Top 8 Best Healthy Snacks to Buy for Gaming

Gaming Snacks

Playing video games can be a highly thrilling experience. Most times, we need to focus all our efforts and concentration to make sure we excel. I mean, there is nothing better than the feeling of the win!

Have you ever felt that your gaming is on-point one night and the next it’s floundering? Ever wondered what that is? Well, our bodies go through various highs and lows all the time. This is often due to the ebb and flow of our energy levels. Some of the biggest factors influencing this changing flow are our diet and the level of sleep we get.

Now, both our alertness and rest levels can be dictated by what passes through our mouths and into our bellies. It’s for this reason, that both casual and competitive gamers should look to balance themselves by eating healthy “gaming foods” before and after their sessions. As you will see below, certain foods have key elements in them to help you both focus and unwind. Take a look at our valuable guide below to learn what healthy snacks to buy when gaming.

8 Good, Healthy Snacks to Boost Your Gaming Sessions

In this section, we will delve into four fabulous food options to increase your alertness levels and then four great options for unwinding after an active session. Regular consumption of the first four foods should increase your reflexes and your cognitive brain function. While most people turn to caffeine and energy drinks, there are much healthier alternatives. These include:

Healthy Snack - Bananas

1. A Banana in one hand and a Controller in the Other

The Williams Integracecare Clinic ranks Bananas on the top of their list of nutritious snacks to boost the brain. But you may be wondering, why Bananas? What makes them more effective than other fruits? Well, it’s the high levels of potassium that make them extremely popular among professional sportsmen and women.

Not only will the fruit give you a tremendous start to the day, but one at midday will power you on through the rest of the afternoon, too. It, therefore, stands to reason that banana before you play would be the perfect booster for your session. There are very few healthy snacks to buy as vital as a banana.

Dried Fruits and Nuts Healthy Gaming Snack

2. Dried Fruits and Nuts for the Win!

Eating dried fruit and nuts is a sure way to boost your protein levels, fiber, and healthy fats. These all help your brain function at optimum capacity. Just make sure that if you want a sweetened version, you select one which is naturally sugared with either honey or apple juice. Also, stay away from those preserved in sulfur dioxide.

Keep a bowl of this next to you while playing and delight in them rather than reaching for the crisps/chips. Most supermarkets have a great selection of different fruits and nuts, so it needn’t become a boring snack either.

Tuna on Crackers

3. Salmon/Tuna and Crackers

Salmon and/or Tuna is loaded with the Omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for brain health. Not only is it a mighty tasty snack, but simple to prepare. Each of the fish mentioned here are available in a canned form for your convenience. A few minutes prep and you are ready to go.

Healthy Almond Nuts Snack

4. Almonds and Walnuts

Another great source of Omega-3 is Almonds and Walnuts. Much, like Tuna and Salmon, these nuts are geared to improve cognitive function, which in turn makes them the perfect formula to give you the edge when playing your favorite casino titles or video games.


Brazil Nuts Snack

5. Brazil Nuts Before Bed

Of course, serious time behind the screen can overstimulate your brain. It’s at times like this that we need to take steps to relax after gaming. You can effectively help your brain and body unwind by eating certain healthy foods. Want know what healthy snacks to buy to help you relax more? Continue reading for more helpful information.

Brazil nuts are high in selenium. Selenium is a known combater of anxiety and mood disorders because of its calming effect on the brain. As such, it is the perfect addition to your healthy diet after a gaming session to help relax the mind. Who knew that being so selective over your nut types could lead to different effects on your brain function?

Pumpkin Seed - Healthy Gaming Snack

6. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are beneficial for many reasons. One of those is to relax the brain. In fact, it is scientifically proven to improve your sleep as well.

Other ways they contribute to your health include:

  • Increase in Heart Health
  • Reduced risks for certain cancers
  • Fight inflammation
  • Promote a healthy bowel
  • Increase bodily function as they are rich in phosphorus, manganese, Vitamin K, iron, zinc, copper, vitamin B2, B9, and potassium.

It is amazing what these little seeds can accomplish for you, so store them up and perhaps include them in your rotation of post-game snacks.

Healthy Dard Chocolate

7. Dark Chocolate

There are new studies that have shown that eating chocolate can relax you. In fact, it is alleged to release the same chemicals that are released when receiving a massage. So have a few pieces of dark chocolate after a game to gently calm your entire body.

Not only is chocolate good for your taste buds, but it releases dopamine into your system, which is a feel-good chemical that combats stress hormones and therefore works to balance your mood. This could be the perfect fix for a stressful gaming session.

Green Tea Leaved and Drink

8. Herbal Teas Calm

Both Green Tea and Camomile Tea effectively work to relax the brain and your body muscles. The theanine in green tea is known to increase your levels of serotonin and dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in how you experience pleasure.

A recent study found that camomile tea was an effective long-term treatment for anxiety. Therefore, including it in your post-gaming regime is sure to help the way you process your losses in the long run, especially if you are playing real money online casino games.

Our Round-Up of Good, Healthy Snacks To Buy

Serious gamers make serious changes to their hardware to make sure they have an advantage when playing. So, why not take the time to boost the most effective tool in the gaming process – yourself? We are confident that your entire experience in front of your PC, mobile device, or game station is sure to improve when you eat more healthily. Not because you are likely to win more, but because your brain will be sharper, and your mind ready to accept both wins and losses more readily.

A summary of the best foods for gaming, according to our observations?

  • Good ol’ Bananas
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Salmon and Tuna
  • Almonds and Walnuts
  • Brazil Nuts for relaxation
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Herbal Teas.

If there was ever doubt about what snacks to buy when gaming, it should all be resolved now.


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