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Spin & Go is a fast three person poker format where players have a chance of wining huge amounts of money. Classic version has three minute blinds and a starting stack of 500 chips.

Fast Spin & Go poker tournaments have become one of the most popular online poker formats over the past few years. Thanks to the possibility of winning a big jackpot in a fast 3 player tournament, these games attract many casual players looking for some excitement.

Spin and Go's were first introduced on Winamax (Expresso), but the idea has spread to other rooms.



Best Poker Sites for Spin & Go games



If you're interested in playing Spin & Go's, you can find them on:



Regardless of where you choose to play, the fundamental strategy remains the same. All of these poker rooms offer low and high buy-in limits, however they have different traffic (amount of active players during peak hours), rakeback/bonuses, software, different percentage of regular (good) and recreational/new players.



Aggressive Play for the Win



Spin and Go tournaments feature a shallow structure, where players get to the push-fold stage very quickly. Many casual players fail to adapt to this fact and make far too many speculative calls, trying to see the flop and play from there.


The winning strategy in these is to stay very aggressive and push your edge. Avoid limping and calling as much as possible. Don't be afraid to push your chips fairly wide and put your opponents to the test. This is especially true for Spin and Go's with high multipliers, where less experienced players are likely to play too tight, reluctant to bust out.


Of course, if you use tracking software (a poker tracker), you can rely on statistics to tell you how to adjust your game. Against someone who folds too much, you can afford to shove almost any two cards. Likewise, if you're dealing with a player who doesn't like to fold, adjust your range to exploit this tendency.


Spin & Go Poker Sites with segregated countries


Due to regulations, some poker sites have additional sister sites which look almost identical but are limited to players from one or very few countries. However, most of them are sharing liquidity - players with other countries so the traffic and prize pools are good enough. Click on the selected brand to sign up.








Spin and Go Win Rates & Variance



Even if you play better than most of the competition, spin and go games are in the group of high variance poker variations. A lot of your equity comes from finding and winning those high multiplier tournaments and, if these don't go your way, it can be really bad for your bankroll. However, like with other poker variations, you shouldn't care too much about the short run. In the long run, better players will always prevail and things will even out.



Spin and Go Strategy


Always try to maintain a healthy bankroll for your level of play and always strive to improve your game by watching training videos and examining your hands. If you do these things and keep a cool head on your shoulders, you'll be in a great spot to become a winning Spin and Go player.


Spin and Go Ranges


Here are Small Blind and Button push - all in charts which can be very helpful if you are a new Spin and Go player (Small Blind shoves a wider range of hands):
















 Spin and Go Tips



  • Be aggresive, especially during Heads Up when blinds are high

  • Only focus on long-term results & manage your tilt

  • Only play stakes which you are beating (unless you play very rarely)

  • Find your opponent's weak spots

  • If not using a poker tracker (HUD) - play on a site where they are not allowed

  • Consider joining a poker stable or a training site



Spin and Go Odds & Probability




  • x 12,000   PartyPoker: 0.000001%  PokerStars: 0.000001%, 

  • x 4,800**  PartyPoker: 0.000001%  PokerStars: 0.000001%,    

  • x 2,400**  PokerStars: 0.000001%

  • x 240        PartyPoker: 0.003%,       PokerStars: 0.003%

  • x 120        PartyPoker: 0.0075%      PokerStars: 0.0075%

  • x 25          PartyPoker: 0.1%,           PokerStars: 0.1%

  • x 10          PartyPoker: 0.5%            PokerStars: 0.5%

  • x 5            PartyPoker: 8.5%            PokerStars: 8.5%

  • x3             PartyPoker: 41.4% - 54.1%, PokerStars: 41.4% - 51.36%

  • x2             PartyPoker: 36.7% - 49.48%, PokerStars: 39.52% - 49.48%


* These statistics do not include promotional spins where the highest prize is way bigger than normally.

** Only available for million dollar prizes.

*** Unibet's Hexapro has the biggest multiplayer of x1,000 therefore it is much more likely to hit lower prizes.






Spin and Go Rake Percentage



  • 500$      PokerStars: 5%    

  • 250$      Partypoker: 4%, PokerStars: 5%

  • 100$      PartyPoker 5%, PokerStars: 5%

  • 60$        PokerStars: 5%

  • 50$        PartyPoker: 5%

  • 20$        PartyPoker, PokerStars: 6%

  • 15$        PokerStars: 6%

  • 10$        PartyPoker: 6%

  • 7$          PokerStars: 7%

  • 3$          PartyPoker, PokerStars: 8%

  • 1$          PartyPoker, PokerStars: 8%

  • 0.25$     PartyPoker, PokerStars: 8%


* Unibet's HexaPro spins has the same %6.853 rake for all limits.

** Promotional spins not included.

















Spin and Go Bankroll Management


If you have a substancial poker balance or if you can make multiple deposits, then you should choose appropriate limits and have enough buy-ins.


  • Have a minimum of 200 Buy-ins or if you are a beginner and want to be on the safe side, then 300 - 400 will be enough

  • If you are a regular player and win most of your games, then 150 Buy-ins will be enough

  • Choose a poker site where an average player is not very strong (when playing low - medium limits)

  • If you are a beginner then start with one table, only add another one when you totally beat that limit

  • Avoid playing very late or when you are tired, this will decrease your bankroll

  • Don't have a required bankroll? Then look for a Spin & go Stable which would provide you study material and a bankroll for a cut of your profit

  • Make sure to review your hands, learn from videos and other material





Spin and Go Poker Games


* These types are different when compared with the standard 500 chips/3 min blind structure. They may have a different starting stack, you are forced to go all in once your timer runs out (888poker) and/or their payout structure is completely different.


PokerStars Spin and Go



PokerStars was not the first site to introduce Spin and Go games it did that as soon as they were launched elsewhere by another brands which have shown that this poker concept works really well. PokerStars went all in with Spin & Go and made it very popular.


  • Spin and Go games have massive prize pools, you can literally win millions

  • Spin and Go is better than lottery since it requires skill and your chances of hitting a jackpot are better

  • Very quick so you can play any time of the day

  • Very easy to learn the basics and win in the lower limits once you start

  • You don't get bored since the blinds keep increase and you don't know what's your next prize pool going to be


Want to know more about PokerStars? Then read out full review by clicking here.



UFC Spin and Go



Before 2019 April, PokerStars used to call their Spin and Go games ''Spin & Go''. However, The Stars Group decided to partner up with UFC in order to attract more players. This slight name change and different poker table graphics were among the changes for some of the Spin and Go games.



Spin and Go Omaha



Pokerstars also has Pot Limit Omaha Spin and Go games for those who love this poker format. It is different and has many bad players who are not used to playing Omaha. So if you prefer it over Texas Hold'em, make sure to give it  a shot.




Spin and Go Max Strategy



PokerStars Spin & Go Max gameplay and strategy are little bit different from the original version. Here you have between three and eight players, an All-in mode after a certain number of hands and a choice to pick a random prize out of three allocated ones. Once you win a Spin & Go Max game, you will get the chance to pick your prize. Three prize options will appear at the end of each tournament.


  • Prizes go up to x10,000, whilst classic version goes up to x100,000 and more

  • All-in mode at the end makes it very quick, but takes some skill away

  • Picking your prize at the end might be fun, especially if you have someone watching you play

  • Up to 8 players which means you get better prize if you win

  • Try to become a chip leader before the timer runs outs in order to have an advanted over your opponents





Spin and Go Flash Strategy


PokerStars introduced Spin and Go Flash Games as soon as Winamax introduced their Expresso Nitro spins.

It is pretty simple, everything is the same like in the classic version, but you get 300 chips and the blind levels increase every minute.


  • More bad players if compared to the classic Spin & Go version

  • Skill wins in the long run but be prepared for swings in either direction

  • Very quick so you will never get bored

  • Same prize pools like in the classic version

  • Be prepared to be less selective and push all-in more often

  • If you play the classic version well - you will master your strategy quickly


Unibet HexaPro Spins



Unibet has its own version of Spin and Go called HexaPro. The rules are the same, however the way they charge rake, their blind levels and the prize multipliers are a little different but that's a good thing for most of the players.



















  • Same 6.85% rake percentage is charged for all limits

  • Very nice graphics

  • Lowest prize multiplayer is 1.5x while the highest one is 1000x

  • Buy-in limits up to €100

  • Blind levels are between 1 and 4 minutes depending on how big the prize multiplayer is


To read more about Unibet Poker Site, please Click Here.



Spin and Go Profitability


Spin and Go games are definitely beatable (especially the classic version) and it has been proven many times.

If you use a tracking software or if your games appear on a tracker like Sharkscope - you can see your ROI (Return of Investment percentage) without rakeback included. These are examples of what post rakeback ROI percentage was achieved by players who play very well. If you achieve at least 4% in a few thousand games - that's very good.


  • 15$ Games (10% - 11.6%)

  • 30$ Games (6.8% - 7.5%)

  • 60$ Games (6.5% - 12%)

  • 100$ Games (5.5 - 7%)





Consider reading our guides on Poker Rules for different games, Best Poker Trackers and Best Poker Training Sites (for schools and courses) which will help you even more.

Good luck!









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