Online Casino Bonus Guide

casino bonus guide

To start off, Online Casino bonuses allow you to gain better value for your money, thus allowing you to benefit from them extensively, rather than just signing up without one and missing out on all of the free extra perks on slots, blackjack, roulette or any other online casino game. Having said that, if you happen to be a new or frequent player at online casinos and have never heard or tried online casino bonuses, then you should read this guide and learn more about the tips on how to take advantage of online casinos.

Online Casino Bonus

Casino Promotions help both the players and casino brands. Casino brands can stand out, promote themselves and show how much they care about attracting new players. While players love bonuses because they get extra value, a bigger balance or more free spins to play with, a chance to lower their risk and an opportunity to play higher limit games. Also, if you are a Streamer who plays on Twitch or elsewhere, a bonus can help you to have a bigger balance and make sure that you can keep your balance throughout the stream. There are various bonuses and promotions, some brands in special cases come up with something that hasn’t been seen before.

  • No Deposit Bonus (cash, free spins)

  • Percentage Deposit Bonus (cash, free spins)

  • High Roller VIP gifts and rewards

  • Leaderboards and Reel Races

  • Other (entries to win special prizes, vouchers etc)

This ranges very evidently on the type of platform people tend to play on, how big the platform is and how their promotion campaign is structured. Although, as mentioned beforehand, it varies from platform to platform, the most valuable and popular type of online casino bonuses are:

No Deposit Bonus​

These types of promotions allow new players to experience the online casino games, test them out, see if the platform is fit for them without putting a penny of their own money – everything is at the cost of the casino, all you have to do is sing up and play! Ultimately, the casino gives you the specified amount just to go and play with their money.

  • It’s great since it is FREE
  • Usually has a max win cap
  • May have a high or very high wagering requirement
  • Normally you can’t choose a preferred game

Deposit Bonus​

Some casino bonuses consist of percentage based matching, which simply means the casino matches what you put in (within the amount of the promotion). Such bonuses are highly valuable if you gamble. Without this your 100$ deposit is worth 100$, however, with percentage bonuses you would get 200$, doubling your deposit, just by knowing about this casino promotion.

  • Great value
  • A must-have for high rollers
  • Don’t have max win caps
  • Some online casinos may have max bet caps (for example, an 8$ limit per slot spin and may not allow to buy bonuses while playing slots which have this option)


Casino Free Spins

No matter if the platform is more or less focused towards poker or just the casino games, sometimes casinos tend to give out free spins on slots just so you try out the wide array of games available. Free spins is one of the most popular ways for online casinos to attract new customer, which is easy to understand because free spins is very tempting. Free spins comes in different forms and shapes but they all serve the same purpose, to get you to deposit and play. We have included a few real-life examples of these online casino bonuses next to the explanations.

  • Free Spins usually bring a lot of value, especially if you get a lot by making a deposit
  • You are not spending your money while playing
  • If you have never tried that game, it is a good way to test it out
  • Exciting!

Deposit Bonus and Free Spins

Above we presented free spins and deposit bonus as two separate offers, and this is probably the most common way for the online casino to hand out of bonuses. But sometimes you will come across offers that combines these two. Basically you will be given a bonus that comes in form of a deposit bonus, like if you deposit 100 euro they will give you additionally 100 euros. But on top of that you will also be given free spins, these free spins can both come without wagering requirements but also with wagering. One offer you might find is that you will be given free spins when you register but before you deposit any money. This is an excellent way for players to try the online casino before they actually deposit any money, so keep a look out after that kind of offer.

Wagering the Free Spins

Usually free spins comes with different wagering requirements and this is not always very visible when you collect the free spins, which of course is intentional from the online casino. They know that players don’t want to read all about the free spins, players wants to play the free spins and collect their winnings. And sometimes it is that simple but more often it is not. The wagering requirement for free spins can vary and sometimes you need to wager the winnings from the free spins up to a certain number of times, this is probably the most common way. But sometimes you are lucky and you find free spins that comes without wagering requirement and this is what you want to keep your eyes open for, because this is where you definitely have a chance in making some money.

Missing Out on Free Money

Let’s clear the most obvious thing, without checking up on websites that show you online casino bonuses you are literally not taking up the free money that is being handed out to you for FREE. Although, not all casino bonuses are equally good or beneficial, sometimes you can use the casino promotion to add cash to your account and withdraw it almost instantly, which results in actual free money.

Getting More Than Just The Welcome Bonuses

If you for an example are happily playing at Casumo, and have already claimed your welcome online casino bonus (-es) and no deposit free spins (Canada, New Zealand & Germany only) with them at the start, have no worry. Online gambling platforms have year-round bonuses going around to their loyal players however, you have to make sure to check your email because most of their on-going promotions are sent to you directly through email.

Trying Out New Games

This might be a no-brainer, but if you’re a fresh player in the depth sea of online casinos, this allows you to see what sort of games you might like or might not like to play without the actual cost of having to try it with your own money, just let the online casino bonuses take care of that and see what floats your boat.

Online casino odds

Let’s take another example of someone starting without any casino bonuses, hence no extra free spins, extra money to the balance or a free deposit bonus. This means, what was deposited there is nothing added on top of that. This player has fewer tries (lower odds of winning), in this case in the game of slots than someone who probably even deposited less, but got free spins with their casino bonuses.

What should you look for when getting a casino bonus

In spite of the fact that there is a lot of value to be gained from casino bonuses, make sure to read through the terms of service of each platform to make sure you understand how their casino bonuses work and function, because there are always new updates regarding ToS (Terms of Service) with online casinos. However, here, at PokCas, over years of experience we have collected information of what you might want to watch out for:

Small Time Window​

Sometimes, casinos may fail or not want to fully explain the details of their casino bonuses, but one of the most major things to look out after is the amount of time you have left to spend your free spins, tickets or whatever you may have claimed, because sometimes they might have expiration dates that last less than milk.

High Cashout Amount​

Yet another tricky part with casino bonuses is that occasionally whenever you get free cash, they might want you to play until a certain amount of money, which statistically, might be absurd until you can withdraw it. This is sort of a loophole from the online casino, which is basically a way to trick you into believing you actually stand a chance of winning. So always make sure you check this amount and if it makes sense to you it probably is. But if this amount is very high you might want to start searching for another online casino that has more profitable terms and conditions.

Casino Wagering Requirements​

This is the situation where a player must play a set amount of times of their deposited money and/or bonus to withdraw their money. The wagering requirements can vary depending on what online casino you are playing at and how the bonus you received is. Always look for wagering requirements that are low, the lower it is the better the bonus is. Keep in mind that if you request a withdrawal before you have fulfilled the wagering requirement the bonus will be forfeited, this rule apply to most of the online casinos so make sure you read the terms and conditions for the bonus.

Best Online Casino Bonus List

There are hundreds of different online casino bonuses to choose from and it can be quite difficult to know which ones that are good and which aren’t. Bonuses can look different and some of them includes free spins and some of them includes a deposit bonus, where you will receive an amount based on the amount you deposit. Whether you prefer free spins or deposit bonuses or both, you can be sure to find them here. If you are not sure which brands are available for your country – please send us an email and we will help you out (info @

Casino Bonus Tips

There are a few tips that can guide you to a better casino experience, which is unknown to some. Espesially if you are a new online casino player you might not be aware of some of the basics. Choosing a new online casino can be a difficult descicion, certainly if you do not know where to look. There are hundreds and yet hundres of different online casinos out ther, all promoting different offers and promotions. This can make if impossible to sort out the good online casinon from the bad ones. But if you have a few pointers in mind it will make it easier for you to find the really good ones. So here comes a few tips for you that can come in handy when you bet on online casinos.

  • Look for deposit bonuses which have no limitations for winnings once you wager them

  • If you play High Stakes and have no bonuses available – ask support for more from time to time

  • Read reviews and check latest rankings in order to find more about latest promotions including private ones

  • Bonus is not everything, a great long-term cashback and promotions like reel races and leaderboards add a lot of value


To summarise, casino bonuses can grant you a better playing experience, free perks, rewards and cash with some platforms. However, as mentioned in the previous section, make sure that you understand the ToS of these casino bonuses. Here, at, PokCas, we have gathered and are offering the best online casino bonuses for FREE to our readers, if you happen to be looking to start playing your first casino game or if you are up to check out new platforms, check our top brand reviews to learn more.