Johnny Depp Net Worth
Entertainment 15-08-2022

Johnny Depp’s $900 Million Net Worth Has Dwindled Due to Gross Mismanagement

Johnny Depp held the headlines for a good part of 2022 as he and his ex-wife, Amber Heard, fought out a ‘defamation of character’ trial on public television for the world to see. The famous Pirates of the Caribbean star came out on top, winning the suit and clearing his name of the vicious rumors […]

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Most Expensive Plane Crashes
Entertainment 12-08-2022

Top 5 Most Expensive Military Plane Crash List: A Rush to Secure National Secrets

With Top Gun Maverick taking the box office by storm and making Tom Cruise one of the best-paid actors and producers of the year, the interest in fighter jets has definitely spiked. While one is excused for conjuring thoughts of high-speed dog fights and missile-riddled explosions, real-life jet piloting comes with more risks than just […]

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Top 5 highest paid male actors 2022
Entertainment 08-08-2022

Top 5 Highest Earning Hollywood Male Actor List for 2022 Revealed

We’re officially clear of the worldwide pandemic that hampered the health of millions and had a firm grip on the world economy at the same time. For almost two years, making movies slowed to a snail’s pace because of the pesky limitations placed on the industry. 2020 was impossible for the industry, however, 2021 began […]

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John Travolta and Face/Off
Entertainment 08-07-2022

7 Secret Interesting Facts About One of the Most Famous John Travolta Movies Ever Filmed – Face/Off

Many movies come and go, but a few of them linger in our heads for decades. Such was the effect of the iconic Nicolas Cage and John Travolta movie, Face/Off. I remember the blockbuster like it was yesterday, even though it was released almost 3 decades ago. The plot that saw the two leading actors […]

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Elvis net worth and movie thumbnail
Entertainment 04-07-2022

Elvis Presley’s Net Worth Soars with the Release of the New ELVIS Movie

While Elvis Presley has long been in the grave, his legendary status lives long in the memories of adoring fans across the globe. The music icon was one of the most influential Rock n Roll artists of all time and was a leading figurehead in the introduction of the music genre to the world. It’s […]

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Tyson MiniSeries
Entertainment 29-06-2022

Jamie Foxx to Portray Mike Tyson in Epic Martin Scorsese Produced Mini-Series of the Boxer’s Life

There was much-anticipated talk about Jamie Foxx’s Mike Tyson movie coming to the big screen a while back. The life story of ‘Iron Mike’ has been begging to be told for years now and it looks like everything is on track for an end of 2022 or early 2023 release. There have been a few […]

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Best Movie Poker Scenes Header
Entertainment 03-06-2022

Great Poker Games Provide Great Suspense on The Big Screen. We Explore 6 of the Best Poker Movie Scenes Ever

Hollywood has a way of dramatizing everything we do in life. The best actors can make the most mundane things seem exciting. Clever camera angles play on our perspective, and the perfect music has a way of riling our emotions. It becomes an all-engaging experience. We want to take a look at the 6 most […]

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Nelkboys Logo
Entertainment 01-04-2022

Who are the Nelk Boys? Top 10 Interesting Facts About Them

Nelk is a group of YouTube famous pranksters and podcast owners that have made a massive impact on social media by daring to do what others won’t. Consisting of Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani (recently departed from in front of the camera), Steve Deleonardis, Lucas Gasparini, and Salim Sirur, the five have forged a strong social […]

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007 Idris Elba
Entertainment 23-03-2022

Will Idris Elba Be the Next James Bond?

We wonder if Ian Fleming ever envisaged the legacy that he would leave when he sat down to write the opening chapter to his first James Bond novel, Casino Royale, in 1952. Since then, most of his novels have been a hit. More than that, James Bond 007 has featured in twenty-five different official films, […]

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Entertainment 21-03-2022

Extremely Rare Kobe Bryant Non-Rookie Card Sells for a World Record Price

The world of sports memorabilia is an intriguing marketplace that can be a little daunting for newcomers to the hobby. While many jump into the card collection market to make money, others are collector purists who are involved solely in the love of the game and the appreciation of the hobby. While sports card collection […]

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