Drake Becomes a Streaming Phenomenon as 200K Viewers Tune in To Watch Him Gamble Online

Drake Twitch Streaming

Canadian rapper and pop idol Drake made a massive name for himself in the music industry, but it seems that more and more of his success is coming from his live Twitch Streams right now. While he is averaging 100,000 viewers each time he heads online, the 11th of July 2022 saw 200,000 viewers load up over two of his channels to watch Drake bet millions on roulette. It peaked as one of the most watched streams on the platform that week.

The Drake Twitch channel is dubbed “Stake Drake” and is set up and run by Stake.com, which is one of the fastest-growing crypto online casinos in the world presently. He recently revealed his brand ambassadorship of the operator, who is renowned for using one of the most successful international marketing strategies in the market right now. They openly optimize their chances of new sign-ups by leveraging one of the most recognizable celebrity faces in the world. But that’s only one of their successful strategies.

What Was the Drawcard to Drake’s Twitch Channel this Time?

The volume of viewers must surely have correlated with the outlandishly high bets Drake was placing at the time. It comes as no surprise that Roulette is Drake’s game of choice. In fact, he’s such a big fan, that he bought himself a fully functioning Roulette Wheel wristwatch designed by Jacob and Co for a whopping sum of $620,000. That way, if he fancies a quick roll of the wheel, he can turn to his watch and press a button to release the ball.

Stake Drake Stream

Drake Playing Live Roulette at Stake.com – Credit: Twitch

His 200K viewer stream was a little more ‘special’ than normal though, as Drake’s bets were being doled out $1 million at a time. He was playing live roulette like an ultimate high roller and burning through pockets of cash. In between his bets, he was giving (as he often does) loads of money away to viewers on his stream – another drawcard for people to tune in. It is a sure sign that Stake and Drake know how to engage the crowds and engage with them.

Is Drake Genuinely Spending So Much of His Own Money?

We need to call into question how a brand ambassador, who is clearly marketing one solitary brand, is spending millions of his own money to do so. It makes no sense unless his staking is covered by the operator itself. This is the most likely scenario.

Stake.com Logo

Stake.com Logo

The stats show that there is a direct correlation between the time of the Stake Drake streams and the search spikes for Stake.com online. It means that it is well within the operator’s interests to ensure that Drake bets and plays as often as possible. There is no way they would let him fund all of that gameplay on his own. So, Drake Twitch followers ought to be realistic about what they are watching on their screens and understand that things may be ‘rigged’ a little.

When we say ‘rigged’, we are in no way insinuating that there is any cheating of the odds going on at the tables. However, there is a good chance that there are no real losses being made by any party involved. It’s not easy to fake live dealer roulette games, as they are not managed by RNGs or computers. But neither party has to go that way anyway – there is a much simpler solution! If Stake bankrolls Drake and he loses the money, they still get it back. If he wins, he pays the amount they staked back to them. It’s a win, win for the operator who only stands to gain new sign-ups that are influenced by his gameplay. Whether Drake gets to keep the profits from the wins is entirely a different story! One that we can neither confirm nor deny.


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