Top 8 Reasons Why Halo Might Release a Battle Royale Mode

Halo Infinite Battle Royale

Halo is certainly one of the most popular PVE (person versus environment) video games of the last decade. The series of sequels that have followed the success of the original game is a testament to this fact. But times are changing in the world of shooter video games, which has led to speculation that the developers of the sci-fi military game may be looking to join the world of PVP (person versus person) gaming by introducing a Halo Battle Royale game.

Of course, the franchise owners, Microsoft’s 343 Industries, have been tight-lipped over any possible truth to these claims. An executive representative of the company dismissed the notion in 2018, however, a lot can happen in 4 years. Other battle royal (BR) games, like Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, and Call of Duty: Warzone, have enjoyed massive success over the past few years. In fact, they are some of the most played games on the planet right now. It only makes sense then that a competitive brand like Halo would seek to get in on some of the action with a new Halo Battle Royale.

Battle Royale Games

Players and fans were speculating whether the BR version of the game would accompany the fresh release of Halo Infinite in December 2021, however, it didn’t happen. But there are some key additions to the new game that should keep your battle royale hopes alive. If you’re eager for a Halo Battle Royale, then stay tuned and explore our list of 8 hints that suggest its possible arrival.

What is Battle Royale?

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you may not know what a battle royale video game is. Let’s answer this question before we do our investigation into a plausible Halo Battle Royale.

The current Halo game options offer what is called a “single-player” and “multi-player” first-person shooting (FPS) game. In other words, you can play alone or with a team of other players against the virtual environment of the game.

Battle royale gameplay is quite different. Instead of fighting virtual enemies, players take on each other in an effort to be the last man/woman/team standing. So, instead of pitting your wits against a virtual enemy, you play competitively against other skilled players. It makes the gameplay far more volatile and unpredictable.

Why We Think a Halo Battle Royale May Be on the Cards

There have been umpteen rumors, leaks, and guesses about the emergence of a new Halo Battle Royale. Here are 8 factors that we believe should raise our hopes for the inclusion of Master Chief and his army of alien nuking soldiers in this exciting game genre.

The Era of PVP Gaming – Halo seems to be in it for the long haul

It is undeniably the era of PVP games. These options are attracting a massive player base. Fortnite boasted 350 million players in May 2020. Call of Duty: Warzone had 100 million and Apex Legends has risen to 100 million in January 2022. These are the current leaders in the segment.

But the Halo name is massive. However, if they want to boost their player counts from just over 147,000 and compete with the likes of Epic Games, Origin, and Activision, they’ll have to enter the market with a Halo Battle Royale soon. It seems that the Halo franchise is in it for the long haul, so it only stands to reason that they will eventually make a move for BR.

Community Director Believes in its Success

The Community Director for 343 Industries, Brian “Ske7ch” Jarrard, responded to a tweet from prominent video game Twitch streamer, TimTheTatman. Tim remarked what a great Battle Royale Halo would make.


Twitch Streamer, TimtheTatMan – Image Courtesy of Twitter

Jarrard responded: “I agree Halo has an awesome sandbox that would make for an awesome Battle Royale experience. That’s the tweet. I play and enjoy BR games, too.”

The fact that a senior man at 343 Industries acknowledges Halo Battle Royale would be a great experience, fuels the flame that the idea must be on the radar of the execs at the gaming company. If so, surely, it’s a matter of time before the design team receives the go-ahead for production.

Insider Leaks for New Halo Battle Royale

In April 2019, renowned Microsoft insider, Brad Sams, said that 343 was considering the possibility of adding a battle royale mode to Halo Infinite and that it would be something quite different from Fortnite and Apex Legends. Unfortunately, it was then confirmed by 343 that no such mode would accompany the release of the new Halo game in 2021. This was proven true when Infinite was launched in December 2021 without the new mode.

But that shouldn’t dampen our hopes of a future BR arrival. In fact, there are some features in the new game package that feel very battle royale-like. We’ll discuss these features in the next two points below.

Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass Evolution

Halo Infinite introduced a battle pass into their new game module. This is typically something that only battle royale games do. Is Halo testing the dynamics of a battle pass structure prior to a possible Halo Battle Royale release? It sure looks like it.

Halo Infinite Soldiers

Halo Infinite Battle Icons – Image Courtesy of 343 Industries

In traditional PVE gameplay mechanics, players work to progress level by level through a game’s stages. As they do so they traditionally unlock features along the way. In battle royale games, there are no stages. Instead, you collect hype points/credits for completing various milestones. These points can then be used to unlock various stages of the battle pass to earn you special skins, weapons, and more. So, it’s somewhat suspicious that Halo has adopted the battle royale battle pass mechanic.

Halo Adds a Storm Circle

There is a new game mode that forms part of the Halo Infinite release, called “Cyber Showdown Attrition.” It is a high-speed multi-player game mode. You can respawn up to eight times after you are killed, and your teammates can resurrect you if you take a hit. If you do not manage to complete the game round quick enough, a storm mechanic works its way across the screen to reduce the field of play.

Halo Cyber showdown attrition

Clip from Halo Infinite Attrition Game Mode – Image Courtesy of 343 Industries

Respawns, resurrections, and diminishing play zones are typical of battle royale gameplay and sound a lot like the features we’ve come to enjoy from all the other leading BR games. Surely, this is another sign that mechanics for a Halo Battle Royale are being tested, right?

Top Game Influencers Call for Halo Battle Royale

If you and I try to get on the Twitter bandwagon, the chances of us swaying the decisions of a prominent game studio are zero to none. However, when top influencers in the streaming world, like Jack “CouRage” make a scene, the whole gaming fraternity pays attention. Courage is a notable personality on the Fortnite scene, both as a player, streamer, and event host.

Jack Courage

YouTube Gamer: CouRage – Image Courtesy of Matt Shouse/YouTube

He tweeted @ Halo: “I’ve played Halo since 2005, it’s my favorite game series of all time. If Halo Infinite doesn’t release a robust and well-made Battle Royale mode, then it will be one of the greatest gaming failures in history.”

He aroused a mixed response, but there is no way that his comments went unheard by Microsoft. Gauging by the responses, a Halo Battle Royale would most certainly gain an immediate player base, so half the battle is already won! How can a gaming company turn away such an outcry? We don’t think it can.

Halo Has Already Collaborated with Fortnite

Halo has had a successful response on the largest battle royale stage in the world. Fortnite released a collaboration skin of Master Chief (the Halo protagonist in the first few games) in December 2020. The response for the skin was overwhelming.

Masterchief skin on Fortnite

Master Chief Fortnite Skin – Image Courtesy of Epic Games

We don’t think that a branded Halo icon made it into a BR item store on a random whim either. We believe that it was just another part of the testing phase by 343 to see what the response Halo could muster among hardened battle royale fans. Well, the feedback was most certainly positive. We believe 343 Industries are doing their homework, however subtle it may be. According to Dr Disrespect, it may not be long before we are playing a Halo Battle Royale.

Dr Disrespect’s Inside Intel

Dr Disrespect is a famous YouTube streamer and game developer. As an influencer, he has contacts which ordinary folk just don’t have access to. He is of the firm understanding that a new Halo Battle Royale is underway for XboxOne, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Dr Disrespect

Doctor Disrespect – Image Unknown Source

He seems to have a little more info than most, even mentioning the intricacies of the gameplay. Halo is set to provide a 300-player lobby, which is three times the size of Fortnite’s lobby. The game will play out in a set loop with power weapons and a map design around them. Data-miners have even discovered sound files where the iconic game announcers introduce “Battle Royale”.

It’s not unlike Dr Disrespect to troll his audience base though, so it’s not concrete evidence of a possible Halo Battle Royale. However, he is not alone in his statements. Various other leaks confirm that 343 Industries has signed on game maker studio, Certain Affinity, to help with the project. The third-party studio is well experienced in the production of shooter games, having recently remastered the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game.


Some Halo stalwarts have shown their disdain at the thought of a Halo Battle Royale. Many of the changes to the current game (including the battle pass) have received a cold response from many. On the whole, the addition of a BR should really not detract too much from the continuation of the PVE enterprise. The Call of Duty franchise is the perfect example of how both game types can flourish simultaneously. Both Warzone and Modern Warfare do extremely well in their respective markets.

Building a competitive Halo Battle Royale may be the biggest challenge for the folks at 343 Industries, as there is some stiff competition out there already. However, we are positive that the human vs alien narrative of the current game would provide a unique environment for battle royale, unlike any experienced yet.


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