Michael B Jordan’s Net Worth is Only Set to Skyrocket as He Lands More First-Class Acting Roles

Michael B Jordan

It’s often astounding how some of Hollywood stars have come out of the woodwork from what seems like nowhere. One moment they’re playing in soap operas and sitcoms and the next thing they’re leading first-class films to the box office. We think of celebs like Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio; all of which had their starts on the silver screen in either a Soapy or TV show.

Another new star to make his presence known in the film industry in the past few years, after debuting in the soap and series world, is Michael B Jordan. The actor and producer has made a rapid name for himself in both bad guy and hero roles in movies many of us know and love today. Having made the Hollywood hotlist, he’s had to adopt the extra “B” (Bakari) initial into his screen name just so that he’s not mistaken for the other famous Michael Jordan.

In this article, we aim to have a look at how big this rising star has made it so far. As such, we’ll take a trip into the world of his earnings and discover the net worth of Michael B Jordan.

What is Michael B Jordan’s Net Worth?

It’s estimated that Michael B Jordan’s net worth was around $25 million in mid-2021. With the late release of “A Journal for Jordan” and the impending release of ‘Creed III’, and ‘Black Panther 2’ later this year, it would come as no surprise if this hot property became worth $35 million to $40 million or more by the start of 2023.

It All Started in Television

All My Children - Michael B Jordan

A young Michael B Jordan in “All My Children” – Credit: ABC

Born in 1987 in Santa Ana, California, Jordan grew up in New Jersey. He studied acting at Newark Arts High School and graduated in 2005. Michael began his acting while still at school, having landed a role in ‘The Sopranos’ series in 1999.

Other series and soapy roles over the years include:

  • Cosby (CBS): Made an appearance in 1999
  • The Wire (HBO): He appeared in 12 episodes in 2002
  • All My Children (ABC): He featured in 59 episodes in total from 2003 to 2006
  • The Assistants: Appeared in all 13 episodes of the Canadian drama in 2009
  • Friday Night Lights (NBC): Acted in 13 episodes of the show in 2009
  • Parenthood (NBC): Featured in 16 episodes.

He guest-starred and made appearances in several other hit TV shows including ‘Without a Trace’, ‘CSI’, ‘Cold Case’, ‘Burn Notice’, ‘Law and Order’ and ‘Bones’. TV money is good money, but Michael B Jordan’s net worth really hit an uptake when he landed meatier lead and supporting roles in films.

From Soapies and Series to First-Class Movies

Creed - Michael B Jordan

Creed Movie – Credit: Warner Bros.

Jordan’s start in the film industry was a slow-ish one. While he appeared in some notable films, his first major supporting role was opposite Keanu Reeves in ‘Hard-Ball. Of course, these have been overshadowed by some of his later hits, which include his role as the arch-villain in Marvel’s Black Panther, and the co-leading role alongside Sylvester Stallone in Creed and Creed II.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget him as the Human Torch in the reprise of the Fantastic 4. While the latter was a flop, Creed and Creed II netted nearly $4 billion at the box office, cumulatively. In 2021, he starred in ‘Without Remorse’, a military film based on a Tom Clancy book. It brought him his highest earnings to date.

Here’s a look at Michael B Jordan’s salaries of late:

  • Creed – Approx. $ 2 million
  • Creed 2 – Approx. $4 million
  • Black Panther – Approx. $2 million
  • Without Remorse – $15 million

While there are no firm numbers, it is expected that Creed 3 may bring the star another $15 million payday, which is only around $5 million shy of some of the top names in the business right now.

Michael’s acting journey has not come without rewards. In fact, he’s picked up some notable awards along the way for both TV and the Big Screen gigs. While some of these include an MTV Award, Gotham Award, Hollywood Film Award, NAACP Image Award, and more, he is holding out for the big Oscar statuette and is yet to receive a notable nomination in this class yet.

What Assets Attribute to Michael B Jordan’s Net Worth?

Michael B Jordan home

Current Home on Sale – Credit – Redfin

Michael B Jordan’s net worth is made up of more than just cash. Property is always a wise investment for a millionaire. As such, the man owns two beautiful homes which he paid around $7.5 million in total for. His Hollywood Hills mansion is up for sale for around $7 million right now. He should profit $1.2 million should he get his asking price for the home. The 4,500-square-foot home is a picture of modern styling. The sale begs the question… Is he looking to upgrade?

Set for Higher Heights

So, Michael B Jordan’s net worth is not as high as some of the other celebs we’ve covered in the past, but he is new to the higher end of the movie ‘game’. While top earners are worth 9 figures, there is no shame in being able to flaunt tens of millions in assets. It’s more than most people could ever dream of making in multiple lifetimes.


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