stephen curry

is on his way to legendary status in the American basketball world.

Not only is he a 4-time NBA champion, but a 2-time MVP to boot. He was part of the Golden State Warriors team which took home the title last year.

$150 million

Curry is already boasting an impressive net worth in the vicinity of

But his current wealth and status may be set to skyrocket impressively this year.

A new Stephen Curry Under Armour endorsement deal is about to be signed earning him $1 billion in the process!


Born in 1988, this 34-year-old point guard for the

is still under contract with the brand till 2024. This endorsement is already worth a nifty $20 million a year.

under armour

With the deal coming to its end in two years,

has moved to hook Stephen Curry for the long run. They’ve allegedly moved to sign him again before he has a chance to consider other options.

The $1 billion deal is massive and is certain to maintain his support of the brand indefinitely.

"Curry brand"

Stephen Curry and Under Armour have made great strides up to this moment. In 2020, they collaboratively released an offshoot apparel brand dedicated to Curry called the

He already owns a $50 million mansion and many other expensive luxuries that only wealthy men can buy. But moving from multi-millionaire status to billionaire status is a big leap.

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Want to read  the full article?