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Spin & Go Poker



Fast Spin & Go poker tournaments have become one of the most popular online poker formats over the past few years. Thanks to the possibility of winning a big jackpot in a fast 3 player tournament, these games attract many casual players looking for some excitement.

Spin and Go's were first introduced on Winamax (Expresso), but the idea has spread to other rooms.




Best Poker Sites for Spin & Go games



If you're interested in playing Spin & Go's, you can find them on:



Regardless of where you choose to play, the fundamental strategy remains the same. All of these poker rooms offer low and high buy-in limits, however they have different traffic (amount of active players during peak hours), rakeback/bonuses, software, different percentage of regular (good) and recreational/new players.



Aggressive Play for the Win



Spin and Go tournaments feature a shallow structure, where players get to the push-fold stage very quickly. Many casual players fail to adapt to this fact and make far too many speculative calls, trying to see the flop and play from there.


The winning strategy in these is to stay very aggressive and push your edge. Avoid limping and calling as much as possible. Don't be afraid to push your chips fairly wide and put your opponents to the test. This is especially true for Spin and Go's with high multipliers, where less experienced players are likely to play too tight, reluctant to bust out.


Of course, if you use tracking software (a poker tracker), you can rely on statistics to tell you how to adjust your game. Against someone who folds too much, you can afford to shove almost any two cards. Likewise, if you're dealing with a player who doesn't like to fold, adjust your range to exploit this tendency.



Win Rates & Variance



Even if you play better than most of the competition, spin and go games are in the group of high variance poker variations. A lot of your equity comes from finding and winning those high multiplier tournaments and, if these don't go your way, it can be really bad for your bankroll. However, like with other poker variations, you shouldn't care too much about the short run. In the long run, better players will always prevail and things will even out.



Best Spin & Go strategy


Just try to maintain a healthy bankroll for your level of play and always strive to improve your game by watching training videos and examining your hands. If you do these things and keep a cool head on your shoulders, you'll be in a great spot to become a winning Spin and Go player.

Here are Small Blind and Button push - all in charts which can be very helpful if you are a new player (SB shoves a wider range of hands):
















Main points to remember when playing Spin & Go games:



  • Be aggresive, especially during Heads Up when the blinds are high

  • Only focus on long-term results & manage your tilt

  • Only play stakes which you are beating (unless you play very rarely)

  • Find your opponent's weak spots

  • If not using a poker tracker (HUD) - play on a site where they are not allowed

  • Consider joining a poker stable or a training site



Consider reading our guides on Best Poker Trackers and Best Poker Training Sites which will help you even more.

Good luck!










Best Spin & Go Poker Strategy, Tips and sites

In this guide we will have have a look at:


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