Football fan or not, you probably have heard about the sports talisman, Cristiano Ronaldo. Women swoon over his Mediterranean good looks and men over his world-class talents.

Ronaldo’s net worth has already crossed the half a billion-dollar mark. These come from huge wage earnings and massive endorsement deals from famous brands.

But the famous superstar recently snubbed a deal that would have seen him earn just over £2 million a week – 5 times more than his current wage deal at Manchester United.

After a single year away from Juventus at his old stomping ground, Manchester United, the superstar has asked for a transfer away from the club with a year to go on his contract. 

While Man U seem adamant to not relinquish last year’s top Premier League goal scorer (24 goals) from their ranks, his notable absence from their pre-season travels has raised some eyebrows.

The good old rumor mill has done its rounds and he has been tied with everyone from Chelsea FC to PSG, Bayern Munich, and Atletico Madrid. However, no confirmation is yet in place.

What we do know is that he turned down an offer from an unnamed Saudi Arabian team that offered to buy him from Man U for £25.3 million and extended to a £233 million paycheck offer.

That's £2 million pounds per week – more money than any other sportsman in the world. They also offered to pay his manager, Jorge Mendes, a £17 million commission if he could push through the deal.

It is alleged that the star has dismissed the notion of moving to the Middle East as he is set on playing for the biggest trophies in the game in Europe, including the Champions League. 

While some critics like to think that Ronaldo is upset at his loss in wage earnings after salaries' slash due to their 6th place finish, money is certainly not his motivator.

According to him, it’s his passion for the game that still drives him. He said this at the EUFA ceremony in January.

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Want to read  the full article?