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Online poker training schools are websites which you join for free or for a fee in order to improve your skills and become a better player. Poker is one of the most widely played games around the world, whilst some play for entertainment, others are quite obsessed with it and even play the game for a living. People who take the game seriously also undergo proper poker training classes to understand the poker rules and to learn how to play poker in a professional manner. Once you join a poker training site you have to make sure that you receive the best possible poker training tips and material.

Even though the crux of the game remains the same, the strategies around the game has changed drastically, and if you really look forward to taking your poker game to the next level, then you need to consider taking an online poker training. People who prefer poker training schools are not only people who play the game for money regularly, there is a section of people who want to make their game more challenging. And even in some families poker games are included in their get-togethers so it turns out to be a social status to understand and play the game well.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at some of the best online poker training sites and schools along with other information like how to choose a poker training school and the benefits of joining a good poker training site.

Benefits of Training at Poker School

One of the most common reasons that people play poker is for the huge amount of money involved in the game. Many professional players who play poker to make a living out of it would have would have attended a poker training school as these online training schools offer you expert tips and strategies to get the best poker hands and teach about winning the poker hand combinations.

Even though when you play poker for a long time, you can certainly master the skills, but it takes a long time and number of matches to get those needed skills. But if you are looking to up the ante in your game in a short span of time, then you need to consider enrolling in an online poker school by visiting best poker training school websites. These classes not only teach about the basic poker rules involved in the game but also the basic psychology involved in reading the mind of the opponents based on their moves, the best time to retire or how to bluff like a professional. Poker is absolutely a mind game and it requires patience combined with skills to win money in the game.

Whether you play the game for money or just for entertainment, taking an online poker training class can certainly take your game to the next level.

Choose a Poker Training Site

When it comes to choosing the best poker training school site, there are certain factors that you need to consider whilst choosing the best online poker class.

Poker Training Site Cost Factor

One of the important factors to consider whilst choosing the best training site that provides you with the mtt poker strategy as well as sng poker strategy is the cost factor involved. Some training schools can charge a low monthly fee but ask you to make a sign-up fee upfront, whilst online poker training schools offer you to take advantage of an online promotion going on etc.

Some sites even offer you free training in the even you play a certain number of hands. But get to know all the membership fees and other costs involved before signing up for a program. And also keep away some cheap poker training sites that advertise complete poker training and promise to make you a professional poker player in a few days, but once you sign-up you will be only shown a few online training videos.

Get to Know the Training Offered

It is also important to fully understand about the kind of training offered in the poker training school before enrolling in the program. Whilst some offer to provide training for mtt poker strategy alone, some even offer training for both mtt poker strategy as well as sng poker strategy. It is also important that you need to understand the kind of training you need, the limits you are looking for and whether you need training for only low stakes game only or even high-stakes play. So it is always better not to get embarrassed training for a program that doesn’t meet your requirement than read all the details of the training offered and then sign-up for the program.

Extras Offered by Poker Training sites

Most of the online poker training schools out there offer plenty of added offers in order to attract players. Some online websites also provide you with additional tools and tips from professional players to help with your game. Dig deep into the site and see for yourself the extras offered and whether these extras will be any help to you apart from the regular training videos, tips and tricks etc.

Poker School Customer Reviews

Reviews from other users who have used the website can be an excellent starting point in choosing the best poker online training school. Try to sign up in various poker forums and discuss with other poker players to get first hand information about a website that you are looking to join. Better talk with players who have a similar style of gaming as yours as they will provide you with the right kind of information you may need.

Quality of Poker Training Offered

A good poker training website is not just training videos and let you understand everything by yourself by simple seeing the videos. But a good poker training school is one that allows you to watch a hand played by an expert and explaining simultaneously about why he is folding or opting to play or why placing a certain amount of bet etc. This gives you a wonderful chance to see for yourself in live how a hand is played, when he makes a drop and how they interact with each other’s etc. Also, check whether there is forum for players to interact with other players and ask questions etc.


Raise Your Edge

Raise your Edge Training site is one of the best in the world. If you are closely following online poker tournaments, then you would have probably come across the name “bencb789”, winner of the biggest online poker tournaments for many years. And apart from winning many major poker tournaments, he also started his own poker training school to provide players around the world with the best-in-class poker training.

Raise Your Edge master class is classified into 4 different sections including:

  • Preflop
  • Postflop
  • Short-stack
  • Heads up

Each section discusses deeply about every aspect of Poker which you would have never thought it exists in a poker hand. The Preflop section contains 7 videos with around 7 hours playing time and Ben has brilliantly developed ranges for almost every situation you my face in a poker game. The videos describe in detail about open raising, how to place 3-bets, calling in 3-bets, 4-betting etc.

upswing poker training site review

Decision making on preflop is extremely important and the first preflop decision decides your success as your hand progresses. Ben has outlined ranges in almost every situation you can think of as these ranges are developed based on his experience of playing thousands of hands. The videos also cover even the common leaks players like showing aggression on medium strength hands and losing money in the process. At the end of the day, these videos will not only help you win but most importantly provides you with a good idea to crush preflop effectively.

Whilst it is always easy to preach and following that is the hardest part and Ben seems to have understood this problem and came out with the “perfect open raise formula” and a video describes the basic strategy and idea behind the formula whereas a video is dedicated to put this formula into action to allow players to see how its played for real.

The course also helps you learn how you need to react to situations including a 3bet, 4bet, steals and resteals. Players will also be provided lessons on how to adjust their ranges based on the opponents sitting opposite to your table. The course goes very deep and if you are intermediate or  professional tournament player, when you complete the course, you may feel pretty much confident when you sit on the table next time. For beginners, the Masterclass is not the best option to begin with but can start with the beginner level courses.

Raise Your Edge Review

  • One of the best online poker training class available in the internet
  • Course designed by one of the best masterminds in the industry
  • The range viewer is excellent
  • Approach is extremely methodical and explains each and every feature in a step by step and easy to understand process
  • Homework assignments are provided at the end of every lesson
  • More than 20 hours of content packed videos
  • More than 200 preflop ranges
  • Excellent 3bet pot analysis
  • The course is not for beginners
  • Videos are too long
  • No free trial provided
  • You need to know the basics of the game before signing up for the course

Upswing Poker

upsqing poker training site

Another major poker training sites available online is the Upswing Poker , it is getting a lot of attention among poker players. And it largely because it was founded by a former American Professional poker player, Doug Polk. The Upswing Poker lab is a comprehensive poker training program that offers poker training across various levels. And a player can find more than hundreds of hand charts explaining about what hand you need to play and how. The course also provides you with live videos taken at professional poker tournaments across the world.

The Upswing Poker Lab course is primarily divided into 6 main modules including:

  • Lab Core Strategy
  • Advanced Lab Strategies
  • MTT’s
  • Live Poker
  • Mini-Courses
  • Plays And Explains

People enrolling for the program will begin with the Lab Core Strategy section. And in this section, there is a total of 27 lessons that cover all major basic concepts in poker like tilt control, bankroll management, calling versus 3bet, postflop bluffing, when to raise with preflop and so on.

upsqing poker site review

To encourage players to have a look at the kind of content they will see in the Upswing Poker Lab, it offers the players with videos of “Postflop Game Plan” at just a discounted price of $7. And these offering are provided to rue the players into joining the Poker Training Lab and it costs around $49 a month for the course subscription along with an initial sign-up fee of $99.

Upswing Poker Review

  • 42 learning modules
  • 79 Doug Polk theory videos
  • hundreds of hand charts
  • Gain access to a group consisting the masterminds in the industry including Doug Polk, Ryan Fee
  • Pricey

Sign up HERE

Poker Strategy

When a poker training course has more than 7.9 million players subscribed, you can’t deny the fact that all these players could have chosen a best-in-class training school. PokerStrategy is undoubtedly one of the most popular online poker training websites available as of today.

But unlike our other poker training websites in our list, PokerStrategy has some of the content available completely for free and that may be the reason why it boasts of a huge membership. But when you take a look at the courses offered, they provide players access to its vast knowledge base of articles, videos, tips, tricks and strategies. And PokerStrategy also offers its users with a $50 instant bankroll that players can deposit immediately at any poker room.

The main objective behind PokerStrategy is that it largely helps beginners to learn the art of playing Poker and intermediate players into complete professionals. Even though the video list found at PokerStrategy may not be as large as found in other paying online poker training schools, it still offers excellent videos that could largely help beginners to understand the major aspects of the game.

A plyer joining PokerStrategy gains access to a large collection of articles and tutorials explaining every aspect about preflop, postflop, 3bet, 4bet, how to raise and so on. The site also boasts of an active community forum where you can see players are always in one kind of a discussion or other. PokerStrategy also has paid memberships for those who want to access more content such as videos, articles, quizzes and more.

poker strategy review

Poker Strategy Review

  • Some content is available completely for Free
  • $50 instant bankroll offered on signup
  • Vast collection of articles and tutorials
  • Paid plans may be pricey for some players
  • Limited video library

Run It Once

Run it Once is another popular poker training website that was launched in 2012 by Phil Galfond, a high stakes professional poker player along with his friend Dan Quinn. When the site was first launched, it made heads turn with its two-tier pricing structure. It offered a package of just $24.99/month for low-stakes players with 5 videos per week whereas heavy hitters can choose the premium package of $99/month that covers expert tips and tutorials only for high-stake players.

The site even provides users with free access to the strategy forum where they can discuss their strategy with other players in the forum and even clarify their doubts.  Users are also provided access to 3 elite videos for free.

The site is popular among professional poker players for its vast video library that consists of videos one every aspect of poker that you could even think of. It is this collection of videos that makes RIO (Run it Once) stand apart from its competitors. Every day 2 new videos are added to the collection and so far around 4500 videos have been added in total and these videos keeps you always a step ahead of the competition.

RunitOnce training is available in 3 packages including a Basic, Essential and an Elite package. The Basic one is available for free where registered users will get 3 free elite videos along with full access to the strategy forum. People involved in low stakes games may go for the Elite package that comes at a cost of $24/month and members are provided 5 new videos per week along with access to a video library of 1787+ videos. And high stakes players can utilize the 2804 video library and 9 new elite videos per week for a cost of $99/month.

Run It Once Training Review

  • Huge video library
  • Spin And Go Courses available
  • Professional Poker players offer tips and strategies
  • Some free content available
  • Great teachers / coaches
  • May be expensive for some players (but it is worth the value)

Click Here to sign up at RIO (Run it once) and get access to 3 free Elite videos!

PokerStars Training School

PokerStars poker room has its own poker training school which is already running for quite some time. It is full of great free poker training content for beginners and it includes:

  • PokerStars Beginner’s Guide to Poker (Click to Download)
  • Online Courses (Basics, Bankroll Management, Cash Games, Spin and Go, Live tournaments etc.)
  • Many articles on Poker Strategy
  • Access to the special Discord channel (chat with trainers and other players)
  • Live Training streams on Twitch
  • Special promotions (get free tickets and other rewards)

Poker Training Videos and Tools

Various online poker training videos and tools can help you a lot. If you want to improve as a player and fix your leaks then you should definitely look into all of these options:

  • Equity and Hand Range calculation Tools & Software (such as Equilab)
  • Solvers such as PIO Software
  • Hand replayers (such as Boom Hand Replayer)
  • Hand and Gameplay Analysis by using your Poker Tracker (HUD)
  • Videos and live streams on poker school sites, Twitch & YouTube

Poker Training Tips

  • Is training content worth the money and will it pay off in the end?
  • Are you ready to commit and do you have time for that?
  • Is training helpful for your skill set and will you learn from it?
  • Is poker training content comprehensive and accurate?
  • How much good old and new poker training content you will get access to?
  • Can you ask poker school coaches questions?


Poker is always a fascinating game and the if you are really serious about taking your game to the next level or want to play like the professionals, then you should definitely consider getting enrolled up in a best poker training site (school).These are some of the best online poker school sites and training schools which offer amazing poker courses, video content, hand reviews, analysis and much more. Choose the best online poker training site that works for you and become a better player soon. Good Luck