A business insider article recants him telling his mom, “I’d rather be poor than do anything besides YouTube.”

His first video went viral in early 2017 when he uploaded a video of himself counting to 100,000. Finally, he had found the types of stunts that would build his channel. By the end of 2017, he had over 1 million subs.

His stunts have become a lot more elaborate and much of his popularity and renown today is built upon his giveaway videos. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch feel-good clips of a team of individuals giving away sports cars, houses, diamonds, cash, and other valuable items? Okay, sometimes contestants must do ridiculous things to earn the cash, but other times they just have to be in the right place at the right time.

Mr Beast doesn’t work alone though. He has hired four of his long-standing friends to form the central team that keeps the Mr Beast video empire going. As such, Chris, Chandler, Garret, and Jake, have become household names that work alongside Jimmy to help drive MrBeast’s net worth as a brand.

Mr Beast Squid Game

MrBeast’s New Squid Games Video – Image complements of Sportskeeda

Mr Beast’s Top Stunts

Some of the things that Mr Beast and his gang have gotten up to will live long in my memory. One of the most notable clips involves him giving a house away to a Pizza delivery man.

The team ordered pizza and asked the delivery man to help them put together a surprise for one of their friends. They were planning to give their “buddy” a fully furnished house. As such, they hired the delivery man to help them pick out all the fittings and move it all in. Once they had set up the house, Jimmy revealed that the home was not for a friend, but in fact for the delivery man, himself.

But there are so many more crazy stunts and giveaways on the channel. Here are just a few examples:

  • The team organized a real-life Squid Games event where the winner would take home $456,000 in winnings. He spent millions to recreate the controversial Squid Games experience from the famed Netflix series. Fortunately, no lives were lost in this friendly version of the game.
  • Jimmy and the team buy a car lot and practically give away all the cars.
  • The MrBeast team gives away a house to a homeless person.
  • A group of contestants must keep their hands glued to a Lamborghini. The last man standing wins the car.
  • Jimmy gives random people a million dollars to spend on anything they wish. The only catch: They need to spend it in a minute.
  • Jimmy gives away an $800,000 tropical island.

We could literally list the videos one after another all day. Mr Beast is the undisputed pioneer of this type of video genre – and the crowds love him for it!

MrBeast - Team Trees

The Team Trees Pioneers

Team Trees – His Most Notable Philanthropic Endeavor

Mr Beast is not only an entertainer and businessman, but he prides himself in philanthropic work as well. Perhaps the most outstanding world-changing endeavor that Mr Beast pioneered was the Team Trees initiative in 2019. Here, he spearheaded a drive that raised a whopping $20 million towards reforestation. They reached their monetary goals through a mass donation drive

With the help of 600 influencers and personal donations from Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Tesla’s Elon Musk, and YouTube’s own PewDiePie and Jeffree Star, the Team Trees initiative managed to plant 20 million trees in less than two months. This was a massive occasion for the environment.

MrBeast Cash

MrBeast gives away millions of dollars a year

How Much Money Does Mr Beast Have?

So, it’s clear that Mr Beast has quite a bit of money at his disposal, but it’s not evidently clear how much of it is his and how much of it is given away. But if you’d like to get an understanding of how he is able to generate so much funding, stay tuned. Once we understand what sort of cash comes in and what he does with it, we might be a step closer to finding out Mr Beast’s net worth.

How Does Mr Beast Make His Money?

Well, if you are thinking that the MrBeast6000 channel with its 84 million followers is where Jimmy makes the money for all his videos, it’s not. In fact, he uses the channel as a loss leader to cultivate his viewership. So, it’s viewed as a marketing device more than an income generator. It’s what he does with his clout that makes Mr Beast money.

He has 6 clear revenue streams that make both him and his brand the money it needs to provide the videos it does. These include:

1. Adsense and YouTube Advertising

Google Ads

Jimmy earns a whopping amount of cash from monetizing his YouTube Channels. Some have estimated that he earns $3 million a month (doubtful) simply by allowing adverts to run during his videos. This way, he takes a cut of what YouTube and Google make from advertisers.

The amount you can earn going this route depends on the number of views you muster per video and your CPM rating (how much YouTube pays you per 1,000 views). With a following of over 150 million users, you can be sure that MrBeast is one of the top earners from ads on the social media network.

2. Brand Deals

Thumbs Up

One of his primary income streams comes via strategic brand deals. This avenue is only made possible because of his popularity among viewers. Companies and businesses are prepared to pay big money to have their brands featured in his videos. That way they are guaranteed to have exposure to around 10 million or more viewers at least. Some of his videos even receive 100 million views and more. How much money does Mr Beast make here a month? It’s estimated to hover just under the million-dollar mark but could be higher.

3. Secondary Channels

Mr Beast 2 YouTube Channel

If you thought MrBeast only had one YouTube Channel, think again. He has a second MrBeast 2 channel with nearly 5 million subscribers. He also has a MrBeast Shorts channel, MrBeast Gaming, MrBeast Reacts, and Beast Philanthropy.

Each of these focuses on different aspects of his entertainment, but each boasts a notable following. As such, he is able to churn revenues on these videos too. Not only does YouTube pay him per view and subscription, but he earns ad revenue on each of these, as well. It’s here where we begin to realize that Mr Beast’s net worth is certainly not a meager one. So, how much money does MrBeast have after all of this? Carry on reading!

4. Twitch

Twitch Logo

Twitch is a popular streaming channel that traffics multiple millions of viewers through its platform every day. Here, video gamers and content creators thrive in an environment that makes it easier for them to reach their supporters and fans in real-time.

Though Mr Beast does not stream full-time, when he does engage his MrBeast6000 stream, he pulls in a decent crowd. He currently has 430K followers. He takes a chunk of cash from the subscriptions on his channel and from the donations, his viewers make in his chat when he is live.

5. Merchandise Sales

Mr Beast Merch

As a fully-fledged businessman, in his own right, Jimmy uses the mammoth Mr Beast brand to its full potential. As such, he has developed his very own merchandise and apparel brand, which generates a fair amount of revenue each month. He and his team continually market the brand it in their clips. All of the profits go back into making entertaining videos. This revenue does not specifically improve Mr Beast’s net worth.

The fashion items often include hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, and other pieces. The items sell so well, that you may often be greeted with a “New merch Dropping Soon” message on the main screen. That’s because the previous collection has probably sold out already.

6. Burger Chain – MrBeast Burger

MrBeast Burger logo

Last, but not least, Mr Beast began his own chain of burger stores. There are around 300 MrBeast Burger locations across the United States. If there is money to be made anywhere, it is in the food business. The markups on fast food are astronomical. As such, it’s a sure-fire way to increase Mr Beast’s net worth.

When Jimmy launched his first store, he left an impression on his customers by giving away $100 with every order. Everyone knows there is no better marketing tool than ‘word of mouth’. We guess his first customers only had good things to say about his new business.


There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding Mr Beast lately. I guess, fame is likely to paint a target on your head.

In one instance, he gave away free money by throwing it into the air. The dollar bills were, however, said to be fake. Now at first impression, you think this guy is a scammer. It turns out that the team exchanged the notes for the equivalent value in cheques. Donaldson believed that releasing real money into such an environment could have caused a potential frenzy which would have put people’s lives in danger.

In another case, some of Mr Beast’s former employees came forward to the New York Times with accusations that Jimmy was a very different person off-camera. He was accused of creating a “difficult work environment” and “making unreasonable demands” on his staff.

While this could be true, we can’t help but think that it’s all part and parcel of working in such a demanding environment. Would any other boss that strives for perfection be any less demanding? One thing we can say is that Mr Beast has made a marked difference in the lives of countless individuals. Whether the drive is selfish or not is something that people will always speculate about. However, lives were/are impacted and that is a very important factor that should not be overlooked.


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