Seven Men Must Die Before The Oak Island Treasure Can Be Found And The Curse Is Lifted. Six Have Died Already

Oak Island Treasure Found

Pirate’s treasure, Shakespearian manuscripts, the Holy Grail, and the Ark of the Covenant. These are just some of the priceless artifacts rumored to lie at the bottom of what is now termed “The Money Pit” on Oak Island. While these coveted treasures remain yet unfound, some peripheral riches have been discovered, along with possible traps, evident clues, and other significant pieces of interest.

Everyone loves an authentic pirate tail, and the mystery surrounding Oak Island has certainly caught the attention of avid treasure hunters for centuries now.

Oak Island Treasure Found – What is the Backstory?

In 1795, a man by the name of Daniel McGinnis came across traces of hidden treasures on Oak Island, in Nova Scotia, Canada. It had been rumored that the notorious pirate, Captain Kidd, had left his accumulated loot worth £2 million (at the time) somewhere in the region. Since then, the Island has become the home to multiple legends and stories. From Spanish military booty to Shakespeare’s lost manuscripts, and Knights Templar treasures – conspiracies are rampant about what mysterious treasures actually lay hidden beneath the earth’s surface.

McGinnis’ find revealed a man-made shaft that had been engineered of tree logs and landfill. It didn’t take much convincing for treasure hunters to tie the alleged pirate treasures to the site. Little did McGinnis realize that what he had stumbled upon would turn out to be one of the world’s most enduring, expensive, and laborious treasure hunts of all time.

The Island has changed hands multiple times over the centuries, as treasure hunters have exhausted much time and finance to chase after what is hidden in the heart of the Island. As such, the excavation site’s nickname, Money Pit, is appropriate for more than one reason. The Oak Island Treasure found so far has left hunters with the hope that a massive bounty still awaits them. However, overcoming boobytraps, flooding tunnels, and other intrepid dangers, is proving to be a massive obstacle.

Oak Island Money Pit

The site of the original Money Pit, 36 feet above sea level – Source: Nova Scotia Archives


What’s more, is that the island is shrouded in an ancient curse which some of the more superstitious hunters anticipate will lead to one more death below the surface of Oak Island before the treasure is found.

The age-old curse says that seven men must die before the island reveals its legendary yield. With six having already been claimed by the hunt, many believe the find is close. Instead of warding off any potential seekers, this fact has only fueled exploration.

The very first life was claimed in 1861, during the time that the Oak Island Association had a claim to the excavation site. A mechanical pump that was used to drain seawater from the shaft exploded, killing an unnamed laborer. The second was claimed in 1897 when a digger working for an unnamed group fell to his death in one of the holes.

The next four men to lose their lives are all connected to the same incident. Shortly after 1959, Robert Restall, his son (Robert Jnr), and a team of workers took hold of the Money Pit. During the dig, Restall entered a tunnel unaware that it was filled with gas, and lost consciousness. Thereafter, his son and two others lost their lives trying to recover his body.  Even with such a great loss, the hunt for the bounty still continues to this day.

The Chase to Find Oak Island Treasure

As mentioned before, the excavation site at Oak Island has changed hands many times. During this time the Oak Island Treasure has yet to be found. Below is a timeline indicating just how many companies and private hunters have officially searched for the alleged loot.

Oak Island Treasure Hunting Timeline

Oak Island Treasure Search Timeline, Credit: PokCas (Click to Expand)

You’ll notice that excavations have continued for Centuries and have covered over 100 feet in depth. Unfortunately, the water table on the island has prevented many a team from completing their mission, as shafts would regularly flood. It’s believed that each time the shaft would flood or collapse, the treasure would be pushed further below the surface.

Joe Rogan makes a great observation of the treasure on his podcast show. He states that those who hid the treasure in the hole may have “F#@*ed themselves”. They may have tried to make it difficult for others to retrieve the treasure, unknowingly making it impossible for themselves to retrieve it at the same time. You can view his sentiments in the video below.

The History Channel – Oak Island Treasure That Has Been Found

The Curse of Oak Island is a TV show on the History channel that follows a team of treasure hunters who currently have access to the Oak Island site. They have found numerous traces of treasure and even more evidence pointing to its origin. They have accumulated some of the best evidence pointing toward the dig site’s treasure-laden history.

Oka Island Treasures found

Top Left: Maravedi Coin, Top Right: 17th Century Britannia Coins
Bottom Left: Templar Coin, Bottom Right: Military Buttons and a Hinge
Source: History

Over 10 seasons of searching have revealed numerous finds, including Maravedi copper coins, 17th Century Britannia coins, lead ammunition mold ingots, old military regalia (including buttons from the 17th century), and coins that could potentially tie back to the Knights Templar. This seems to point to the fact that both the military and Knights Templar could be responsible for some of the treasure buried deep beneath the surface.

True or False?

While some people have dubbed the region “Hoax Island” for its failure to reveal any significant treasure trove, the Oak Island Treasure that has been found has spurred true believers on, in their mind ratifying the legitimacy of the legend. While there is little that points to pirate loot specifically, the clues that point to military involvement are quite indisputable. The Knights Templar coin has also raised interest, as it is commonly believed that the secret brotherhood was involved with the disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.

The only thing looming over this entire debacle is the curse. If any of the treasure hunters are superstitious, there is yet one death unaccounted for before the treasure will come forth. Let’s hope that this tragedy does not unfold.


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