History of Roulette
Gaming 22-10-2021

The History of Roulette – Evolution & Biggest Wins

Just a brief browse through the internet will reveal that various gambling practices were highly popular as far back as written history will take us. This form of risk-taking is almost as old as civilization itself. In fact, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica, “Gambling is one of mankind’s oldest activities, as evidenced by the writings and […]

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Top Casino Movies header
Gaming 05-10-2021

Top 10 Gambling & Poker Movies of All Time

Everyone loves a good movie. Watching an entertaining film is a great form of relaxation that helps us shut off the mundanities of real life for just for a moment. It provides a sense of escape, where we can live out a fictional life for 80 minutes or more. Hollywood has made it easy to […]

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Teddy Sagi Businessman
Gaming 04-10-2021

Multi-Billionaire Founder of Playtech Evades Assassination Plot in Cyprus

Israeli-Cypriot billionaire businessman, Teddy Sagi (49), was the target of a foiled assassination plot last week. Fortunately, the Cypriot security forces alerted him to the impending danger, allowing him to flee in time. Our PokCas news team investigated: Authorities in Cyprus revealed last week that they had arrested a 38-year-old national from Azerbaijan. It is […]

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Medieval Gambling PokCas
Gaming 25-09-2021

Medieval Gambling Exploration: How People Played Games of Chance in the Middle Ages

The world today is a very different place from the world that existed even one hundred years ago. The evolution of life and society is ever-morphing because of advancements in knowledge, education, and technology, to name a few things. Those old enough to live in different decades can even trace how rapid this change has […]

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NFT Gaming
Cryptocurrency 13-09-2021

NFT Gaming – The Future of Online Entertainment

The online gaming world is certainly an interesting and exciting place to be if you are a person that enjoys new technology and innovation. Every year, new concepts find themselves in games, making this entertaining sub-culture a super-competitive environment, right now. One of the latest digital crazes has wound its way into the video gaming […]

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Dana White Blackjack High Roller Investigation
Entertainment 24-06-2021

Investigation: How Does Dana White Win So Much Playing High Stakes Blackjack?

It’s not every day that big table winners at casinos get a mention in the headlines unless you’ve managed to attain a certain level of fame. President of the UFC, Dana White’s ‘’blackbelt in blackjack” saga has resurfaced of late and we just couldn’t turn a blind eye to the story at PokCas. Instead, we […]

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