One million dollars is certainly enough money to build a new foundation for your life and can be a life-changing sum if you handle it wisely.

Here are 5 ways experts believe you should spend a one-million-dollar windfall.

1. Investments or a Business

Consult a financial advisor about the best solutions in your country and let it grow a little before you start using the cash. 

1. Investments or a Business

You could also think of putting the money to good use by starting a business that is modeled after an air-tight business plan.

2. Debt Relief

If you have any debt, pay it off and chuck the credit cards away. This should already free your monthly income up, creating a far more comfortable life for you.

3. Savings

Take a chunk of your money and leave it in a savings account that you can access quickly if life throws one of its curveballs your way.

4. Retirement

Be sure to up your retirement annuities. In the long term, this will secure your future and grow your net worth when you need it most.

5. Property

Purchasing property is a great way to build equity. It will also ensure that one of your biggest monthly expenses (rent) is taken care of for good.

Making your first million is the hardest part of becoming rich. Here are a few valuable tips to bear in mind about how you can generate one million dollars.

1. Stop Senseless Spending

Senseless spending on expensive items actually robs you of your ability to save and invest diligently.

2. Fund Retirement Plans Early

Starting a retirement fund or annuity early is the best way to ensure that you can retire with more than one million dollars in the bank.

3. Buy Your Own Home

Property is usually an appreciating asset. There is a good chance that you will be able to sell your home for a decent profit in the future.

4. Take a Risk

You cannot expect to get rich working a 9 am to 5 pm day job for a boss. You'll need to take a risk and start up something on the side, or a whole new business of your own altogether.

5. Work, Work, and More Work

In most instances, making millions comes through hard work and determination. It’s reasonable that a million bucks comes through investing money, time, and effort.

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Want to read  the full article?