Winamax is one of the best poker rooms in the industry and it has a lot of the qualities that almost all other poker rooms are lacking. However, they have quite a different approach and mainly focus ont he French market. So do they have what it takes to be the best?



Winamax Bonus



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After signing and making a first deposit up you will receive:


  • 100% up to €500 deposit welcome bonus (more with future deposits during special MTT series)

  • €10 for free if using this PokCas link (sometimes you will receive even more freebies)

  • You and your friends will be well rewarded if you invite them by using a referral program (cash and loyalty points for you and some money for them)



Winamax has an extremely beautiful software, a very nice lobby, tables, notes system - absolutely everything. It has an amazing weekly MTT poker schedule with big prize pools, cash and expresso (which is their version of spins) players will not be bored since this poker room is very popular. There are various leaderboards running and you can exchange your VIP points (miles) into fantastic prizes so you will be well rewarded. The biggest possible rakeback (cashback) is about 34% and is extremely hard to reach, so even to get 20-25% back you will have to put in a lot of effort.


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Spin & Go


Spin and Go Poker is a format which started right here, Winamax were the first ones to introduce Expresso games and change the poker industry. After their huge success PokerStars and then later PartyPoker, Unibet and other poker sites introduced games with the same format. Click Here to learn more about this formar.


  • Spin and Go: 500 chips and 3 minute blinds (classic version)

  • Prize pools reaching millions

  • Easy to learn, don't take too much time

  • You don't get bored and can easily find time to play

  • Easy to play on mobile





Winamax Expresso



Winamax has very nice expresso 3-man spin and go games. However, they should do a better job at caching cheaters who use illegal 3rd party programs.

They have great prize pools and a decent traffic, so that is the main thing you should remember if you plan to play expresso games. Or if you want to learn more about alternative poker sites which have such games, then click here to learn more.


  • Great concept, inventors of Spin and Go format

  • Great graphics

  • Good traffic, would be even better if they would start working with non-French partners

  • Great prize pools (up to 1 million euros) and special promotions

  • Winamax should step up and ban players who use illegal programs which give them an advantage



Winamax Expresso Nitro



  • Same as the classic version but quicker (300 chips, 1 minute blinds)

  • Requires similar strategy, but you have to be less-selective

  • Same massive prize pools

  • Very fun, lots of crazy players


Winamax Competitors


Click on a brand name to learn more about some of the biggest Winamax competitors (their bonuses, read their site reviews and more).






Winamax Rakeback


By playing on Winamax, players can collect “MILES” and gain statuses within the Winamax Poker VIP program!  By earning MILES you can get access to special freerolls, buy merchandise, cash prices, poker software and books plus other goodies.


  • CHROME: 20 to 69 miles per month (1x multiplier) 5% Rakeback

  • ALUMINIUM: 70 to 249 miles per month (1x multiplier)  5% Rakeback

  • BRONZE: 250 to 999 miles per month (1.25x multiplier)  6.25% Rakeback

  • SILVER: 1,000 to 2,999 miles per month (1.5x multiplier)  7.5% Rakeback

  • GOLD: 3,000 to 5,999 miles per month (2x multiplier) 10% Rakeback

  • PLATINUM: 6,000 miles and over per month (2.5x multiplier) 12.5% Rakeback

  • DIAMOND I (carat): from 50,000 to 99,999 miles per year (3x multiplier) 15% Rakeback

  • DIAMOND II (carats): from 100,000 to 249,999 miles per year 17.5% Rakeback

  • DIAMOND III (carats): from 250,000 to 499,999 miles per year (4x multiplier) 20% Rakeback

  • DIAMOND IV (carats): from 500,000 to 999,999 miles per year (4.5x multiplier) 22.5% Rakeback

  • DIAMOND V (carats): from 1,000,000 to 2,499,999 miles per year (5x multiplier) 25% Rakeback

  • RED DIAMOND: 2,500,000 miles per year and up (6x multiplier) 30% Rakeback



Winamax Rake



  • Smaller tournaments and satellites have a 10% rake, while more expensive ones will have a lower rake

  • Cash Games have a 6.5% rake with a Maximum CAP of €1.5 - 4 depending on the limits and the amount of players (more players and higher limits means a higher rake CAP)

  • Micro Stakes Cash Game Players have a €1.5 CAP which doesn't change (up to €0.10/€0.20 limits)

  • Expresso Spins have 7% rake (except for a €0.50 Limit which has an 8% rake)




Winamax Restricted Countries


  • United Kingdom

  • Lithuania

  • Netherlands

  • Cyprus

  • Ireland

  • Greece

  • Poland

  • Latvia


Winamax requires to verify a EU Bank Account or a Skrill account plus your address (if you have verified your address in the allowed country, you may be allowed to play from some restricted locations). For example, you live in Canada (which is not a restricted country) or United Kingdom (which is), you will be able to play in both of them for as a long as you can verify your address in one of the allowed European countries such as Germany or France. You will need to provide a proof of address (Utility Bill, Phone, Bank Statement - whatever has a recent date, your name and address). You will also receive a code by mail which you will have to enter.



Winamax Boutique



Winamax Poker site has a boutique (shop) where you can use Miles (loyalty points) in order to get cool prizes. Winamax frequently updates this shop so it changes frequently plus you can find goodies which are custom made and cannot be found anywhere else outside Winamax Boutique. There are the examples of what you can find there.


  • Tournament tickets for you or your friend

  • Real Cash

  • Poker Gear: Dealer Buttons, Cards, Poker Chip Sets

  • Poker Clothing: Winamax Gloves, Scarves, T-shirts, Hoodies, Shorts, Hats, Belts, Bags, Shirts, Sweatpants, Jackets and more

  • Poker Goodies: Travel Bags, Towels, Sunglasses, Bluetooth Speakers and more

  • Poker Books such as: ''The Mental Game of Poker'' and ''Poker Satellite Strategy''

  • Poker Trackers and Software such as: Poker Copilot, Holdem Manager, PokerSnowie, PioSolver and more










Winamax Poker Site has an extremely good MTT schedule and prize pools for low-medium limit players. It is also great poker Spin & Go (Expresso) games, but we have information that Winamax does not do their best to eliminate players who use forbidden third party software in order to win more in these games. Winamax had an opportunity to be one of the best poker sites in the world but took a step back and now mainly focuses on the French market.


Winamax Poker Site Review

  • Expresso games (Spins)

  • No Limit Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha (including Hi/Low) Cash Games

  • Go Fast Cash Games

  • Knockout Tournaments

  • Deepstack Tournaments

  • Hyper, Turbo & Regular Tournaments

  • Kill The Champions Tournaments

  • Two in one Fish&Ship Tournament

  • Monster Stack Tournaments

  • Pot Limit Omaha Tournaments

  • Good-looking, unique and very smooth software and mobile app

  • An average rakeback

  • Great daily MTT schedule for medium stake players

  • Too many scripters in Spins (Expresso)

  • Only focused on the French market

  • Mainly offer buy-ins for low/medium stake players and don't cater too much to High Roller players

  • Unavailable to UK, USA players

Winamax Poker