Michael B Jordan
Money 16-05-2022

Michael B Jordan’s Net Worth is Only Set to Skyrocket as He Lands More First-Class Acting Roles

It’s often astounding how some of Hollywood stars have come out of the woodwork from what seems like nowhere. One moment they’re playing in soap operas and sitcoms and the next thing they’re leading first-class films to the box office. We think of celebs like Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo […]

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Richest NFL Players Thumbnail
Money 13-05-2022

The Richest NFL Players in the World and Who Is Paid the Most Right Now

It’s well known in American sports circles that NFL players are amongst the best-paid sportsmen in the world. They often drive the fanciest cars and own some really expensive houses. How rich are they and how well are they paid? Well, PokCas intends to get to the bottom of it. It is worth noting that […]

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Michael Jordan Header Thumbnail
Money 12-05-2022

Michael Jordan’s Net Worth Continues to Improve As His Charlotte Hornets Shares Skyrocket

Known in many sporting circles as “Air Jordan”, big Mike is probably one of the most well-known sportsmen in the world. Anyone who has heard of the NBA must know a little about Michael Jordan and his successes with the Chicago Bulls. Not only is the ex-basketballer an iconic name in the sporting world, but […]

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Will Smith Net Worth Thumbnail
Money 11-05-2022

Will Will Smith Be a Bad Boy Again? He May Not Need To! His Net Worth Portfolio Shows He is Already Super-Rich Anyway

“It was Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days…” This is the opening line to one of the most well-known TV theme songs to ever hit the silver screen. The ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ was the television hit that set up actor and producer, Will Smith, for […]

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Bill Perkins Net Worth Thumbnail
Money 06-05-2022

How Bill Perkins Earned His Net Worth and Embraces His ‘Live Now’ Philosophy

Anyone involved closely in financial/business circles might know the name, “Bill Perkins”. But it’s not just in this industry that Bill has made a name for himself. While only playing poker as an amateur, he has made quite an impression and has walked away from several first-class tournaments with some decent winnings to show for […]

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Jake Paul Thumbnail
Money 29-04-2022

Jake Paul’s YouTube and Boxing Careers Have Made Him a Small Fortune and His Net Worth is Growing Significantly

YouTube is the new home of the stars. While movie actors and comedians still have prominence in the celebrity world, the popularity of social media personalities is slowly starting to catch up. Kids are spending far more time watching their favourite content creators than they are on Netflix and Amazon nowadays. The new breed of […]

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Chris Rock's net worth thumbnail
Money 13-04-2022

Chris Rock’s Composure at the Oscars May Not Be His Only Strength. He Also Has a Rock Steady Net Worth

Chris Rock is grabbing all the headlines right now but for all the wrong reasons. As host of the 2022 Academy Awards, a badly placed joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s balding head infuriated Will Smith so much that he walked up to Rock on the stage and struck him with an open hand across the face. […]

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