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UFC banned form sportsbooks in Ontario
Entertainment 09-12-2022

James Krause Accused of Inside Betting on UFC Fighters Leading to a UFC Betting Ban in Ontario, Canada

The sports betting world in Ontario, Canada, has instituted massive changes regarding betting on the outcome of UFC fighters and their bouts in the past few weeks. Regulators in the province requested that all their sportsbook licensees remove the UFC category from their platforms with immediate effect. This is in lieu of the accusation of […]

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Trevor noah's mom to pay tax
Entertainment 07-12-2022

Trevor Noah’s Mother Owes the Revenue Services in South Africa $1.4 Million in Unpaid Taxes

For the last seven years, Trevor Noah has hosted “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central. The satirical late-night show served as a platform to leapfrog the South African comedian into the US celebrity limelight. Having been almost unheard of internationally (except for in his homeland), Trevor appeared on the show with Jon Stewart a few […]

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Tony Parker's new yacht
Money 02-12-2022

Tony Parker Enjoys His Retirement From the NBA by Spending Just Over $15 Million Dollars on a Brand-New Explorer Yacht

Tony Parker has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The former French American 4-time NBA champion received his brand-new Kando 110 Explorer Super Yacht in November 2022. Only a virtuous few can afford such expensive toys, but Parker had an incredibly successful career that came with high rewards. Now retired (since 2019), the […]

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Luxury Lifestyle 30-11-2022

Lionel Messi Sports a $145k Patek Philippe Watch From His Expensive Personal Collection to FIFA World Cup 2022

It’s no secret that Lionel Messi, Argentina’s national football team captain, is the highest-paid athlete on the planet right now. In fact, his current net worth is estimated at $600 Million. Messi is also among the few athletes in history to have surpassed $1 Billion in earnings during their career. Of course, with that kind […]

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Money 28-11-2022

The World’s Most Expensive Piece of Ancient Art Sold on Auction for $57 Million – $20 Million More Than its Nearest Rival

The collection of ancient art and antiquities is certainly a popular pastime across the globe. You can buy various artifacts at auctions or online for as little as a few hundred dollars. However, there really is no limit as to what collectors will pay for ancient art pieces. As with all art, the beauty of […]

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Contraveries in World Cup Tournament History
Entertainment 25-11-2022

Sepp Blatter Believes Qatar is Not the Place to Crown The World Cup Winners. Controversy Abounds the Tournament’s History

With a tournament as prominent as the FIFA Soccer/Football World Cup, there are multiple working parts that come together to make a success of the competition and crown the World Cup winners. It involves 32 nations coming together in one country for over a month of games. Some celebrate while others commiserate as teams both […]

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Entertainment 24-11-2022

Will Smith Gave Freely from His Own Pocket to Pay Extras Who Played Dead in the Extreme Heat During the Filming of His New Movie

Will Smith received a huge amount of bad press following the fateful night at the Oscars back in March 2022, when he slapped Chris Rock for poking a joke at Jada’s bald head. His outrageous actions came back to haunt him with very little delay, as numerous movie productions set to star Smith pulled the […]

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FTX goes bunkrupt
Cryptocurrency 22-11-2022

Sam Bankman-Fried Is Alleged To Have Lost $100M of FTX’s Money At Online Casinos And Poker Player, Tom Dwan, Admits He Knew About the Company’s Issues

There are some huge tremors on the ground in the wake of FTX’s bankruptcy filing. The crypto exchange’s collapse has uncovered a massive scandal involving the CEO, his gambling penchant, and prominent names in the celebrity space. The CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, filed for bankruptcy on November 11th 2022, after a surge of consumers […]

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Kanye West and Adidas partnership ended
Entertainment 18-11-2022

Kanye’s Net Worth Isn’t The Only Thing Plummeting; Adidas Reports -$246 Million Loss After Yeezy-Adidas Breakup

First, he changed his legal name, and now he’s lost billions in his net worth. Kanye West, currently known as Ye, has been making headlines everywhere after being dropped by Adidas. Following his anti-semitic rants on social media, the sports giant Adidas cut ties with Ye on October 25, 2022.  Although the split has cost […]

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The World's Most Expensive Car
Luxury Lifestyle 17-11-2022

The World’s Most Expensive Car List Reveals Surprise Price Valuations With a Classic Sportscar Worth $143 Million

If you were asked to comprise a list that would ultimately culminate in the world’s most expensive car, where would you start and what would you look for? As most know, cars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Fast and furious supercars cars are some of the costliest vehicles around, with prices running […]

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