Seth was born in Kent, Connecticut on the 26th of October 1973. He spent most of his life at school in the small town until he moved off to college in Rhode Island.

In high school, Seth was already a budding cinematographer and spend much of his time shooting creative short films. 

After school, he pursued studies in film, video, and animation at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

Seth MacFarlane has been making money in animated television and Hollywood films from an early age, earning him an estimated $300 million net worth to date. 

His biggest animated hit was Family Guy, which launched its 20th season in 2021. His other film creations have included Ted, and A Million Ways to Die in the West.

Having come straight out of school to work with Hanna-Barbera in 1995, he has done some work on some Cartoon Network hits you may be familiar with.

Family Guy has been the cash cow that has bolstered most of Seth MacFarlane’s net worth value. 

Initially, Fox didn’t like the idea, but after seeing the success of King of the Hill by Macfarlane, they asked him to pitch it again.

In the early days of the show (2005 to 2008), he was only paid $2 million a season. He managed to renegotiate a $100 million payday for a 5-year deal.

After the first 14 seasons of the show, it had already earned a revenue of over $1 billion. That was through syndication deals, DVD sales, and merchandise sales.

He has had his hand in writing, producing, and animating two other notable animated TV series. These include both the Cleveland Show and American Dad.

Of Family Guy’s gross revenues an estimated $400 million has come from syndication deals. Of course, Seth gets a percentage of this.

He has earned at least $20 million a year in DVD royalties, media rights, and merchandise deals.

Some of the ways the net worth of Seth MacFarlane has been spent includes a classy malibu home, a car collection, and his philanthropist ventures.

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