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Gambling 29-10-2021

Horror Slots and Scary Games to Try This Halloween

The time of year is upon us when the ghouls come out to play and the witches conjure up something particularly evil. That’s right, Halloween is here! We’re sure that you would love to immerse yourself in the horror of the occasion. As such, we at PokCas have rounded up a squad of the best […]

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Gambling 26-10-2021

The Origins and History of Blackjack

Gambling is one of the oldest pastimes, traceable back to the earliest written records of human history. Since, its inception, the types of games played, along with the paraphernalia used to play them has seen a vast evolution and growth. The crudest methods of gaming included bone/wooden dice and other simple accessories. It wasn’t until […]

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History of Roulette
Gambling 22-10-2021

The History of Roulette – Evolution & Biggest Wins

Just a brief browse through the internet will reveal that various gambling practices were highly popular as far back as written history will take us. This form of risk-taking is almost as old as civilization itself. In fact, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica, “Gambling is one of mankind’s oldest activities, as evidenced by the writings and […]

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Gambling 05-10-2021

Top 10 Best Gambling & Casino Movies of All Time

Everyone loves a good movie. Watching an entertaining film is a great form of relaxation that helps us shut off the mundanities of real life for just for a moment. It provides a sense of escape, where we can live out a fictional life for 80 minutes or more. Hollywood has made it easy to […]

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Teddy Sagi Businessman
Gambling 04-10-2021

Multi-Billionaire Founder of Playtech Evades Assassination Plot in Cyprus

Israeli-Cypriot billionaire businessman, Teddy Sagi (49), was the target of a foiled assassination plot last week. Fortunately, the Cypriot security forces alerted him to the impending danger, allowing him to flee in time. Our PokCas news team investigated: Authorities in Cyprus revealed last week that they had arrested a 38-year-old national from Azerbaijan. It is […]

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Medieval Gambling PokCas
Gambling 25-09-2021

Medieval Gambling Exploration: How People Played Games of Chance in the Middle Ages

The world today is a very different place from the world that existed even one hundred years ago. The evolution of life and society is ever-morphing because of advancements in knowledge, education, and technology, to name a few things. Those old enough to live in different decades can even trace how rapid this change has […]

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