From the TV to Hip-Hop! Drake’s journey has catapulted him to fame and earned him a tremendous net worth!

When it comes to the world of music and hip-hop, very few people need an introduction to the artist known as Drake.

Drake the singer – Credit: PeakPX

Born a Canadian national, Aubrey Drake Graham took a chance on his talents and managed to raise himself to become one of the most successful male singers of the past decade.

From music alone, Drake has earned in excess of $430 million in revenue before taxes and lavish living. In 2018/19, it was reported that the artist was easily worth $150 million. 

net worth?

It is believed that Drake’s net worth now lies around the $250 million mark and is growing. 

Most of this wealth comes from music sales and endorsements.

The young actor realized that he had a real passion for music and started recording mixtapes. It became popular until one of the tapes was presented to Lil’ Wayne.

music artist

The two collaborated on various songs together, including "Brand New," "Forever", and "Ransom". He finally signed with Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment label.

Drake realized the profit in the property business, . He owns houses in California and a mansion in Toronto. His full real estate portfolio adds a bit over $100M to his net worth.

real estate

real estate

Credit: AD Magazine

His involvement with the Toronto Raptors and promotional deals with big brands like Apple and Nike added nicely to his net worth. He made $19M just by selling Apple Music exclusivity for his singles.worth.

brand ambassador and endorsement

brand ambassador and endorsement

Credit SS Magazine

Drake has invested his money in some successful businesses, including the Toronto Raptors and an exclusive whiskey drink called Virginia Black.



Credit: Virginia Black

As a lavish spender, Drake has some things he has splurged on over the years. Drake paid a huge amount for his luxury private jet, which usually retails for around $220 million new.

Credit: Daily Mail

Drake has not hidden the fact that he is an avid gambler.

He also owns a casino watch worth over $600K, a diamond chain and a pendant worth £1.8 million, and a lot more.

While lavish spending like his would bankrupt most of us, Drake’s net worth is massive enough to sustain his high-rolling lifestyle for a long time to come.

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