has long been in the grave, his legendary status lives long in the memories of adoring fans across the globe.

while elvis presley

was one of the most influential Rock n Roll artists of all time He was dubbed as “The King” of Rock ‘n Roll.

The music icon

to which his record sales and royalties are tied, generates close to $10 million annually.

His Graceland estate

net worth now stands at between $400 to $500 million and he’s not even here to see it.

Elvis Presley’s

and Baz Luhrmann came together with a star-studded cast to re-tell the story of “The King” with an $85 million budget.

Warner Bros.

In the first 5 days at the cinema, Elvis’ record label earned more than

$30,000 in royalties alone

Here is a short list of the top Elvis songs streamed between June 22nd and June 27th on Spotify.

“Can’t Help Falling In Love” — $7,400

“Jailhouse Rock” — $4,659.11

“Suspicious Minds” — $4,342.90

The film is one of the most accurate and provoking biopics ever created of

Elvis’ life

Credit: Eric Charbonneau

It has already mustered a thumbs-up endorsement from both Priscilla and Lisa Marie, Elvis’s past wife and daughter, respectively.

Credit: Eric Charbonneau

The story of Elvis is filled with love, controversy, fame, highs and lows, but it’s sp.ectacular to see how his legend lives on despite it all.

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