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Skrill Ewallet


Choose Skrill! Skrill is accepted by all major poker and casino brands, it provides a prepaid Mastercard and you can upload funds with a lot of payment methods including Bitcoin!


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With PokCas your VIP upgrades are greatly reduced.  Bronze requires half the deposits normally needed (3 000 €)! and Silver requires only 5 000 € in transactions (three times less than normally) within the last three months.


Skrill Silver VIP benefits


  • Multi-currency account

  • Free money transfers

  • No card upload/bank withdrawal fees

  • Reduced FX Rate

  • Priority bank upload (if you are not using an instant bank deposit option)

  • Dedicated 24/7 VIP Care


To receive your VIP upgrade, please get in touch by providing your Skrill account number.

If you have signed up through us, you are guaranteed to receive it and if you have not, there is a slim chance that we may not be able to add it for you, but most of the time it is not an issue.


Contact via email: Info @



Online Casino and Poker sites



Almost every online casino and poker site accepts the most popular online Ewallets, especially Neteller and Skrill.

Many other websites such as sports betting , Online Bingo and online lottery sites prefer these as well.

By using these Ewallets you receive instant deposits and most of the time you also receive instant cashouts too!








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Free Neteller (E-wallet) VIP Super Silver Status for every person who signs up through PokCas or for those who send us their id numbers. Those who do not sign up through PokCas are not guaranteed to receive VIP Silver status, but it will be added in most cases.

Those who have signed up through us, have to also send us an account id number in order for us to add the VIP Silver status. Silver status is only added if the account is verified.


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Neteller Super Silver status



  • 3,300.00 USD daily ATM withdrawal limit
  • 10,000 Anniversary reward points
  • 1.00 reward point/dollar spent 
  • 2.79% FX Fees
  • Free money transfers
  • 2 additional currency accounts
  • Free Net+ Prepaid Mastercard (free shipping, no annual fee)
  • Flexible transaction limits
  • Discounted deposits & withdrawals
  • Guaranteed limit increase
  • Faster withdrawals


* VIP status is valid for  up to 12 months, once it expires, currently we cannot re-add it again, but this may change in the future.


Also, from now on PokCas VIP Statuses will be called SUPER Silver, which is much better than a normal silver status and it is almost the same as a Gold status.

Once your Neteller account is verified, please send us your/your friend's account id number and we will process your VIP status request. Contact via Facebook page or email: Info @  Not available for users from India and Bangladesh.




neteller & skrill vip upgrade

Free Neteller & Skrill Ewallet VIP Upgrades