James Bond 007 has featured in twenty-five different official films, if we count the latest release starring Daniel Craig (No Time to Die) in 2021. 

They have grossed nearly $7 billion at the box office to date. It has been strongly touted that an Idris Elba James Bond may be the next name on the list.

James Bond had been played by many actors such as Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Daniel Craig to name a few.

With Daniel Craig having called it quits on the franchise after his last showing in 2021, the hunt is on for the next 007 agent.

While many names have been floated for the role, discussions always tend to return to an Idris Elba James Bond connection again.

While the world tries to be as politically correct about the situation as possible, there have been concerns that a black Idris Elba James Bond may be a step too far.

Others have dismissed the racial issue and just believe he is not the right man for the role, based purely on his personality.

Idris Elba has discussed some disappointment about some of the opinions out there about an Idris Elba 007.

Barbara Broccoli, a franchise producer, said that she knew the actor and admired his acting skills, it’s difficult to talk about  while Daniel Craig is still in.

There have been various other names floating about with links to the role including Tom Hardy, Richard Madden, Michael Fassbender, and Henry Cavill.

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Want to read  the full article?