Should You Be Using Apple Pay Online Casinos?

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The Internet led to a major expansion in gambling, revolutionising the industry and creating a brand new space to place wagers in, the online casino.

Fast forward 25 years, and several hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, you will now see that online gambling thriving, in 2019 was estimated to be worth more than 53.7 billion USD. This, along with the fast development of mobile technologies, has created a seismic shift in the industry and has opened casinos up to new audiences. People can now place a flutter wherever they are, on the bus, at work or even at the pub.

One of the drawbacks of online gambling for the consumer is finding a secure way to manage finances and ensure large sums are easily and swiftly accessible.

What Is Apple Pay?

As with everything else in the 21st century, wallets have now gone digital.

In 2014 Apple Inc. launched Apple Pay, their mobile and digital wallet.

No more scrambling around looking for your wallet or entering long card numbers, mobile wallets can be used instead of a debit card at any contactless point-of-sale terminal, whether that be on or offline. Many casinos have invested to facilitate this technology and there is now a large selection of Apple Pay Casinos. In doing so they provided gamers with a secure and simple way to manage their finances at the touch of a button.

With the industry now so saturated, it can be hard at first glance to make heads or tails of it, however, the people at have prepared a selection of the best Apple Pay casinos currently available.

How To Set Up Apple Pay

Setting up Apple Pay is incredibly simple, however, it does require you to own an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac with the correct IOS. Once you’ve signed in to iCloud with your Apple ID, tap on Wallet and simply follow the instructions on how to add your card, nearly every debit card whether it be from the UK or further afield should be accepted.

The next step is to find an Apple Pay Casino, it’s a fairly new payment method, therefore not all casinos are Apple Pay Casinos. If this is the payment method you wish to use then it is worth scouting about to ensure you’ve found the most suitable Apple Pay casino for you. However it is vital to check what else the casino has on offer, do they offer the games you wish to play? What’s their bonus offer and deposit limit? To protect your money it is crucial to ensure you only play at trusted casinos that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Placing deposits at Apple Pay casinos couldn’t be easier. Simply log into the casino site, using your Apple Pay compatible device, open the banking cashier and then select the payment method. Once you’ve entered the amount you wish to deposit and confirmed using Touch ID the payment will be instantly processed and the money available for you to start playing straight away!

The advantages of using Apple Pay


Once you’ve set up your Wallet, placing a deposit at an Apple Pay casino is very easy. With just a couple of taps, everything will be taken care of and you’ll be ready to get playing. No need to go out and buy a voucher or download any other apps!


One of the key benefits of paying using Apple Pay is knowing that your transaction is secure. This Apple product complies with its high-security standards. Despite the account being linked to one or more cards, the card information is never shared during any transactions and your card numbers are not stored on your apple device. Apple pay works by giving your device a unique account number that’s encrypted and stored in a secure part of your phone. To make this even more secure you can choose for your Apple pay to only be authorised by using Face ID or Touch ID.

If the worst does happen and you fall foul of a scam whilst using Apple Pay you can rest assured that the fraudsters won’t have access to any of your information, they will only have encrypted codes instead of your bank details, therefore, you won’t be liable to any further dissipation.

Another security benefit is that there is a considerable investment on behalf of the casino, to host this technology and become an Apple Pay casino. Usually, this means that only the most reputable providers offer this service.


When playing at Apple Pay casinos you can rest easy knowing that Apple Pay doesn’t record transaction history. This means players can gamble anonymously without the casino or Apple getting any of their personal information.

Fee Free

Making a payment using this 21st-century wallet is not only the fastest payment method but also totally free! The daily limit is normally set by your card, not the casino meaning you will be able to take advantage of making larger daily deposits when playing at an apple pay casino. However it is worth bearing in mind, many online gaming sites do have transaction fees, usually, this is a nominal sum dependent on your withdrawal amount but always worth looking into beforehand.

Loyalty schemes

Many online casinos now offer their loyalty schemes, offering you benefits within games or discounts with retail partners. As of 2015 Apple Pay has incorporated loyalty cards into their Wallet system and as with everything else Apple Pay they will be safely stored in one place, encrypted and readily available at the touch of a button.

The Disadvantages Of Using Apple Pay

Only Available On Limited Devices

You can only use Apple Pay if your mobile device is compatible with IOS 8 or later and for web devices you’ll need IOS 10. This means you’ll be needing at least an iPhone 6 or newer and if you’re hoping to use your Mac then it will need to be one of the most recent models that have Touch ID capabilities.

If you’re an android user Apple ID is not an option for you.

However, if you are lucky enough to have a selection of compatible devices you will have the joy of having all your cards accessible via the iCloud ready to play at an Apple Pay Casino no matter which device you happen to be on.

Limited Online Casinos

Probably the biggest drawback of using this technology to place a wager online is that due to the service still being relatively new, not all casinos support Apple Pay as a payment method. This means a smaller choice of casinos to play at, however, being an Apple Pay Casino is rapidly becoming a must-have for many consumers when choosing a casino, meaning that the market is expanding and many gaming websites are investing in this technology.

Whether you want to play poker, roulette or blackjack we always advise shopping around to find the best bonuses before signing up to any casino.

Apple Pay Withdrawals

Not all Apple Pay casinos accept the technology as a withdrawal method despite them letting you make a deposit using it. This means you will need to select an alternative service to take home your winnings. Despite some anomalies, most of the best Apple Pay Casinos will allow you to withdraw using Apple Pay.

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