Soldier smoking a cigarette
Entertainment 13-02-2023

Lucky Cigarettes and Other Charms Employed by Superstitious Soldier’s at Wartime

Fans of the famous Breaking Bad television show would be familiar with fictional characters – Walter White and Jesse Pinkman – a schoolteacher and junkie that became two of the biggest methamphetamine cooks in the USA. In many instances, during the series, the two would find themselves in hot water with kingpins and drug lords. […]

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tom brady retires from NFL
Entertainment 04-02-2023

Tom Brady’s Retirement Announcement Has Made Miami Beach Sand a Hot Commodity on Ebay

According to a new eBay listing posted on Thursday, a person extracted an 8oz jar of sand from the exact spot where the NFL quarterback, Tom Brady, filmed his retirement video. Initially listed for $677, the latest bid for the jar on eBay stands at approximately $100,000. Sand Seen In Tom Brady’s Retirement Video Auctioned […]

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Entertainment 19-01-2023

Marvel’s Wealthiest; The Top 10 Richest Comic Book Characters of Marvel Comics

Who says being a superhero, or a supervillain is cheap? Building super suits, gadgets, time and space-warping technologies and secret bases requires some serious money.  Yes, the escapades of a street-level, visually impaired ‘devil of hell’s kitchen’ might not require much more than an attorney’s salary to bash in heads and get stitched up. A […]

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NBA Contingency Plan
Entertainment 17-01-2023

The Contingency Plans that Kick into Place If an Entire NBA Team of Players Dies in a Disaster

Now death is not something that anybody really wants to speak about, and tragedy is something that we don’t wish upon anybody. However, preparing for the worst forms part of good management practices. In the same manner that a family would struggle to make ends meet if their breadwinner succumbed to a tragic accident without […]

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Entertainment 14-01-2023

Michael Bay Denies Allegations That a Homing Pigeon Was Killed On 6 Underground Set In Italy

One paparazzi photo has Michael Bay’s legal team on their toes. According to recent reports, the infamous Transformers franchise director has been charged with killing a pigeon in Italy. An eye witness present on set during the shooting of Michael Bay’s 2019 movie 6 Underground, has alleged that a homing pigeon was slaughtered after being […]

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Messi and the Super Ballon D'Or
Entertainment 09-01-2023

Lionel Messi’s Trophy Room is only Missing the Super Ballon d’Or, an Award That Has Not Been Won in Thirty Years

When fans of the contemporary footballing era think of the highest individual accolade bestowable upon any player, FIFA’s Ballon d’Or is the first award that usually comes to mind. That’s because the best-performing player for the year is awarded the trophy, annually. As a result, it is the most coveted prize in the sport when […]

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Oak Island Treasure Found
Entertainment 14-12-2022

Seven Men Must Die Before The Oak Island Treasure Can Be Found And The Curse Is Lifted. Six Have Died Already

Pirate’s treasure, Shakespearian manuscripts, the Holy Grail, and the Ark of the Covenant. These are just some of the priceless artifacts rumored to lie at the bottom of what is now termed “The Money Pit” on Oak Island. While these coveted treasures remain yet unfound, some peripheral riches have been discovered, along with possible traps, […]

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UFC banned form sportsbooks in Ontario
Entertainment 09-12-2022

James Krause Accused of Inside Betting on UFC Fighters Leading to a UFC Betting Ban in Ontario, Canada

The sports betting world in Ontario, Canada, has instituted massive changes regarding betting on the outcome of UFC fighters and their bouts in the past few weeks. Regulators in the province requested that all their sportsbook licensees remove the UFC category from their platforms with immediate effect. This is in lieu of the accusation of […]

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Trevor noah's mom to pay tax
Entertainment 07-12-2022

Trevor Noah’s Mother Owes the Revenue Services in South Africa $1.4 Million in Unpaid Taxes

For the last seven years, Trevor Noah has hosted “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central. The satirical late-night show served as a platform to leapfrog the South African comedian into the US celebrity limelight. Having been almost unheard of internationally (except for in his homeland), Trevor appeared on the show with Jon Stewart a few […]

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Contraveries in World Cup Tournament History
Entertainment 25-11-2022

Sepp Blatter Believes Qatar is Not the Place to Crown The World Cup Winners. Controversy Abounds the Tournament’s History

With a tournament as prominent as the FIFA Soccer/Football World Cup, there are multiple working parts that come together to make a success of the competition and crown the World Cup winners. It involves 32 nations coming together in one country for over a month of games. Some celebrate while others commiserate as teams both […]

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