Freelance Gaming jobs
Gaming 08-12-2021

Top 6 Greatest Freelance Job Opportunities for Gamers

If we were having this conversation twenty or thirty years ago, we could probably disregard writing a blog piece on the best freelance gaming jobs available. The thought that playing video games could earn you money is a 21st Century concept. My mom would have told me to get a real job if I had […]

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Gaming Controller Gift
Gaming 01-12-2021

The 7 Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers This Holiday Season

The end of the year has rolled around again. Of course, that means that Christmas is just around the corner. The hustle and bustle of the shopping malls and retail centres increases exponentially over this season, as people head out for their yearly shopping sprees. If you haven’t been buying little bits over the past […]

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Baccarat History Header
Gaming 25-11-2021

The History and Evolution of the Baccarat Game

Ever wondered where a game like baccarat comes from or how it evolved? Well, wonder no more! Let us take you on a brief but detailed overview of baccarat casino game history. The Baccarat casino card game has become an extremely popular title over the past decade. While it enjoys a steeped history, its player […]

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Gaming Snacks
Gaming 22-11-2021

Top 8 Best Healthy Snacks to Buy for Gaming

Playing video games can be a highly thrilling experience. Most times, we need to focus all our efforts and concentration to make sure we excel. I mean, there is nothing better than the feeling of the win! Have you ever felt that your gaming is on-point one night and the next it’s floundering? Ever wondered […]

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Jack Dawson playing poker
Gaming 19-11-2021

5 Card Draw Poker – Jack’s Ticket to the Titanic

While it’s a romanticized work of fiction based on a true event, the movie, Titanic, will live on in the memories of most who have seen it. Poker and Titanic Voyage The story unfolds as a poor but street-smart ‘Jack Dawson’ (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) manages to win a voyage for himself and a friend […]

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Relaxing sunset
Gaming 17-11-2021

Top 8 Healthy Habits to Relax Your Mind After A Gaming Session

We all know that a favorable session playing iGaming or video games can be fun. Other times, it can be somewhat stressful. Both wins and losses could have an impact on your relaxation levels, but for very different reasons. Either way, it’s vital that you learn how to relax your mind after a gaming session […]

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Poker History
Gaming 15-11-2021

A Brief History of the Poker Card Game and How it Has Evolved Over Time

One can very rarely have a decent conversation about “staking games” without the topic of the poker card title coming up somewhere along the line. The excitement of the internationally acclaimed title, coupled with its various associations make for fabulous Hollywood storylines. Many famous gambling-themed films and books use the card game in their dramatic […]

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Gambling Novels
Gaming 12-11-2021

The Best Gambling-Themed Books – Top 10 List of Casino & Poker Novels

While the digital world seems to get the most attention nowadays, there surely is a place for classical pastimes and hobbies as well. Movies, videos, and e-books make your entertainment fast and accessible. However, there are still many people who love to enjoy the indulgence of written adventures on paper. Reading a captivating tale from […]

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Big Heart
Gaming 09-11-2021

Top 5 Generous Gamblers Who Gave Away Most of Their Winnings for Selfless Causes

There are many tales across the world of players winning massive jackpot hauls when gambling. While a big win may seem like a fairy tale to many of us, a great number of people’s lives have been rocked in mere seconds as huge win jackpots fall into their laps, unexpectantly. Such stories are always a […]

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The Evolution of Slots Machines - Slot Laptop
Gaming 02-11-2021

The History of Slot Machines – The Graduation from Simple Slots

Slot machines are popular among both land-based and online casino gamblers. The simple slots mechanics and luck-based outcomes make them easy to play. According to the stats, this is the winning recipe! The figures reveal that between 65% to 85% of the gambling income at most retail casinos in the United States comes from slots. […]

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