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Contraveries in World Cup Tournament History
Nov 25, 2022

Sepp Blatter Believes Qatar is Not the Place to Crown The World Cup Winners. Controversy Abounds the Tournament’s History

With a tournament as prominent as the FIFA Soccer/Football World Cup, there are multiple working…

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Nov 24, 2022

Will Smith Gave Freely from His Own Pocket to Pay Extras Who Played Dead in the Extreme Heat During the Filming of His New Movie

Will Smith received a huge amount of bad press following the fateful night at the…

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FTX goes bunkrupt
Nov 22, 2022

Sam Bankman-Fried Is Alleged To Have Lost $100M of FTX’s Money At Online Casinos And Poker Player, Tom Dwan, Admits He Knew About the Company’s Issues

There are some huge tremors on the ground in the wake of FTX’s bankruptcy filing.…

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Kanye West and Adidas partnership ended
Nov 18, 2022

Kanye’s Net Worth Isn’t The Only Thing Plummeting; Adidas Reports -$246 Million Loss After Yeezy-Adidas Breakup

First, he changed his legal name, and now he’s lost billions in his net worth.…

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The World's Most Expensive Car
Luxury Lifestyle
Nov 17, 2022

The World’s Most Expensive Car List Reveals Surprise Price Valuations With a Classic Sportscar Worth $143 Million

If you were asked to comprise a list that would ultimately culminate in the world’s…

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Leonardo DiCaprio's Net Worth Article
Nov 16, 2022

Hollywood A-Lister, Leonardo DiCaprio, Uses His $300 Million Net Worth To Live The Lavish Life and Save the World

How rich is rich enough? Most people would settle for a couple of mill in…

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Dice on a map for games of chance
Nov 10, 2022

The History of Games of Chance: How Gambling Has Evolved over 5,000 Years

Gambling and games of chance have been around since pre-recorded history. Risk is something that…

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Luka Doncic sues his mother
Nov 9, 2022

NBA Star, Luka Doncic, is Locked in a $500 Million Trademark Legal Battle with His Mother

Imagine living your entire life as a celebrity without owning the rights to your own…

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Nick Cannon's Net Worth
Nov 3, 2022

Research Shows that Nick Cannon’s Net Worth Has Ballooned by $20 Million in the Last 4 Years

Ever wonder what it takes to graduate from zero to hero with a little help…

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Mikki Mase the Baccarat King
Nov 1, 2022

Gambler Mikki Mase: From Homelessness to Winning Millions in Baccarat and Exposing Casinos

Most folks who hit the casino floor realize that the house always wins. Casino games…

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