Also known as a whale or a cheetah, a high roller player is someone who typically brings a huge bankroll to the table and places high-stakes wagers.

High rollers are treated differently at most casinos. They play at exclusive tables, enjoy various comps and bonuses, and have an exclusive host looking after them.

Free flights to and from the casino. Complementary helicopter transport while staying at the hotel. Free use of the hotel’s limo and many more.

The high roller packages at some casinos include:

The term, “high roller,” was coined in 1873. Back then many of the games available included outcomes from the roll of a dice.

High roller became a term associated with the high stakes that some dice rollers would bring to the game.

In modern history, the casino and poker industries have experienced many high-roller players who have gone on to become famous for their high-rolling betting habits.

He was known as one of the best poker players of all time. Unfortunately, his reputation was marred when he was accused of cheating while gambling. 

phil ivey

However, he’s still classed as a notable high roller meaning that his reputation doesn’t affect the fact that he spends large when he gambles.

phil ivey

He place wagers as high as $200,000 at the roulette table. He won just under $10M playing baccarat in Atlantic City and another $11M in London. 

phil ivey

Notorious for dropping anywhere up to $1 million for a day’s gambling. Of course, he receives all the five-star treatment he deserves for his high stakes.


The billionaire regularly spends $500K on a single hand of blackjack. He once placed bets of more than $25M on several roulette tables at the exact same time.


White once enjoyed a  5-month winning streak.His greatest yield was $7 million in one sitting.


A a high roller that appeared  one day and took an Australian casino for $10 million in cash. He did it while placing $500,000 bets on baccarat.


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