Top Tips for Identifying the Best Online Poker Sites in 2021

This year we can look forward to a whole new era of technological advancement – especially in the online gambling sector. With the 2010s bringing us a revolution in the live online casino industry, we’re excited to see what will come next for online poker in particular.

However, with there being so many websites to choose from, you may be finding it hard to decide where you should invest your time and money. That’s why we’ve created a guide on how you can find the best online poker sites with ease. So, let’s begin…

Always Read Reviews

You may not be aware, but there is a wealth of expert reviews that weigh up the best and worst online poker sites and provide recommendations. It’s worth spending some time finding a useful resource for online poker sites that you can trust and with relevance to your geographic location.

At this site and others like it, reviewers trawl through online casinos and rate them on everything from their welcome bonuses and payment options to customer support and website security. Find a review website that you like, and it can be as valuable as word of mouth recommendation from a trusted friend.

This is particularly important for online poker. While many websites offer plenty of slot options, in our experience the inclusion of good poker games can sometimes feel like an afterthought. What we like to look out for are poker games from reputable game developers and live casinos.


Now, this is when having a realistic understanding of your skill level comes into play. Many players can be lured into tournaments held by major poker websites that, whilst charging high buy-ins, have prize pools that could be life-changing. What you need to consider is your previous track record and how many other players you will be up against.

The more players that are participating, the lower your chances are of winning. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t enter tournaments, just that if you are not as confident with your abilities, you will be better off looking for a mid-sized website with lower buy-ins and less competition.

Website Traffic

What time do you usually play poker? Do you work full-time Monday to Friday and only have a chance to play on the weekends? Or are you more of a Wednesday at midday sort of player? These are questions that you will need to ask yourself when trying to decide the best online poker site for you.

This is because all websites will experience fluctuations in their website traffic as the day progresses, meaning that there may be fewer opportunities for you to find a table or to find a particular poker variant that suits your style. There are many online resources you can find that will tell you a website’s daily traffic so we recommend doing your research before committing to anything.

Fees, Rakeback and Loyalty Programs

While traditional rakeback is becoming less common at poker sites, you must take the time to understand how the fee structures work. While you may be enticed to pay a higher fee in turn for a higher rakeback percentage, in many cases it’s better to pay lower fees for lower rakeback.

This dilemma may not even come up if you find yourself at a website that trades out this model of rewarding the most invested players for gifting loyalty points that in turn can be traded for money. Both can offer their perks, so be wary of promotions and fees that may at first seem generous – you may be better off somewhere else.

Reputation and Regulation

If you are stumbling across an online poker site that has yet to be vetted by an online reviewer and is offering a welcome bonus that sounds too good to be true, beware: it may just be. For UK-based players, keep in mind that it’s illegal to gamble online at websites without a license from the Gambling Commission (UKGC).

You can usually find the license number at the bottom of the page. If you enter this number into the UKGC’s database search, you will be able to confirm that the website is both legal and has not been found guilty of any infringements. A UKGC license will also ensure that the website is protected by SSL certification, ensuring your data is protected.

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